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Role Of Homeopathy In Management Of Pain

Pain is a sensation which leads patient to come to physician for relief which leads physician to do a diagnosis and it also caused by pathological changes and some damage. In this article we will get to know what is the role of homeopathy to treat pain and cure disease that is causing pain.

Pain management is universally understood as signal of disease, it is the most common symptom for patient to get into physician’s attention.

Definition of Pain:
“Pain is an unpleasant sensation localized to a part of the body. It is often described in terms of a penetrating or tissue destructive process (eg. Stabbing, burning, twisting, tearing, squeezing) or a bodily or emotional reaction (eg. Terrifying, nauseating, sickening).”

Classification of Pain on the basis of duration:

  • Acute Pain
  • Chronic Pain

Acute Pain:
Acute Pain is characterized by sudden onset with specific cause like Injury, surgery, burns, cuts, labor and childbirth and goes away when there is no longer cause.
It is associated with behavioral arousal and a stress response

consisting of increased blood pressure, heart rate, pupil diameter and plasma cortisol level and also muscle contraction eg. Limb flexion, abdominal wall rigidity is often seen.

Chronic Pain:
Pain usually long lasting for more than 6 months. It can be continuing after injury which is healed but pain signals remain active in nervous system for weeks, months or years.
Common Diseases linked with Chronic Pain:
Nerve pain and etc.

Classification of pain according to damage:
Nociceptive Pain = Occur after tissue damage
Neuropathic Pain = Occur after nerve damage.


There is excellent role of Homeopathic remedies in management of both acute and chronic pain. After thoroughly case taking of the patient as per Dr. Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine we can permanently cure both acute and chronic pain.

Common Homeopathic Remedies which can be used frequently:

Arnica: Medicine for Injury
Character of Pain: Sore, lame, bruised feeling. Sharp, pinching.
Gout- Great fear to be touched with pain in back and limbs as if beaten. Sprained or dislocating feeling. Soreness after over exertion, can’t walk. Neuralgia, crushing pain. Bed feels too hard.
Agg- Lying down with head low

Bellis Per- Medicine for Stasis and Varicose Veins
Character of pain: Sprain, bruised, soreness.
Stasis and Fatigue are principle symptoms.
Deep tissue injury, Venous Stasis, varicose veins with bruised and sore feeling.
Railway spine, rheumatism of old laborers, hip pain worse on exertion and boils.
Agg- continued motion and pressure.

Bryonia Alba- Character of pain- Brushing, Sharp Pain, stitching, going backward, tearing, splitting, & brushing headache.
When Arnica fail in injury of joints, sprained red swollen, hot joints, ankle or knees injury.
Slip disk with sharp pain and stiffness in lumber pain, vertebrae out of place causing much pain and immobility.
Agg- Rest, Pressure, warmth, lying, painful side, cold things, cool open air.

Belladonna– Medicine for Inflammation.
Character of Pain- Spasm, jerks, shock, twitching, constriction with throbbing, sharp, cutting, shooting.
Curvature of Lumber Vertebrae with cramping pain of limbs and cold limbs, joints swollen, red, shining, with red streaks
Agg- Warm room, wrapping up, bending backward.

Calc Carb- Abscess in deep muscles, tendency of straining easily.
OPEN FRONTANELLES. Lumber rheumatism. Trembling with weakness, cramps in calves, soles raw, feet feel cold and dead in night, weakness of ankles.
Agg- warm room, wrapping up, bending backward.

Osteoporosis, Osteomyelitis
Backache with menses
Curvature of spine to left, Violent pain, slow ossification, delayed healing of broken bones, growing pain, rickets, Paget’s Disease, osteogenesis imperfecta, Rheumatism in cold weather.
Agg- Summer, rest, lying down on abdomen.

Hypericum– Anti-Tetanus and Medicine for Nerve Injury
Character of Pain- Lacerating, shooting pain, spasms, Violent sharp pain.
Nerve injury, punctured wounds, infected wounds, animals and insects bite, crushing fingertips.
Anti- tetanus, tailbone pain from injury, pressure over sacrum, amputation pain, post-surgery pain.
Violent pain and inability to walk or stoop after a fall on coccyx, crawling in hands and feets.
Agg- lying quietly.

Ledum Pal– Medicine for Punctured Wounds
Gouty Pains shoots whole limb especially small joints.
Rheumatism begins in lower limbs and ascends (Kalm- opposite).
Sole painful, can hardly step on them. Coldness of affected parts.
Agg- Ice apply, bathing, cold air

Rhododendron- Character of pain- symptoms agg. on approach of storm, tearing as weight hanging to feet.
Pt will say when he feels pain, he will know thunderstorm is coming.
Rheumatic and tearing pain, can’t sleep needs to cross legs.
Agg- < Before storm, rough weather, heat, getting wet and catching cold.

Rhus Tox-
Character of Pain- Tearing, shooting, stitching
Stiffness of all joints, cracking of joints when stretching.
Tearing pain in tendons, ligament & tissues.
Sciatica, numbness & prickling in limbs after overwork & exposure to damp.
Ankles and knees are swollen, stiff after sprain and & injury.
Back sprain after over lifting.
Backache compelling him to move constantly in bed.
Agg- Warmth, motion, massage, lying on something hard.

Ruta– Medicine for Injured joints and Tendonitis.
Character of Pain- Sore, aching with restlessness with bruishness of flexor tendons, lameness after sprains.
Hamstrings feel shortened (Graph.). Thighs feel broken, knee buckling while ascending and descending stairs.
Ganglion on wrist (Benz-ac, Calc flour).
Agg- Pressure, lying on back, warmth, motion.

Symphytum– Medicine for fracture with pricking pain.
Character of pain- Pricking, stitching pain with pain in bony protuberances, elbow, epicondyles, ankles.
Non-union of fracture of bones and injury to periosteum.
Agg- < Injury.

And there are many other remedies which can be used to treat pain after thorough case taking and individualization of case of disease.

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