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Miraculous Action Of The Homoeopathic Remedy In Infants And Children

It is well known that the homoeopathic remedy acts more promptly and as a rule , more completely in infants and growing children , then it does in adults . The reason for this are obvious , the childs nervous system is more sensitive and responds more readily to both intrinsic and extrinsic stimuli ;  its stimuli its tissues are softer and more pliable ; all its functions are more active ; new cells and fibres are being added every minute of the day and what is usually over looked , it is free from the anxieties and the worries , that interfere with remedial action in later years , of course , in some cases , there are inhibiting factors such as wrong feeding , prophylactic “shots “ vaccination or the presence of some latent miasmatic taint , but even here , the well selected remedy clears the way for nature to reassert herself more quickly than it does in the adult as we shall see later .

The following cases were selected because they are typical illustrations of our theisis and also because they present some useful hints in prescribing .


A baby girl was delivered in a dark and dingy cellar , the walls were festooned with spider web’s black with coal dust . A few week beams of day light found their way through small windows at the level of one’s head . Labor was short and not tooo painful for a primipara ; there were no complications , the infant was apparently normal in every way , but on the morning of the third day her  eyes were running profusely with thick ,yellow pus . her face and the edge of her little blanket were smeared all over , she seemed to like her eyes washed with cold water , so naturally I gave her a dose o the “pulsatilla 1M “. After warning the mother and attendant of the possibility of contagion . I took a specimen of the discharge at once to a laboratory , the microscope revealed the fact that it was teeming with gonnocci , on my next visit , I found the amount of discharge greatly reduced , but I made many visits in the week that followed and I must confess spent some sleepless nights before I was finally assured that the disease had been whipped .In the first place owing to a marked blepharospasm , it was exccdingly difficult to get a view of the cornea , how happy I was to get a glimpse of a perfectly bright and clear membrane . In about 5 days the discharge became more profuse , there was more swelling of the lids and the photophobia to have increased . I then gave the deeper acting “ argentum nitricum which completed the cure in another week or so


A little girl 19 months old , presented symptoms resembling those of the case just described except that the discharge was less profuse , thinner and some what acrid , I received the same message from the laboratory , since she kicked the covers off at night , was always hungry and cried all the time she was getting her bath , I gave her a powder of sulphur –CC , In half an hour she had a profuse , diarrheic stool and in 5 days the eyes were back to normal .


A small , fair haired , blue eyed boy aged 21 months , on the 19th of December last his mother called me on the telephone in great alarm , she said her baby was in convulsions and she could not locate her family physician . I told her that I did not make house calls any more but would come if they sent their car for me , I got there in about 15 minutes , the convulsions had ceased but the little fellow was unconscious , his face was flushed his eyes wide open and the pupils contracted to a pin- point ,his temperature was 104 degree , It was plainly a case for opium 1M  on his tongue , saying to make a big noise , she should not be frightened , for it would only mean that he was coming to life again and would surely get well . The big noise was not forth coming , but in exactly 60 seconds , he began to cry softly and opened his eyes , looking around as if he wondered what it was all about , I saw this boy in his father’s arms .

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