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Life, Science And Homoeopathy [PART-2]

Author: Prof. (Dr.) Goutam Das M. D. (Homoeopathy)

(… Continuation)

Matter and Force: [11]

The Physical science declares that matter is indestructible. Matter is corporal substance; the form of being or substance that is characterized by extension, inertia, weight, etc., or, in general, by the properties cognized by the senses.

  • The constitution and mode of production of matter are traced backward from mass through molecules, atoms, and electrons to a vibratory or radiant state of matter supposed to exist in interatomic ether of space.
  • Ether is a hypothetical medium filling all space, through which, in the form of transverse wave-motion, radiant or vibratory energy of all kinds, including light-waves, is propagated.
  • According to physical science, all energy exists in the ether, and matter may be regarded as, in a sense, a condensation, “a specifically modified form of ether”.
  • This is as far as physical science can go. Of the nature and source of the “Energy,” in other words, of what it is that radiates through the ether in the form of “transverse waves,” physical science can tell us nothing.
  • In stating this conception science tacitly admits the substantial character of the ether, or energy in general, and of specific forms of energy in particular, although its … often vague and its terms contradictory.
  • Physical science does, however, adhere to the general principles of the indestructibility of matter and the persistence of force.
  • It is thus far in harmony with the more advanced position taken in the substantial philosophy. It is much to have arrived at that point in thinking.
  • But of incorporeal living substance, or Life and Mind and Intelligence as the primary source and basis of all energy, current science has as yet only a faint conception; although more than one physical scientist has reached the conclusion that, in the last analysis, all force is a manifestation of Will, and that every physical action is primarily a psychical action.

Biological concept of matter and force: [12]

Biological science traces matter backward from organism through cells, nuclei, to the centrosome, an organ found in the protoplasm, but usually only occurring in close connection with the nucleus.

  •  When active the centrosome is said to be “at the center of a sphere of attraction and a system of rays,” and is regarded as the dynamic center governing karyokinesis and cell division.
  • Biological science … found to recognize … the existence of Life as a substantial, entitative, indestructible power.
  • How or by what else could the vital force necessary to carry on vital processes be generated?
  • How else could there be in the cell a “dynamic center?”
  • Dynamic center means “center of power.” Statically, power means capacity of a person or thing for work, for producing the force by which work is done.
  • There must be a source from which force is produced or drawn, and that source must be substantial.
  • Kinetically, power is the cause, force the medium, and work the effect.
  • Power, therefore, considered either as an attribute or the thing itself, is actually a substantial, entitative being.

Since life can come only from life, biological science, in thus placing the centrosome at the center of “a sphere of attraction,” places it in a surrounding field of what can only be incorporeal living substance, from which alone could it attract the wherewithal to construct the cell and endow it with the functions of organization, growth and reproduction.

  • As the active agent and center of attraction the centrosome is a medium, standing between the field of life on the one side, and the field of matter on the other side, acting under the law of attraction or affinity, by means of which vital force is drawn from the surrounding vital field and converted or transformed into the physical or chemical force which acts directly upon the matter of which the cell is composed.
  • The centrosome also, like the central nervous system, may be compared in this respect to a dynamo, which acts in a similar manner in the conversion of mechanical energy into electric energy or current.

Biological science as yet neither or nor comprehensive in this matter. … Enumerating only the physical or chemical forces and the various form of matter of which the cell is composed … all the field contains.

  • Such a definition fails to explain some of the most important phenomena of living organisms, such as growth, reproduction, self-repair and constant changes with continued identity (not to of consciousness, feeling and thought), because it leaves out Life, the most important element of all.
  • As the active agent or center of attraction the centrosome is a medium, standing between life on the side and matter on the other side.

The central nervous system, made up of innumerable cells, with their nuclei and centrosomes, has already been compared to a dynamo. So each individual cell which its nucleus and centrosome may be called a dynamo in miniature.

  • A dynamo is essentially a converter of one form of energy into another.
  • Standing at the center of the field of attraction and acting in all directions under the law of attraction, the centrosome, through the agency of induction from the surrounding vital field, converts the chemical energy derived from nutrient matter into vital energy.
  • In no other way and from no other source could the centrosome attract that ruling element by which the living human body and brain are endowed with their peculiar properties and functions of organization, growth, self-repair reproduction, intelligence, reason, feeling and will.

Electrical science, in its theory of electro-magnetic induction and conversion, has thus paved the way for a clearer understanding of the modus operondi of the life principle.

  • Physics and biology are in harmony with homoeopathics, the science of homoeopathy. Their basic principles are identical. … the theory of electrolytic dissociation, the ionization, breaking apart of electrolytes into anions and cations by solution or other process, chemical or mechanical is which that occurs in the preparation by trituration, solution and dilution according to scale of homoeopathic high potencies.
  • The infinitesimals of homoeopathy are found in advance science to be common property in mathematics, physics, chemistry and electrical science also.
  • Infinitesimal Differential and Integral Calculus, and laid the foundation upon which later coming sciences were build – homoeopathy among them.

Images of Centrosome and Cell (

Life & Dr. Hahnemann: [13]

Dr. Hahnemann … with the conception of Life as a real or substantial entitative power or principal, having laws of its own, and refers all the phenomena of health and disease to it under two names: “The Dynamis” and “The Life Force”. This is Hahnemann’s greatest discovery, and the absolute bed-rock of his system.

  • The words “force” and “life force” were used inaccurately in this connection; however, making it difficult for some to form a clear conception of what life is in its philosophical relation to homoeopathy.
  • The failure to make a distinction between power and force has always caused confusion. The word “force” generally, as well as in the Organon, is loosely used to express the idea of any operating or operative power or energy; of any active agency or power tending to change the state of matter; and this is the sense in which Hahnemann often uses the word in Organon when he speaks of the “life force” as that which acts and is acted upon in disease and cure.

Force and motion are merely phenomena of the power which produces them. Power is the property of anything or substance by virtue of which it is able to produce changes in itself, or in any other thing or substance.

  • Motion is the result of the application of force. Force is the product of power or energy. The power inherent in a body is quite another thing from the force exerted by it or upon it.
  • Action (motion) takes place only in or in connection with that which has the power to react or resist, the thing itself, whether it be a stone, a machine or a living organism.
  • The thing itself is always substantial, having a real objective existence, even if it be intangible or invisible.
  • Strictly speaking, we do not act upon the life force, but upon life, the real, substantial, objective although intangible, substance from which the living organism is evolved, of which it is composed and from which the life force proceeds.

Everything living comes from preceding life in an unbroken chain, the last conceivable link of which is in the one Infinite and Eternal Source of Life, the Supreme Being. Metaphysical science recognizes this conception under the term of “The Cosmic Life.”

  • To avoid confusion, clear in mind the distinction between the Thing Itself and its action. There can be no action without something to act; no phenomena without the being of which the phenomena are an expression; no force without the power which exerts the force; no thought without a thinker.

We do not see motion; we see a body change its position in space, as when one picks up a book from one side of the desk and places it on the other side.

  • We do not see force; we see the effects of force upon a body in changing its position in space.
  • We do not see life; we see only its manifestation in organism.
  • But … there can be no effect without a cause, no motion without force, and no force without something or somebody to exercise power, we assume the existence of that power, person or thing as a primitive fact and name it, although we cannot see the power, person or thing with the physical eye, even with the aid of an ultra-microscope.
  • We see the primary substance, power, person or thing with the mental eye and are satisfied.

In 6th edition of the Organon of Medicine in one place, Hahnemann making it clear that of “the vital force of the Vital Principle,” the substantialistic view of life – that is, that Life is a substantial, objective entity; a primary, originating power or principle, and not a mere condition, or “mode of motion.”

  • Life then is not primarily a phenomenon. It is the cause of phenomena.
  • Life is not, strictly speaking, a force; it is a substance, a power or principle which acts to exert or cause force.
  • Life is a substantial, self-existent, self-acting entity, not a mere abstraction.
  • Life is not a product; it is the producer, whether it be of matter or motion.
  • In brief, Life is intelligent, incorporeal vital substance – the original “simple substance” of the ancients.
  • Life, in a dynamical sense, is energy – the universal principle and cause of vital action and reaction, organization, growth, self-preservation, inherent in all living things.

Life, therefore, is included under the general principle of science, which declares that “all force is persistent and indestructible”; and is the scientific statement of the doctrine of Immortality.

  • Energy must exist before work can be done.
  • Hence, life and mind logically and necessarily precede organization, and thus must be not only the cause but the controlling power of organization.
  • Life built the body and life preserves it, as long as it is needed for the purpose of “our indwelling rational spirit”, as Hahnemann calls it.


We, the Homoeopath should attain more knowledge and clear the concept of Life … One must have the ability to understand and perceive the teaching of Organon of Medicine, Homoeopathic Philosophy, and Homoeopathic Materia Medica, accordingly.

Remarks: 1-6[14]

1) Advance thinkers are speaking of the fourth state of matter which is immaterial substance.

  • We now say the solids, liquids and gases and radiant form of matter.
  • Substance in simple form is just as positively substance as matter in concrete form …
  • Force has nothing prior to it leads man’s mind into insanity …
  • Something substantial … as having energy … has essence, has actual being … which has ultimate Must think in a series whereby cause enter into effect and furthermore into a series of effects …
  • The very nature and idea of influx and continuance … that there are beginnings, intermediates and ends…

2) The true holding together of the material world is performed by the simple substance.

  • There are two worlds that come apparently to the mind of man, the world of thought and the world of matter; that is the world of immaterial substance and the world of material substance, world of motion and inertia, world of life and dead matter, and the world of cause and result.
  • The world of material substance is in order and harmony.
  • Everything that appears before the eye has beginnings.
  • The actual cause, the power is invisible by our biological eye but can perceive through inner eye, that’s the mind with understanding.

3) Protoplasm is only protoplasm when it is living.

  • Chemically, all there is to be found of protoplasm is put together with parts of C54, O21, H7, N16, and S2, but the life substance cannot be found.

4) There is no difference in weight after death; the simple substance cannot be weighed.

  • Neither weight, time; nor space can be predicted of the simple substance; and it is not subject to the physical laws, such as gravitation.

5) “Fixed principles,” Law and government from centre, the centre the brain, spinal cord and the nerves, the cerebrum, cerebellum and spinal cord, the grey matter of cerebrum the centre of government.

  • More internally, we have the will and understanding forming a unit making the interior man.
  • The vital force or vice-regent of the soul that is the limbus or soul stuff, the formative substance, which is immaterial; and then the body which is material.
  • Thus from the innermost, the will or voluntary principle, through the limbus or simple substance to the outermost, the actual or material substance of man, which is in every cell, we have this order of direction.
  • Every cell in man has its representative of the innermost, the middle and the outermost.
  • There is no cell in man that does not have its will and understanding, its soul stuff or limbus or simple substance, and its material substance.

6) Without this vital force there can be no life, no development … we found a state of decay and death.

7) Simple Substances may stay active or passive, when active Life is going on or passive we called Dead body.

8) Sir. J.C. Bose [15] in his Plant Autographs and Their Revelations, writes …

  • The dust particle and the earth, the plant and the animal, are all sensitive … having a definite history of their past and an evolutionary progress for their future. ..
  • Metals are found to respond to stimuli; they are subject to fatigue, stimulated by certain drugs and “killed” by poisons.


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