Mental Symptoms of Miasma, Miasma Definition, Theory, Meaning

Mental Symptoms Of Miasma

The concept of constitutional disease states , the miasms , is co-existent with homeopathy , it is found in the writings of hahnemann , H,C, Allen J.T. kentand many others .

Psora and tuberculosis

Excitement , anxiety , fear restlessness , dissatisfaction

Fear of death , disease business , failure , insanity etc

Proud , always makes special effort to be well thought of it is assuming to note what devices these people resort to . it dove tails with suspicion

The psoric and tubercular , especially use liquor as a surcease to their anxiety and restless ness ; also coffee , tobacco , and other temporary diversion

Difficult concentration , lack of control of thoughts , a momentary blankness , sadness , weeping , over sensitiveness to external impressions

Easily offended , resents statements of friends , bit is too timid to reply , holds grudges against people and repeatedly recalls past unpleasant experiences (natrum mur and silicea)

Oppression from exertion , closed room , fear , nerves easily shocked and a general resultant prostration , the tubercular miasms represents nerve discordancy, loss psycho- mental balance , and inability to bear the stress of the varied experiences of daily life . The condition is markedly  increased by the addition sycosis

Lassitude , desire to recline , prostration of more or less profound nature

Changing alternating states . these often come with environmental conditions and are important to observe in each case

Indolence , does not wish to apply him self to a single task abhors manual labor     ,changes occupation frequently , wants to yravel from place to place , displeased dissatisfied with environment , high anticipations but disappointed when carried out

Hysteria , flies into a fashion , but is quickly penitent , although everlastingly complaining and fault finding critical


Cross irritable , snappy , suspicious especially sensitive to weather conditions and changes

Forgetful , loss of train of thought , forgetful of names

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