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Chronic Catarrh And Sinusitis


The lining of the nose , throat , sinus cavities and upper part of the lungs (trachea , larynx and bronchi) contains small mucus glands that secrete a watery substance (mucus) which helps to lubricate the airways and protect us from infection and pollutants that may be inhaled . If the secretions are too productive or if they become thick and infected , the common symptoms of a runny nose , a blocked and stuffed up feeling , together with a cough or even a temperature and facial pain can occur , the sinuses are hollowed out cavities  (four pairs) in the bones of the face which normally contain air and which are lined by mucus membranes. The mucus normally flows between the nose and the sinuses through little openings and ducts , if these become blocked , neither air nor mucus can flow and infection can set in , leading to dull pain ( face , fore head or nose) together with a temperature .

The major causes of chronic catarrh that can lead to a condition known as sick building syndrome) cold viruses and influenza are the commonest cause of episodic catarrh , but allergies especially to pollen (hay fewer) or house –dust mites , can lead to persistent nasal stuffiness . Some individuals , especially small children , can be allergic to dairy products and wheat , which will also produce an inflammation of the mucus membranes leading to the symptoms described .

The persistent use of anti-histamines or nasal decongestants in hay fewer or other allergies will thicken the mucus initially and may stop the symptoms , but it can lead to blockage of the tiny ducts and actually bring about a sinus infection in addition to those mentioned above . A chronic discharge from the nose yellow or green , occasionally tinged with blood . Watering of the eyes with redness or swelling over the sinuses . facial pain on stooping , bending, coughing or sneezing , soreness in the face which occasionally may be located over the teeth .

Prevention and Self Help Dietary changes :  Avoid mucus producing foods dairy products , including eggs , white flour sugar chocolate . Drink plenty of spring water or fresh juices , introduce a “ whole food diet “including garlic . Environmental changes :   Remove any potential allergic products , keep the room well ventilated , use an ionizer if there is air conditioning in the building , together with a humidifier

Supplementary vitamins and minerals : Vitamin A and vitamin C will help restore the mucus membrane and prevent infection , one tablet a day .

Children : Children should only be given extra vitamin C – half the adult dose , zinc tablets (one daily) will some times be suggested by naturopaths

Fasting :    This can often be very helpful (take water or fruit juices only ) but should not be prolonged for more than 48 hours unless under expert supervision , this can be done by children as well

Inhalations :   These are helpful both in an acute attack as well as a preventive measure and can either be done with steam over a bowl of hot water containing Friar’s Balsam , or directly in the form a nasal wash ( use a bowl of warm water , body temperature together with half a teaspoon of salt –the water should be slightly salty like tears ) . Inhale the water through one nostril and let it run out of the mouth , repeat on the other side , special nasal stores to help with this technique .

Homoeopathy medicines :        

These remedies can be very helpful for sinusitis , but it may require the skilled help of a homoeopathic practitioner to identify the right one , the following guide may be helpful for self medication .

Natrum mur—-catarrh is runny , like egg white

Kali bichrom— catarrh is stingy and yellow

Hydrastis ——- continual post-nasal drip

Graphites——–chronic catarrh with irritation of the nose

Pulsatilla———yellow nasal discharge

Hepar sulph—–face is tender and sensitive

Sambucus——–“sniffly “ blocked up nose in children

Bio chemic Tissue Salts :

These are also useful —-kali sulph , being the most commonly used

Sinusitis : Sinusitis is inflammation and infection of the sinuses and produces catarrh , colds and flu may also initiate acute sinusitis , which may lead to bacterial infection .

Chronic sinusitis can be as painful as severe migraine –and as hard to clear .

Gargling and washing the nasal passages with a tea spoon of salt in warm water can help clear catarrh , take supplements of vitamin C and B complex and zinc .

Dietary Therapy : Prevent attacks by avoiding dairy products , bananas peanuts coffee and hot , spicy foods , try to determine if there is an allergic cause of the catarrh .

The Sinuses : these are closely linked to the nasal cavities , the maxillary sinuses enable us to locate ourselves in space , the frontal sinuses in time .

Mezereum – feels disoriented following a move he has lost , all his points of reference and develops chronic inflammation of both the maxillary sinuses .

Thuja – mean while has problems with the frontal sinuses he would like to be in control of every thing , but can’t control the passage of time .

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