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A Case Cured By Homoeopathic Remedy

Case no.1
Mrs. M.S age 45 years, having 2 daughters. 12 years ago had a fall, fracturing. the skull on the right side of the coronal suture and severing the left auditory nerve .

She had headache lasting several days , they actually begin in the right or early morning and she wakes with the pain which is expansive and very severe , stooping , head aches , come at the menstrual period , every other time , for the last two years menstruation , has been very pain full every other time with the direction from front to back very pain full upper arm pain before menses before

Menses has a strong craving for sweet. Menses , first at 11 years , pain full at first with a hard cramp since child birth better till lately

In the last year and a half has had very great nevous strain , owing to several cases of illness and one death in the family

General physical condition good , blood pressure 120/70, taking into consideration especially the injury from the fall , I gave on Jan 14, 1999

Hypericum 1 M . which was followed by from relief 2 weeks later jan 28 .

I was called to see the patient who was menstruating and suffering much pain in

Abdomen and back firm pressure . there was also hard head ache extending down the neck pressure . there was also hard head ache , extending down the neck pressure for this I prescribed natrum mur 1M . with some confidence but the next morning to back and arms the screening pain made me think of hypericum again which I gave 50 M but in vain finally I prescribed nux vomica 1M which relieved

2 weeks later there was another head ache which began on waking was worse.

In the occiput and extended to neck and back. There was the sensation of a tight band around the head the eyes felt pulled back and there was on from stooping

Sepia 1M . improved conditions promptly . this remedy has proved continuously

Helpful , in spite of an attack of grippe . that demanded other medicines for a week or more .a beginning head ache has been stopped by a dose of sepia and the menstrual condition has been much relieved . the menopause is evidently approaching , and that , with the nervous tension under which the patient lives , makes the case of for from simple .how ever , Mrs. M.S. is much better of than she was she told me lately that is was almost 3 months . since she had a real head ache

Case no. 2

Mrs S.M wife of a college professor .very slender age 30 plus .married 8 years . one child 4 years old. gets tired easily this causes night – sided sick head ache pain begins without warning , which gradually increases later a grinding pain with vomiting , makes right side of neck sore . pain for sleep . feels worse in January and February . worse for social functions head aches began after car sickness .

History: was a delicate child . had children diseases plus scarlet fever pneumonia and dipthearia , also many bad colds tonsils were removed but still had sore throats . mensus first at 13 age pain full early , came every two weeks . if tired ,profuse at first , now scanty ,no pain since child birth has had fix miscarriages . 3 before her baby was born . the first was caused by over lifting and a fall .when pregnant has intense cramps and an walking feels as if stepping into a hole . after the first miscarriages had prolapsed of the stomach and fallen arches mentally . she is very bright and happy when well but discouraged and cross , with an “inferiority complex “when ill . cherish grudges . restless , dislike being looked at . hot weather make her sick she does not feel cold likes to lie on the floor .

DIGESTION-appetite is good during head ache stomach has a pulling down feeling bloated and soar clothes tight as if there were a tight rope around waste . oranges disagree in the morning . . raw salads cause eructations , bowels are regular , but patient is restless itchy and nervous on lying down during the day , there is now a general  morning aggravation , feels very tired after breakfast and to lie down , I took time to study , for the remedy , working the case out with fields cards and then with the repertory , the result was only two remedies – natrum mur with a count of 25 and sepia 26 . I thought natrum mur was better to begin with , so I gave the 200th on February 4th , . February 14th . one head ache which began right and went to the left since then feels nauseated in the morning . is very sensitive to a warm room . feels as if her head would burst . A change from good to bad feelings , or vice verca , comes suddenly . February 21st one head ache lasted three days , but not so hard as usual . pain in a dark room mensus just over . had abdominal pain before and during period . sepia 1M . February 28th no head ache this week for three days head was heavy on the right side with soreness behind the ear . some nausea after breakfast . these discomfort disappear a little latter . march 14th 2 weeks latter the patient reported one head ache which started but was relieved in 2 hours by a dose of sepia 1M . since the is feeling stronger . has had some back ache and sore breasts which usually come with her pregnancies .

Another head ache was relieved by sepia 1M followed by 2 weeks of comfort and increasing strength than a bad head ache followed some over exertion and did not yield to sepia 1m .but was temporarily relieved by the 50M . the same potency failed to help latter and the 1st  of june the CM . was given for a bad head ache and relieved it in an hour . the general condition was not so good , however .

The patient did not feel strong . there was a slight head ache most of the time and the brain felt loose far any jar . Nat mur 1M . this was followed by a marked improvement , and 6 days later patient reported feeling well and strong . She has gone abroad for the summer and one can only hope that she will sleep well . I think , I made mistake in not giving Nat mur 1M of first instead of the 200 . Sepia , inspite of its resemblance to the case was certainly not the similimum.

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