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Homeopathic Management With The Help Of Constitutional Remedy In Case Of Hypothyroidism

Homeopathic management with the help of constitutional remedy in cases of Hypothyroidism:
Dr Varsha Nair
Intern, BHMS
Bharti Vidyapeeth (Deemed To Be) University Homeopathic Medical College, Pune, Maharashtra.


Hypothyroidism is a clinical condition wherein there are decreased circulating levels of thyroxine (T4) and tri iodothyronine (T3) by the thyroid gland.
When hypothyroidism is of severe degree, it is seen as myxoedema which is characterised by deposition of mucinous material causing oedema of skin and subcutaneous tissue.
My patient is a k/c/o Hypothyroidism and has been on allopathic treatment for 8 yrs.
With the help of a constitutional remedy considering the patient’s complaints, physical generals, life space and particular characteristics, for my case study; I decided to refer Dr J.T. Kent’s Homeopathic Materia Medica.


Risk factors:
Majority of the young females (usually after 35) are more affected than males.
Hereditary and thyroid diathesis.
Environmental and psychogenic factors;


Clinical features:
Majority cases presents with symptoms such as weight gain, cold intolerance and tiredness.
General: Fear, anxiety, restlessness.
Puffiness of the face, baggy eyelids.
Intolerance of cold.
Patient is irritable and restless
Inability to concentrate for long periods.
CVS: Decreased heart rate during sleep.
Flushing of the face and neck.
Some patients may have affections of skin such as dark pigmentation, dry skin and voluptuous itching.
Oedema can be seen in the neck, back of hands and feet.
Profuse perspiration.


Diagnosis is mostly based on local examination of the thyroid gland as well as the investigation reports.
The location of the swelling as well as the severity of the chief complaint will help in finding the probable diagnosis.


Thyroid function tests, ECG, thyroid antibodies.
Homeopathic management:
In chronic diseases, the origin of the disease is deep seated and pathology is involved.
For treatment of such conditions, the whole picture of the patient as well as the disease has to be considered and treatment should be given based on the miasm as well.
For this, the physical generals, mind, generalities, characteristic particulars should be known and well analysed.


Case study:
A 37 yrs old female patient, k/c/o hypothyroidism has been complaining of itching and blackish discolouration in both the toes since 1-2 yrs.
Itching leads to scratching and blister formation.
The c/o are aggravated by getting feet wet, damp weather and soap water and better by local application.
Burning in the palms of hands < spices, heat.
She also complaints of flatulence with headache < by spicy food.
Headache in the occiput.


Medical history:
She has been on allopathic medicine for thyroid since 8 yrs and cholesterol since 1-2 yrs.


Family history:
Her mother and brother both suffer from Hypothyroidism.


Personal History:
Thirst – desires cold water
Craving- meat and spicy*
Aversion- sweets
Perspiration- face and back
Dreams- frightening dreams
Habits- tea
Thermals- Patient is towards hot


Menstrual history:
Dark red coloured with clots
Profuse sometimes.


Obstetric history:
H/o ruptured ectopic pregnancy
1 Miscarriage
1 male child suffering from autism.


Life space:
The patient was born and brought up in Kerala and completed her education there.
She wanted to work after completing her studies but was slow in coping up so she stayed home after marriage.
Her childhood went well and she had good relations with all her friends and family.
Her mother was strict and she was scared of her and obeyed her well.
She had anticipatory anxiety when she was young.
Contradiction leads to anger*
She worries about the future of her son and she gets frightening dreams which disturbs her sleep.
She fears animals especially snakes and dogs**


LDL- 136.6 mg/dl.
Non- HDL -155mg/dl



Remedy selected:
As the case is based on the constitutional prescription, the remedy selected is on the basis of chief complaints, personal history, life space, generalities, particulars and characteristics.
The final remedy that came up is Phosphorus and the potency selected is 200c.


Based on Dr J.T Kent’s Homeopathic Materia Medica, I was able to prescribe the remedy Phosphorus for the following case of Hypothyroidism considering mind, physical generals, particulars and characteristics.
After giving Phosphorus 200c, the chief complaints and physical generals completely improved and the patient was relieved.

Homeopathic Materia Medica – Dr J.T .Kent.
Kent’s Repertory
Organon of Medicine – 6th Edition.

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