A Case Report Of Burning Mouth Syndrome Treated With Individualized Homeopathy

A Case Report Of Burning Mouth Syndrome Treated With Individualized Homeopathy

Burning Mouth

Katharina Gaertner, Martin Frei-Erb

Homeopathy 2020; 109(01): 023-029 DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-1693744

Introduction: Burning mouth syndrome (BMS) is a rare disease of unknown origin. No efficient treatment is known, and integrative approaches are warranted. So far, individualised homeopathy (iHOM) has not been evaluated or reported in any peer-reviewed journal as a treatment option.

Methods: At the Centre of Complementary Medicine at a university institute in Switzerland, a 38-year-old patient with BMS and various co-morbidities was treated with iHOM between July 2014 and August 2018. The treatment involved prescription of individually selected homeopathic single remedies. During follow-up visits, outcome was assessed with two validated questionnaires concerning patient-reported outcomes. To assess whether the documented changes were likely to be associated with the homeopathic intervention, an assessment using the modified Naranjo criteria was performed.

Results: Over an observation period of 4 years, an increasingly beneficial result from iHOM was noted for oral dysaesthesia and pains as well as for the concomitant symptoms.

Conclusion: Considering the multi-factorial aetiology of BMS, a therapeutic approach such as iHOM that integrates the totality of symptoms and complaints of a patient might be of value in cases where an association of psychological factors and the neuralgic complaints is likely.

Keywords: Burning Mouth Syndrome – Pain Management – Integrative Medicine

Category: Human Studies

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