Tonsils, Adenoids: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments in homeopathy

Tonsils, Adenoids And Homoeopathy

Tonsils  are like two sentiments  standing on either side  of the phsrynx in the middle of the throat sdenoids  aremasses  of lymphantic tissue  in the throat  and  back of the nose  , both tonsils  and adenoids  are  masses of the lymphatic  tissue  in the throat  and back of the nose  , both tonsils  and adenoids  are masses  of the lymphatic tissue in the throat  and back of the nose  , both tonsils  and adenoids  serve  to fight  and collect  microorganisms  from entering the chest  through  the throat and in the process  , often  get enlarged  , it is an erroneous idea  that their  surgical  removal , decreases the individuals susceptibility  to infection  experience  shows  that such a drasic  measure  increases  the indivividuals suscptebility infection  , experience  shows  that such a drastic  measure  increases  the susceptibility  and the allergic  patients suffer  from allergy  all the more , specially to diseases  like sinusitis  allergic  rhinitis and bronchial asthma

Remedies  useful for tonsils  and usually equally  useful for adenoids  also . these include  bary carb  callophylum , belladonna  , hephar   sulph  silica  merc sol  phytollcca   apis mellifica  , lachesis  ars alb  etc


This inflammation  of one or more of the paranasal , sinusitis  , often  occurs  during  an upper respiratory  infection , often  occurs during  an upper respiratory  infection , but it can also be due  to some allergy  treatment  of sinusitis  should be directed towards the cause  disease through classic homeopathic treatment

CHRONIC CATARRAH AND SINUSITIS the linig  of the nose  , throat  sinus  , cavities  and upper part  of the lungs (trachea , larynx  and bronchi 0, contains  small mucus that  secrete a watery  substance  which helps  to lubricate  the airways  and protect us from infection  and pollutants  that may be  inhaled , If the secretions are too  productive  , or , if thy  become  thick  and infected  , the common  symptoms of a runny nose  , a blocked  and stuffed – up  feeling , together  with  a cough  or even a temperature  and facial  pain can occur  the sinuses  are hollowed  -out cavities  ( 4 pairs ) in the bones  of the face  which normally contain  air  and which are lined  by  mucus membranes  the mucus  normally  flows  between  the nose become  blocked  , neither  air  nor mucus  can flow   and infection  can set  in dull pain    together  with a  temperature  the major causes   of chronic  catarrh that can lead to sinusitis  infections  , allergies  , air pollutants  , smoking  and stuffy  buildings ( which can lead to  a condition  kn cold viruses   and  influenza  are the commonest  cause  of episodic  catarrh , but  allergies  especially to pollen  ( hay fever )  or house dust mite  can lead to  persi stant , nasal  stuffiness , some individuals  , especially  small children  can be allergic to dairy products  and wheat  which  will also  produce  an inflammation  of the mucus membranes leading the symptomsdescribed  the persistant  use of any  histamines or nasal decongestions in hay fever  or other allergies  will thicken  the mucus  initially and may  stop  the symptoms  but it can lead  to blockage  of the tiny  ducts  and actually  bring  about  a sinus  infection

A chronic  discharge  from the nose  yellow or green  occasionally tinged with loss of sense  of smell or taste  waiting  of the eyes  with loss of sense  of smell  or tate  watering  of the eyes  with redness  or swelling  ove  the sinuses  facial pain on  stooping  , bending coughing  or  sneezing  , soreness  in the  which  occasionally   may  be located  over the teeth


These remedies  can be  very helpful  for sinusitis , but it may require the skilled  help of a homeopathic practioners  to identify  the right one  , the following guides  may  be helpful for to identify  the right one  the following guides  may be helpful  for self medication

Natrum mur  ; catarrh  with irritation

Kali bic ; catarrh  with irritation  of the nose 

Pulsatilla  yellow  nasal discharge 

Heparsulph  face  is  tender  and sensitive 

Sumcus  -stuffy  bocked  – up nose  in children 

Biochemic   tissue  salts  these  are  biochemic   tissue salts  these are  also useful 

Kali sulph, Calcarea  sulph  and Natrum mur  being the most commonly  prescribed

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