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Calculated Campaign Against AYUSH: Who is The Driver?

For the competing media and certain overzealous scribes in news rooms it was a field day unending as the COVID-19 events started unfolding. It was similar to the 9/11 attack or the Iraq War. But these were short lived, and COVID-19 is expected to continue for a much longer time period. These give the visual media a limitless prospect for breaking news every hour, and enliven their air time with regular talk shows, discussions and interviews. The business was made easy for them, thanks to the pandemic. Definitely the media do the service of sharing information. The media in general swear for their neutrality and try to pose as crusaders of humanistic goal. But during the kaleidoscopic era of COVID-19, media was extensively used to spread fear and anxiety in every nook and corner of earth.

Media has taken the responsibility to reach every humans and caution them about the need of protection against the virus and they trained the people extensively how to live safely by adopting measures like wearing a mask.The situation opened the gateway for rulers around the world to reach populations free of cost and it was a rare opportunity for them to project their image as COVID-19 warriors. In the initial few months of corona pandemic, political leaders around the world happily enjoyed the free publicity they were getting through the media day by day. Most of them, in fact all of them, tried to evade any sort of controversies and agreed to follow the protocols of WHO, central administrations and palace scientists, as political leaders are not scientists or doctors

As we know the technocrats of health departments or scientific advisor’s of health  systems around the world are conventional doctors or people close to the Pharma industry, starting from WHO to FDA or CDC to every state governments. WHO has been perpetually dominated by the major donor countries and organisations that contribute funds. As the USA relieved themselves from the controlling role of WHO, China took over the reins. Interesting fact is that the second biggest donor to WHO is the ‘philanthropist’ – Bill Gates.

From the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic itself the approach to contain the disease was a top-down approach. It completely ignored the regional health practices and expertise. As we scan through the health care practices around the world, India is the only country having a robust health care system with total freedom for the population to choose from systems of medicine they believe best for themselves. India is known for its multicultural, multi linguistic and multi religious mode of existence. Always in history healthcare was never a commercial enterprise in Indian civilization starting from Buddha’s period, 500BC. Sadly that culture started changing for the last 70 years since the inception of WHO for the promotion and commercialisation of health around the world.

It is very sad to note that all local and traditional health practices were dubbed as archaic and unscientific without any attempt to examine them objectively. It was a clever manipulation of the pharma industry which tasted immense money during the Second World War with the massive sales of penicillin. World War II helped to create the basic infrastructure for industrialised medicine, which they conveniently named as modern medicine to create an impression in the collective consciousness that other approaches are outdated and archaic. During this process everyone conveniently forgot that the Homo sapiens remained physically and mentally same (with evolutionary modifications) for thousands of years. So the medicines acted on them all along are equally valid today or even for future generations

Fortunately India never abandoned its traditional health care practices, which helped the population for millennia. But around the world most of the nations lost their indigenous healthcare practices during the last 70 years. Even though there were many pressure groups like IMA and rationalists, which perpetually worked together to kill the indigenous systems and Homeopathy in India, the political leaderships at national level and state levels are intelligent enough to see through the schemes of such organisations and assiduously supported every available health sciences

At present India has around 750,000 medical practitioners outside conventional medicine (around 120,000 allopathic doctors). In recent years there is a reduction in the sales of allopathic drugs all over India. Some surveys noted that the pharma industry suffered around 20% reduction in the sales volume, which amounts to billions of dollars worth. Pharma industry instituted surveys brought out the fact that this drastic reduction in sales is due to the extensive use of homeopathic medications by the patients. Pharma industry sees that this trend is not good for the profit oriented medicine sales, though it is very good for the suffering humanity.  

There are many reasons for the general population to adopt homeopathy for acute and chronic illness. 1. Homeopathic doctors are available in every village and city as primary care physicians. 2. Homeopathic medical graduates (BHMS) are equally educated and competent to the level of general medical graduates (both study 5 1/2 years with similar syllabus from anatomy to clinical medicine with different pharmacology). 3. The cost involved is negligible compared to the visit to a hospital. 4. Treatment is generally very effective to cure many chronic illnesses never cured in conventional medicine. 5. There are no known side effects for homeopathic drugs. 6. Holistic approach is more acceptable to the people as they gain more knowledge on health an issue directly as knowledge society is evolving. In the earlier world, medical knowledge was the privilege of doctors and patients were illiterate in medical science.

We do not have any interest in conspiracy theories or similar approaches analysing a situation like this. This is a simple situation where multinational pharma business empires realise that their profits are dwindling continuously. They found this trend slowly gaining ground and spreading to other geographical areas too. Scientific data analysis tells them that the primary reason for this business loss is due to the influence of AYUSH in general and the broadening practice of homeopathy in particular.

General population has a divine feeling about the healthcare industry. Idealising that the pharma industry is researching and discovering drugs to cure the illness. But any capitalist industry looking for profit will never be divine but rather merchants of death when they deal with profit versus loss issues. Please do not think that boardrooms of these industries are discussing each patient’s well being. It is obvious that they only discuss numbers and profits.

Question now for the conventional medicine industry is,  how to reverse this trend of people slowly shifting towards AYUSH in general and Homeopathy in particular. Answer is simple 1. Stick on to the tag of modern medicine and use the word science every moment to add additional credibility 2. Constantly accusing AYUSH is fraud, unscientific and obsolete. The basics of this strategy was evolved in the last few years simultaneously with the formation of the AYUSH ministry in India.

Kerala is a typical playground for this experiment as Ayurveda and Homeopathy are in equal footing with conventional medicine. Cracking the backbone and public support for Ayurveda and Homeopathy in Kerala is the real intention of the global pharma industry. They are utilising IMA and so called medically illiterate rationalists for the same. This is a two pronged strategy adopted by the conventional medicine industry. COVID-19 provided the best opportunity for them to implement their nefarious agenda. 1. WHO protocol excluded AYUSH for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. 2. Showing protocol on one side and subtle threat of non-cooperation if the government wanted to take the service of AYUSH for treatment of COVID-19 on the other. This two pronged attack benumbed the government of Kerala. The health minister personally saw the effect of homeopathy in government’s own hospitals of homeopathy. [For e.g. around 800 babies born after homeopathic infertility treatment at the Kannur district hospital for women failed to conceive even after repeated IVF] and was convinced about the preventive ability of homeopathic drugs in viral infections. The cures experienced by the people for all varieties of viral infections with homeopathy, from flu to herpes zoster is known to the population. General population never doubted the efficacy of homeopathy as they all personally experience the miraculous result of homeopathic medication in their daily life. So,  massive media campaign to confuse the public.

Kerala Health Minister publicly acknowledged and announced the utility of homeopathy in prevention of COVID-19 as an immune booster. Kerala sincerely wanted to distribute Arsenic alb 30 for the whole population of the state to prevent and control the virus. In fact, the Government of India wanted to do the same thing.

But the principal secretary of health, government of Keralaand the AYUSH secretary, (conventional medicine graduates) successfully scuffled every effort of the government of Kerala for public good. It seems both of them worked in tandem with the IMA and the pharma industry bypassing their responsibility to the people they serve. The good intention of political leadership was derailed by vested interest in the organisation. The losers are the people of the state in particular and the human population in general. Any good outcome of AYUSH care in COVID-19 would have been boon for complete humanity. It is astonishing to see that clinical studies done on pilot basis in Pathanamthitta district with excellent outcome in COVID-19 prevention with Ars alb30 was not allowed to continue by illogical arguments in the name of ‘agenda filled’ science. It is a great mistake on the part of the political leadership not pursuing such pilot studies further. It seems every attempt to promote research in AYUSH has been scuttled at administrative level itself.

I think it is a long term strategy from the monstrous capitalistic health industry by arm-twisting the political leadership and at the same time create confusion at large in society by using Visual, Electronic(who survive on the advertisement income from the pharma industry-MNCs owned toothpaste and napkins to pain killers) and Print media.

To be continued……

Prof. Dr Rajendran
Posted By: Prof. Dr Rajendran

Dr Rajendran is senior consultant (Homeopathy), Mar Sleeva Medicity, Palai, Kerala, India. He is Author of; 1. The Ray of Civilization – Philosophy, Science, Religion, Spirituality, Art, Literature, Evolutionary genetics and Medicine, 2. Nanodynamics – Nanoscience, Homeopathy, Physical sciences, Nanomedicine, 3. The Nucleus – Lectures on Chronic Diseases and Miasms, 4. New Lights – Lectures on Homeopathy and Philosophy