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Book Review On The Art Of Case Taking And Interrogation Including Other Treasure Works By Dr Pierre Schmidt

ISBN: 9788131902448

This book is a compilation of the treasure works of Dr. Pierre schmidt. It includes various article published by him during his lifetime such as ‘The Art of Case Taking’, ‘the Hidden Treasures of the Last Organon’. ‘Defective lllnesses’ and many more.

A great work with various case illustrations and a practical guide towards the principles of case taking repetition of dose.

It is a complete comprehensive work by the author on the subject of Organon the purpose being to produce a perfectly correct translation of the original by more use of periods and intricate sentences to yield the process to the mind of the readers.

About the author: Pierre Schmidt was born on 22nd July 1894 in Neuchatel. Pierre Schmidt was a physician and insisted on the necessity of medical knowledge, including not only classical medicine and the homeopathy but also elements of acupuncture, manual medicine, knowledge about semiology, proceeding from the morphopsychology to the iridology, in passing over the graphology, the chirology and the numerology. He also had a wide linguistic knowledge which enabled him to take the part of a translator, at a time when a method for a simultaneous translation did not yet exist. This ability also facilitated his teaching abroad and helped, when Pierre Schmidt was asked to organize seminars In 1921, soon after his marriage, he founded a laboratory with the help of his wife. There, he prepared homeopathic medicaments following the traditional technique proceeding from the origins that he had brought home from his journeys to the USA. In 1935, he contributed to the foundation of the “Liga Homoeopathica Internationalis”. The Foundation of the „Groupement hahnemannien de Lyon“, 1946 – 1978, was a culminating point of his teaching. The work of this group was collected and diffused in a monthly publication, the „Cahiers du Groupement hahnemannien de Lyon“, supplied by the classical practice, this journal is still published He was responsible for reintroducing classical homeopathy into Europe. He was a co-founder of LIGA and active participant in the organization for many years He died on the 15th of October 1987, aged 94 years. He left behind a great number of followers in Europe, Latin America and the subcontinent of India.

Book Review By Dr Tamara Afroza

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