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Eighteen Month: The Anal Stage And Homoeopathy Treatment

The eighteen month of life signals the end of the oral stage and of the fusional bond with the mother , which started to loosen around nine months . the father plays an increasingly important role as child passes into the anal stage . the baby starts to gain control of its sphincters and use the potty , enabling to keep its diaper clean . it is at the time that the baby’s bottle and pecifier should also be should also be abandoned , since these objects will only serve to prolong the oral stage and delay the natural progression out of diapers . the child must leave the old behind – otherwise his poor parents will be abandoned , since these objects will only serve to prolong the oral stage and delay the natural progression out of diapers . the child must leave the old behind –otherwise his poor parents will be condemned to many more months of diaper changing !

The pulsatilla child refuses to break his fusional bond with the mother , along with everything it represents . he takes his bottle and teddy bear every where with him , with the latter serving as a symbol for the pacenta that linked him to his mother

I had one young patient who never went any where without his blue rabit . this toy was reall for him to the extent that when he went sailing with his parents one day and his father told him to be careful not to drop his rabbit in the sea , he instantly replied yes , because there are no carrots in the sea . he suffered from severe ezema which rapidly disappeared with repeated doses of pulsatilla

Other signs pointing to pulsatilla are warm bloodedness and a lack of thirst –except sugar water from his bottle . he may appear reckless and will happily jump into a swimming pool or lake , but only because he knows his mother is behind him

In the course of the anal stage , the key personality in a child’s life becomes the father – the one who gives his name to the child who says no who draws the line and creates boundaries . the child feels able to blossom and develop within these boundaries while with out them he becomes unsure of who he is and how far he can go . this leads to to hyperactive children who are always in to every thing and push their mother to the brink . in situations such as these , we need to look at whether the father is present and whether he actually speaks to the child

One evening in my clinic . I found myself face to face with an exhauasted mother . her child was extremely restless and wanting to touch  every thing – he had run towards the remedy cabinet and his father would catch him just in time , then he had run the remedy cabinet and his father would grab him at the last minute . finally moving . I let out a thundering no the child stopped dead in his track , leaving the father flabbergasted . he realized at the moment that it was not enough to act out the  needed to say it as well


When the father is silent or absent , the child has difficulty finding its bearings and speaking its own truth , so that speech significantly delayed . the remedy for this is often natrum muriaticum , particularly if the child is thin , introverted , loves salt , and avoids the sub –symbol of the father in children’s drawings

Other remedies for delayed speech include;

Agaricus , where a disability means the child has physical problems speaking , later , he will set out in search of the perfect words by writing poetry

Baryata carb . is intellectually slow, while nux moschata prefers to sleep rather than confront the dangerous real world . belladonna , mean while is struck in the oral stage and can’t progress

I often ask parents what they believe the father’s role to be and receive many different replles . the most common of these is that , he provides for the family and earns the money .i then explain that it is thanks to the father that we are able to mother leave the mother and that with out him we would be at risk of losing ourselves in her . we need to progress from the infinite love of the mother . the anal stage is there fore one of duality –of the choice between the father and mother


The child’s name and surname distinguish him from others and contribute to his personality . we find ourselves through  others , because the only way we can discover who are is by comparing ourselves to who we are not . otherwise we would all be the same . like in the bible story at the beginning every one had the same name and spoke the same language . many a fascist or communist dictator has attempted to create a society of robots of identical human clones who are totally incapable of original thought . we all know that eventually happens to such inhumane structure –the towers of Babel always end up in ruins . such was the fate of the odious system of Nazism and several years later of Stalinism – both of which were exposed for the criminal regimes they really were

Some allopaths would like to see human practioners replaced by computers , in order to ensure that the same prescription is given for the same complaint every time – regardless of patient , doctor or country . this yet another attempt to do away with original thought

On the cellular level , lack of differentian equals cancer – a disease that  currently affects 30 % of the western popylation . these are people who have never realy been able to say no and have allowed themselves to be invaded by beliefs which are not their own . Homeopathically speaking , this relates to Hahnemann ‘s second miasm sycosis

Gelesium ; is the remedy for families with a heavy cancer taint , where every member will at some point develop cancer . these are very private people who avoid discussing important matters so as not to annoy others . they avoid all confrontation could bring preferring to keep their own individuality

Physically carcinosim children get none of the child hood illnesses , such as measles and whooping cough , but are especially prone to the flu –which will be helped by oscillocacation. They often have a lot of allergies and many undergo desensitization treatment – they long to be sensitive and immune to external stimuli but forget that the purposeof life and sensitive to experience

Ambragrisea; rejects the potty and hides behind pieces of furniture or waits for night time before going to the toilet . he is infact struck in the sadistic oral stage and runs away from smiling faces because he has not yet resolved his fear being eaten . he believes that his excrement and there fore a part of him , will be taken away and consumed . he is unable to rid himself of the negative things done or said to himhe is unable to see his tools is foreign substances and let go of them naturally . later on , he is unable to rid himself of the negative things done or said to him by others and dwells on unpleasant matters

This remedy is ideal for the social worker who spends all day listening to tragic stories and fails to protect herself psychologically for the business man  who lets himself be invaded by his customers and for the doctor who can’t cut the cords with his patients and wears himself out

The key to ambragriesa lies in our need to retain some level of detachment from the things that happen to us and let go of all that is negative , ugly and noxious without regret . in actual fact , we have nothing to lose and everything to gain . he who loses wins

Psycho analysts have found on of the themes relating to the anal stage to be that of the themes relating to anal stage to be that of money , with the hoarding miser comparable to some one suffering from constipation . calcarea flourica is a good remedy for the miser , who can be identified not only from his avarices and verycose veins ! his weak lose fitting teeth are prone to rapid decay since there is also a well known connection between teeth and money , with children receiving a coin from the tooth fairy for every milk tooth they loose

This connection between our physical selves and money continues through out life . As people approach old age , they often attempt to replace the decaying material of their bodies with material possessions – a temptation which confiucious warned us against when he said . in the third part of life , beware of accumulation of material goods.

Aurum metallicum is for children who reject their father’s authority . they are reckless dare devils who through themselves into all sorts of dangerous situations . later in life , they will seek to accumulate gold and money in order to become the father –god bestowing their gifts on those around them – just as the sun bestows its rays . The only law they really want to follow is their own

Nitric acid; is obsessively rigid in his application of the law with no mercy for those who break it . And yet forgiveness is essential to humanity if we want to put an end to worldly conflicts and wars . mistakes are part of being human – that’s why we make them . we only commit evil when we continue to make the same mistake after finding out that we are wrong . Jesus said we should forgive seven times seven times  seventy times . our reward comes in then being able to progress ti a higher energetic level

Those who know the truth can no longer cheat and lie . the particular characterstic of veratrum album is that he tries to lie his way out of every thing , without realizing that this merely separates him more and more from reality .

The basic issue of varutrum is his fear of losing his position in society . in children , this can manifest as a fear of losing the fusional bond with the mother when a second child is born . Atypical scenario is that of four year old girl whose development starts to regress during the months pregnancy . she becomes extremely bossy , vomits when ever any one opposes her, and yet continues to suck her thumb or demand her bottle and pacifier . she is constantly inventing stories of princesses , and may even go so far as to tell the neighbor that her parents beat her

We have seen how staphysagria places itself in sadomascchistic or most frequently masochistic situations . his parents will describe their child as always asking for a slap because he seeks the  evidence that he is loved and cared for in conflict , punishment and humiliation . but in opposing others , we risk ending in yet another child brutality

The anal stage centers around the childs control of its sphinters and by extension its control of situations . it represents a progression to self decipline and cleanlissness and away from dirt , disorder and anarchy

Sulphur refuses to wash and loves being dairy . As a child he will rill about in mud at the first opportunity . he does not want to learn anything and is sure to already knows it all that he never listen to others . the anarchistic adult he becomes is easily spot-by the food stains on his shirt and the dirty finger nails .

Aloe socortina refuses to gain control  over his spincters and stays in the oral stage . For him to grow up means to eventually die –just like the aloe plant , which dies when its flower blooms and rises . these children don’t want to learn to become and they soil their pants

Natrum carbonica ;is a hypersensitive soul who just wants to live in harmony . unharmonious situations upset him and like aloe , he soils his pants . he can be identified by his gift for music , especially piano . he has an aversion to honey , which his body can’t tolerate even as a baby – if the mothr’s milk contains honey , he develops thrush . made from sodium carbonate , this remedy balances states of excess acidity

Medorrhinum ;wants to control the passage of time , to know what will happen tomorrow , and he constantly worries about the future . telltale physical symptoms include erythema across the buttocks , the frog like sleeping position , onchophagy –nail biting and astigmatism

Finally sepia is like cindrella – she cleans up carefully in the hope that this will get her noticed by the prince –father . sepia children sometimes have such a severe bout of chicken pox that they are left with a weak immunity and become prone to E-coli , urinary infections –which may also indicate tuberculinum

We should mention here that chicken pox is typically that this an anl stage diseases . the most frequently needed acute remedies are rhus tox and mezereum , especially in the itching phase . mercurius solubilis will work wonders where there are spots in the mouth, while antimonium crudum should be given , if there is a concomitant cough

The start of the phallic stage usually signifies the end of the anal stage . the child lose interest in its feces and turns all its attention to the genitals – its penis or clitoris , the child takes pleasure in exposing itself and running naked around the house after bath time , to the great amusement of its parent’ friends , the main remedy for this staze is hyoscyamus and there is often an associated jealousy , such as that of the little boy who wants a penis as big as daddy or older brother . some exhibitionist adults are actually stuck in this staze of development

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