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AIAPGET 2020 Questions With Probable Answers

1 )Powder burns appearance are Pathognomic of

a) Tb of genital tract  b) pelvic endometriosis  c) Uterine fibroid d) Chronic PID

Ans b, Pelvic Endometreosis 2.) Statement

I.Basophils release bradykinin , secretin , major basic protein and heparin

II Eosinophils release bradykinin , secretin , major basic protein and heparin

a) I &II correct  b)I&II incorrect  c) I wrong & II correct   d) I is wrong Ans c, I wrong & II correct

3.) Commonest benign tumour of placenta is

a) Adenoma b) Papilloma c ) hamartoma d) Chorioangioma Ans-d, Chorioangioma

4.) How to arrange rubric of sciatica which is < in the morning according to kents repertory

a)Sciatica  b) Extremities  c) Lower limb d) pain  e ) morning

  1. abcd b) bdcae c) bcade d) none. Ans b, bdcae

5.)Acute cerebral or basilar meningitis with threatened , effusion, nocturnal hallucination , wakes up from sleep frightened , screaming when   Apis , Helliborous , Sulphur , though well selected fail.

  1. Tuberculinum b) Nat Sulph C) Zinc D) Carbon Ans a ) Tuberculinum

6.) D/D persistant productive cough, tenacious sputum, wheezing , Clubbing , tram track sign in X ray

  1. Ch Bronchitis b) bronchiectasis  c) hypersensitive Pnuemonitis d)Bronchial Asthma

Ans b, bronchiectasis 7)

A.Niacin I.Beri beri
B.Thiamine II.Pernicious Anaemia
C.Ascorbic Acid III.Pallegra
D.Vit b12 IV.Scurvy


  • child has pain in abdomen > lying down , sour smelling stool , he wants constant attention , must rock , carried . miasm is
    • Psora b)Sycosis c) Tubercular d) Syphillis Ans b, Sycosis
  • Radiolucent stones

a) Uric acid b) Oxalic Acid c) Cystiene d) Phosphate Ans a, Uric acid

  1. Regarding Asthma correct is

A) peak incidence in child hood B) lower level of infection in early childhood

  • allergic reaction of food leads to increase Asthma in children D) exercise is common trigger of Asthma in children E) worst common trigger is pollen
    • ABD Only b) ABC only c) BCE only d) acde And d acde
  • 11)
A. Poke root I. Collinsonia
B. Stone Root II. Spigellia
C. Blood root III. Phytollacca
D. Pink root IV. Sangunaria

a) AI BII CIII D IV    b)A III BII  CIV DI  c) A III BI   CIV    DII Ans c

  1. 12)
A. Germ cell Tumour I. Krockenberg
B. Surface Epithelial tumour II. Teratoma of ovary
C. Sex cord cell tumour III. Serous Cyst adenoma of ovary
D. Secondry Ovarian tumour IV. arrhenoblastoma

Ans  A II BIII    C IV   D I 13)

A. kent Repertorium generale I. Robin Murphy
B.hom. medical repertory II.JPS Baksi
C. The Phoenix Repertory III. Roger Von Zandvoort
D. Rep universal IV.Kunzli Zost


14.) Taste sensation in ant 2/3rd of the tongue – transmitted through

a) vagus b) facial c) hypoglossal d) Glossophyrengial Ans b, facial

15.) Trans pyloric plane passes through

a) tip of the 10th rib b) mid way between sternal angle and pubic symphysis c)body of 2nd lumbar vertebra near its upper border d) body of 1st lumbar vertebra near its lower border.

Ans d, body of 1st lumbar vertebra near its lower border.

16.) According to kent antibodies for the poisonous effect of the sting of honey bee in person sensitive to it is

a) Arg Met b) Carbolic acid c) Ledum pal d) Apis Mel Ans b, Carbolic acid

  1. A. Best effect of pure effect of single medicine are those healthy , unprejudiced & sensitive physician institutes on himself with all caution

R. stimulating drinks spices and herbs soup should be given regularly to the prover during proving

  1. Both A & R true and R is correct explanation
  2. Both A& R true but R is not the correct explanation
  3. A false R true
  4. A true   R false Ans d, A true    R false
  5. A.   ADH is a water soluble hormone

R. ADH is polypeptide and needs receptors on the cell membrane to work on DCT

  1. Both A & R true and R is correct explanation
  2. Both A& R true but R is not the correct explanation
  3. A false R true
  4. A true   R false

Ans c, A is wrong and R is correct

  1. ECG with normal AV ratio and abnormal long PR interval

a) 1st digree AV Block b) IInd dig AV block TYPE 1 c) 3rd digree AV BLOCK d) 2nd dig AV block type 2

Ans a, 1st digree AV Block

  • Charcots artery of cerebral haemorrhage is a branch of

a) Ant Cerebral artery b) middle cerebral artery  c) Ant Cerebral artery  d) Ant Choroidal artery

Ans b

  • Pyromania is found in

a) Kent b) BBCR c BTPB d) none Ans b

  • ) Crops of small boils, intensely painful in the nose :green foetid pus-

a) Tuberculinum  b) mag phos  c) Hepar sulph d) all Ans a

23)Vis Medicatrix refers to

a) Chronic disease b) Acute individual disease c) Natures self help d) Ans c

24 Placenta Previa has strong association with

a) smoking b) age > 35 years c) prior curettage d) African Women..

a) a b) abc c) abcd d) none Ans c.

  • Features of 2nd edition of organon :

a) Published in 1810    b) Contain 291 aphorism       c) Aude sapre introduced

d) Translated in English by W.Boericke. Ans: c) Aude sapre introduced

  • Thoracic Duct drains the following areas except:

a) Left Upper Limb     b )Left Lower limb        c) Right Lower limb

d) Right  Upper Limb Ans: d) Right Upper Limb

  • Home based pregnancy TEST kit(PTK’s) was labelled under NRHM by the name of:

a) NIRBHAY              b) NIKSHA      c)NISHCHAY       d) CHHAYA Ans: c)NISHCHAY

  • Concordance Repertory of Materia medica of repertory by W.D. Gentry was published in:

a) 1879         b) 1881   c) 1896  d) 1890

Ans: d) 1890

  • The major contributor of weight gain in first trimester is:

a) Fetal weight     b) placenta weight    c) Uterine weight        d) fat deposition. Ans: d, fat deposition

  • Vegetable analogue of Mag Phos is:

a) Chamomilla     b) Colocynth    c) Ferrum met        d) Conium Ans: a) Chamomilla

  • According to Lecture of Materia medica by Kent-ACONITE-
  • Short Acting Remedy      B) Complaints comes suddenly from very cold weather of winter or from intensly hot weather of summer                             C) Rubiacea

family      D) used in retention of urine of newborn                  E) everything bitter taste except water

Correct statements are:

  1. A,C,D,E             b) ABCD       c) BCDE          d)ABDE Ans: d , ABDE
  2. Rubric KENT repertory:
  I   II
A Aura Epileptica I Abdomen
B Diarrhoea ,sensation as if would come on II Extremities
C Diarrhoea in children III Stomach
D Abducted lies with limb IV Rectum
a) A-III   B-I C-IV D-II b)   A-III B-IV C-I D-II c) A-II
B-I     C-IV D-III     d) A-I B-II C-III D-IV
Ans: a) A-III B-I   C-IV D-II
  • A 30 years old male have painless swelling in right side of groin on examination ,the swelling exhibits impulse on coughing and reducibility ,the swelling doesn’t come out on coughing when the deep inguinal ring is occluded, Diagnosis is:

a) Direct inguinal hernia        b) Indirect Inguinal Hernia  c) Femoral Hernia

d) Lumbar Hernia

Ans: b) Indirect Inguinal Hernia

  • Stroke manifestation with pure sensory symptoms results from the infarction of:

a) post.limb of internal capsule          b) Ventral posterolateral nucleus of thalamus

c) Genu of internal Capsule               d) Ventral pons Ans: b) Ventral posterolateral nucleus of thalamus

  • Match the carcinogenic factors with histological types:
  List 1   List 2
A Solar Radiation I Retinoblastoma
B Heridatory II Bladder Cancer
C HPV virus III Basal cell Carcinoma
D Benzidine IV Cancer Cervix

a) A-III    B- I      C- IV     D- II                                  b) A-III    B- IV      C- I D- II

c)     A-II    B- I      C- IV     D- III                              d) A-IV    B- I      C- III D- II

Ans:a)  A-III    B- I      C- IV     D- II

  • Proving of Narcotic   Substance               symptoms are observed during the action of remedy:

a) Primary Action         b) Secondary Action      c) Alternating action d)Concordance

Ans: b) Secondary Action

  • Moschus Drug Power is:

a)1/10             b)  1/20    c) 1/100          d) 1/60 Ans: b) 1/20

  • For Chronic Hepatitis B Serological marker is:

a) HbeAg           b) HbVDNA          c) HbsAg             d) HbcAg

Ans: c) HbsAg

  • In 28 year old lady 2nd trimester miscarriage cause is:

a) Luteal Phase defect       b)Bicornuate Uterus   c) Autosomal trisomy        d) Monosomy X

Ans: b)Bicornuate Uterus

  • In old method match the drug with their class:
  Drug   Class
A Belladona I IV
B Thuja II III
C Squilla III I
D Staphysagria IV II

a) A-I   B-II    C-III     D-IV                                          b) A-II   B-I    C-III D-IV

c) A-IV   B-II    C-III     D-I                                         d) A-I   B-III    C-II D-IV

Ans: a) A-I   B-II    C-III     D-IV

  • Headache begin in Occiput and extend over the head of school girls < 10- 11 AM or 4 to 5 PM:

a)Mag Phos     b) Calcarea Phos     c) Sanicula      d) Natrum mur Ans: a) Mag Phos

  • Dyspnoea accompanied by cough with the production of thick brownish plugs of mucous is typically found in:

a) Chronic Bronchitis      b)Bronchial Asthma               c) Allergic Broncho- pulmonary aspergillosis     d) Pneumococcus pneumonia

Ans:     c) Allergic Broncho-pulmonary aspergillosis

  • Assertion: Spigelia is good remedy for symptoms due to the presence of worms.

Reason: Neuralgia of the 5th nerve is very prominent in its effects

  1. Both A & R true and R is correct explanation
  2. Both A& R true but R is not the correct explanation
  3. A false R true
  4. A true   R false

Ans: b) Both A& R true but R is not the correct explanation(Boericke)

  • A 40 years old man complain of headache ,vertigo ,with a sensation of stupefaction because of which he was unable to think or perform any mental labour and the headache was apt to be worse on exposure to the sun rays or under gaslight ,the patient was greatly depressed ,wholly occupied with sad thoughts,suggested remedy:

a) Mag Phos         b) Glonoine     c) Lac-can      d) Natrum Carb Ans: Natrum Carb

Q45) 1st Homoeopathic pharmacopoeia was published by:

a) Hering         b) C.W. Caspari   c) Clark      d) Allen Ans: b) C.W. Caspari

Q46) Correct order of Descending saponification value :

  1. Lanolin  II) Olive Oil    III) Almond Oil   IV) Coconut oil
    1. IV> II>III>I                           b) I> II>III>IV

c) III> II>IVI>I                           d) IV> II>I>III Ans: a) IV> II>III>I

Q47) Cross reference for the rubric Absent minded ( in Kent repertory):

a) Memory weak    b) Memory loss   c) Abstraction     d)   forgetful Ans: d) forgetful

Q48) Sequence of labour stages (Pick the correct Sequence)

  1. Crowning,Delivery of head, External RotationRestitution ,engagement
  2. Engagement,Crowning, Delivery of head, Restitution,External Rotation.
  3. External Rotation, Crowning,Engagement, Delivery of head,Restitution.
  4. Restitution,Engagement,Crowning, External rotation , delivery of head.

Ans: b) Engagement,Crowning, Delivery of head, Restitution,External Rotation.

Q49)Insanity found in which chapter in BTPB:

a)External head     b) Mind& Intellect     c) Internal head  d) Sensation and Complaints.

Ans: b) Mind& Intellect

Q51)Tram Track appearance in lungs is found in : Ans: a) Bronchiectasis

Q50) First line of Investigation  for stable angina Ans: ECG

Q52) Total how many type of gradation used in JB Bell’s The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhoea:

a) 2     b)  3     c) 4      d)5

Ans: c) 4

Q53) First English Repertory author in Allentown:

a) C.Hering      b) T.F allen       c)  Kent    d) Vitholkas Ans: C.Hering

Q54) Local Maladies is also known as:

a) Indisposition    b) Internal Local Disease    c) External Local Disease   d) none of the above

Ans: External One sided Disease

Q55) Schein symptoms are seen in which potency:

a) Decimal    b) Centisimal   c) 50 millisimal      d) All of above Ans: c) 50 millisimal

Q56) Midsystolic Click is found in:

Ans: a) Mitral Valve Prolapse

Q57) The predisposing factors for Placenta Praevia except:

a)Primagravida   b) age more than 35 years  c) H/O previous caesarean section

d) Placental size

Ans: a) Prima gravida

Q58) High potency leads to dangerous effect leads to which aphorism:

a)271  b) 274  c) 280    d) 276

Ans: d) 276

59 vegetable analogue Mag phos

a) Chamomilla b) phytollaca c) Chinchona d) none Ans a, Chamomilla

60) used in green ink tattoo

a) Chromium b) manganese c) iron d) none Ans a, Chromium

Q61 In second trimester cause of miscarriage

a) Fetal abnormalities b) Trauma c) systemic lupus erythematosus d) all Ans d, all

Q62 Family of coca

a) liniacae b) leguminosae c) umbelliferae d) none Ans a, liniacae

Q63 family of Symphytum

a) coniferae b)borraginaceae c) compositae d) papaveracae Ans b, borraginaceae

Q64 Arrange Stage of normal labour

A Restitution B Crowning c) Delivery of head d) external rotation e) engagement

a) abcde b) ebcad c) bcdea d) cdea Ans b, ebcad

Q65. Value of diagnostic test in epidemiology

a) sensitivity b) specificity c) predictive value d) none Ans c, predictive value

Q66) . which is not found in Apgaar score

a) color b) temperature c) muscle tone d) respiration Ans b, Temperature

Q67) First english repertory author in Allentown academy a-      C.Hering b)T.F.Allen c) Glazor d) none

Ans a, C.Hering

Q 68) diarrhoea sensation as if it would come found in which chap of kent repertory

a) rectum b) abdomen c) stool d) mind Ans b, abdomen

Q69) Lies abducted with knee in kent repertory

a) mind b) gen c) extremities d) sleep Ans c, extremities

Q70) triple test consist of

a) Alpha feto protein b) estriol c) Hcg d) all Ans d, all

Q71) Shrieking aid for in kent repertory which medicine is present

a) Cuprum met b) Platina c) opium d) none Ans b, Platina

Q72 least heat sensitive vaccine

a) opv b) IPV c) Tetanus d) Hepatitis b Ans D, Hepatitis b

Q 73 curling ulcers are found in

a) burn b) head trauma c) stress d) none Ans a , burn.

Q74 uterine artery is supplies to

a) ovary  b) uterus  c) round ligament  d) all

Ans, d all Uterine artery arises from internal iliac artery.

Q75) In Tb of genitalia endometrial tissue / blood sample is collected during day of menstruation

a)1-2 days  b) 6-8 days c) 10-12 days d) none Ans a)1-2 days

Q 76) A. mesmerism is done pt hand

  • Advised by Dr Hahnemann in aphorism 278
  • A& R correct and R is correct explanation of A
  • A& R correct and R is not correct explanation of A.
  • A is correct R is wrong.
  • A&R are wrong. Ans d

Q77 ) Most common primary malignant intraocular cancer in children

a) Retinoblastoma b) Neuroblastoma c) melanoma d) none Ans a retinoblastoma in children.

Q 78) Ideal subscription has a

A) superscription B) inscription C) sign D) direction to the patient

a) BC b) ABC c) C,D d) D Ans D


A)Hard tick I Kala azar
B)Soft tick IIQ fever
c)Sand fly III.Tick typhus
D)Rudwig bug IV.Chegas disease


Q80 Nosodes Preparations made from microorganisms or diseased subjects belong to class

a) NIII b) NI c) NIII d) NIV Ans d

Q81 In encephalitis if wbc count inc to 10000 then it is

  1. viral b) bacterial c) both d) none Ans b

Q82 post mortem staining

  • Carbon monoxide – Cherry pink
    • Hydrogen sulphide – Greenish blue
    • Phosphorus – Brown
    • Cyanide – brick red

Q83 ) Ink use in Green tattoo- casalis( chromium oxide) Q 84) Gentry repertory published in- 1890

Q 85 )Thought Broad casting – schizophrenia

Q 86 )Rinne Test- loss of hearing in one year

Q 87 )Cross refrence of absent minded- forgetful

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