Most Common Trauma Cases, Clinical Cases in Trauma

A Case Of Trauma

A woman age 40 pale.emaciated with suffering written all over her. She had a  major operation an abdominal section  three months  previous.  As the woman spoke  very little English. It was  impossible to  learn what was done  following her return from the hospital. She had  been in almost constant pain several doctors had been  to she her with no relief the pain was sharp confined to the left side .travelling from the abdomen up the left side. Through the  heart and chest  to the head.  It was  spasmodic and interfered with the heart this description of the pain is supplied by the physician  for the woman  could only murmut “pain pain pain,”and sweep her arm from the pelvis to the head.and hold the  hand over the  heart.

What pathology  had made  necessary the operation was not learned. For only  the verbal  symptom of pain was given the fact   that an operation produces   trauma to nerve as well as muscle tissue and that it was a left sided,spasmodic, clinical picture suggested  spigelea. Witch was given in 200 potency,the next day the woman looked happier and while she said she had pain it was less severe.three days later the family said the doctor need not come any more for the patient was well.

Because clinical pathology may old in the selection of the remedy does not make it a scheme perse  for prescribing. It is to be  considered as one more plan to be tried.   When other modes of  reasoning do not  bring results.  Again a knowledge of  pathology cannot be substituted for a knowledge of material medica  for no one can prescribe a remedy  homeopathically until he has some idea of its  symptomatology  as well as sufficient  knowledge  or experience to make  remedy

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