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Child Problems And Homoeopathy

Though it is true that every child presents a problem to its parents , some are so much worse than the general run that they are sigled out and get up priority in their class . these children are too frequently the first , and often the last , to be born to their parents . They may not be willfully , spoiled , but too much attention has always been given . if not till they are taken for check ups , their diet discussed , planned , and life so regulated that the mother little has little time left for anything else . gone  are the days of nurse –maid and governess. The whole house is revolving about the health and habits of little willie or mary ; thus they become top priority and governess . thus they become top priority and , if the child has any brains at all , he soon recognizes and acts upon this exalted state

Stir into this explosive mixture a few quarts of inherited psora and a little touch of the other two miasms and we have a real problem , not only child but father and mother as well , when willie or mary is ill every thing else at home stops and they have reached their zenith . but for at home stops and they have reached their zenith , . but for at home stops and they have reached their zenith . but for them it works in a downward direction . they sense the fear and insequerity in their parents and become fearful or sickness –conscious them selves . A child loves to exhibit a bandaged .

A problem child may be born that way , in which case we have some mental or physical defect from birth or he may be a fine healthy child to all appearance at birth and gradually develop complaints as the months pass , frequently the dentition period starts him off . these may become the hypertonics the eczemas , the asthamas or the type who are subject to infections ; throats , ears , pyelitis , rheumatic fever , glands etc.,

The allergic or sensitive child may not show symptoms for some months or may start right in being unable to take cow’s milk , orange juice , codliver oil , etc., .this sensitivity may change with the cimate , with alterations of altitude , and from one season of the year to another . how foolish and next to impossible it is , then to try to eliminate these trigger substances from the diet and environment , my son would break out in a rash and wheeze in ten minutes after being in this room with our blonde spaniel, but at home they had a well –furred alsation shephered dog who was bought all the time and from exposure to whom he had no reaction . this phenomenon was most apparent upon his return from over seas and gradually passed with the return to normal living .

The following simple case sketch well illustrates the need of common sense and a little homoeopathic prescribing ;

December 1949 – Richard aged 10 , weight 78 , tall ,slender “all legs and arms “ restless , was born in cagary and within a month became allergic to cold liver oil and orange juice but could take milk . the family moved to Victoria B.C (sea level ) where he developed sensitiveness to milk . in about three years ‘ time they moved back to Calgary and soon he could take milk again . following another two year period , they were moved to Vancour where he was in a damp house and here bronchitis started , when cocoa was elliminared the bronchitis cleared up , but ice crem disagreed . They decided to move to a higher altitude (750ft.)and sinus commenced , and tonsils would swell and become sore from milk or ice cream . when the family arrived in Toronto he was worse from oat meal porridge ; a rash comes if he takes bran . The allergist claimed he was sensitive to food proteins but not to pollens . he gets bilious from oils or fat , hives from strawberries , maple syrup and peaches . we have a winter fair to which he went and , while watching the horse show , coryaza and wheezing developed . he has a hydrocele hydrocele , pulsatilla 200 , once a week was prescribed and a fulldiet . There has been uninterrupted improvement .


December 1950 – miss Linda aged 10 , for the last three years each November this child appears to catch a slight cold , becomes too easily fatigued , sensitive , weeps about going to school , etc., starts running a temperature which lasts for months then gradually leaves , All known tests show nothing . She cuts the fat off her meat , sulphur 30 and 2 weeks placebo .

January 1951 –temp . normal for last two weeks ; peppy and appears to be in splendid health . no word since which is usually good news.


These are probably not more difficult but take much longer , , and though there are physical stigma which may not change , the child’s life force can be favorably affected by the well- chosen similar remedy , and what development does take place is in the right direction according to the creator’s plan . Baby Dawn , aged 2, has had several operations upon both eyes for so-called “ox-eye”. I believe , though I may be mistaken , that this condition is caused by excess of intra corneal , acqueous humor i.e., a sort of congenital glaucoma.the child cried a great deal with pain in eyes was easily frightened , terribly fond of sweets , potatoes etc., catches cold very easily , hates to be washed , lies with feet out . belladonna CM was sent , a powder to be given if she caughtcold or for pain in the eyes

July 1950; Letter stresses fondness for sweets , no new cold , lesspain in the eyes . sulphur 30 every 2 weeks and placebo

November 1950 – has been splendid , some sharp pain in the eyes , spigelia 200 , PRN , if needed , sulphur 30 every 2 weeks and placebo

December 1950 – was taken back to surgeon for check . surgeon pleased , did not have to operate ,

Meanwhile the blessed event materialisedand the wee one’s eyes watered too much following the silver nitrate instilled at time of birth , argentums nitricum Cm soon stopped this

Another congenital type which the early masters appeared to meet with more than we do now is the hydrocephalic child

November 1949 – baby C., aged 8 months . mother writes for treatment . the child has a very large head ; head and feet sweat profusely ;  no teeth as yet ; does not move the feet and legs and can not hold up the head , calcarea carb 200 every week .

January 1950 –stronger takes more notice moves hands and feet much more seems brighter .

March 1950-

Four teeth head no larher , moves better calcrea carb 200 every week

October 1950 ; ten teeth; improving , have heard no further from this woman . these people live in the back woods and possibly the very moderate charge was too much .

Now we turn to what may be degeneration or infevtive changes in the innervation of muscles or spinal cord

November1949 – master david aged 7 , weight 43 lbs., diagnosis psedeo muscular hypertrophy . good healthy appearing child ; dark brown hair and eyes ; very decided lordosis ; calves bulge ; has to pull himself upstairs by the banister ; can not rise from the floor or bend over to pick up an object with out putting his hands on his knees to straighten up . frequent epistaxis ; fond of eggs , salt bacon , fruit , meat ; wets the bad and wets at school .After reading of Dr. Greens brilliant success with two or three such cases , I followed her prescription and a dose of calcarea phos , 10M was given

December 1949 – child looks the same . mother says he is not falling as easily , no more nose bleeds .

April , 1950 – weight 451/2 ; falls only on uneven surfaces , otherwise no changeexcept feet sweat a lot . silicea 200 every 2 weeks ,

December 1950- weight 461/2 ; can pick up articles without putting hands on knees ; holding urine better ; doing well in school ; eats well . silicea 200 every two weeks

January 1951-sent for medicine , no report no report , silicea 200 every 2 weeks

May 1951 – too slow at school work ; drinking too much cold water , weight 501/2 , phosphorous 30 once weekly . father says child is gradually getting weaker and is falling more , can not walk as far

There are many more types of problem children . I have not touched greatly upon the asthamatic and ulcerative types . the following brief case out line is of interest because so rarely met with .

Baby Pamela is flabby , pale and had a a strasbisms , which and had a thymus gland which yield to x-ray , she also had strabismus ,which seemed at times to be right , and at others left , with this was a form of torticollis . her head was pulled downward and to the left . this was <when tired and seemed to be associated with the strabismus , with the strabismus . A specialist in children’s and would not operate because of the thysms . we have been waiting three years now for him to change his mind and during that time the torticollis and strabismus have much improved , helped on no doubt by the indicated remedu which was of course calcarea carb

It is a terrible loss to the children of the present day that they are unable to receive good homoeothic prescribing . surgery is splendid when needed .the advances in modern medicl treatment for acute cases at times appear to be curayive , or at others suppressive ; but times appear to be curative , or at others suppressive ; but times appear to be curative or at others suppressive ; but nothing yet conceived can compare with the indicated similar remedy


Dr. William P, mowary (Detroit Michigan) ; I should like to ask if you remember why you gave the belladonna and followed it up with sulohur . why didn’t you , give Dr, meclaren ‘ well , like belladonna , the CMto start with , it is a bleak and barren country , and the mother wrote that the child . the people lived in Halliburton where there are many cold winds ; it is a bleak and barren country , and the mother wrote that the child was having these pains all the time , therefore I figured that it came that that it came on at intervals and that belladonna was the remedy . I may have been wrong . doctor , I don’t know

Dr, lucy s. clark , (Cleveland, ohio) ; whu did not you reverse the potency . lower it for acute and raise it for the chronic ?

Dr. Mclarenbelladonna because it always works . DR. T.K.MOORE(Sharon center , ohio)  ; when I was a little boy , my father got some remedies from J.D, terrel and belladonna CM was among them , used that , have used that , have used it all my life , and he gave me a few remedies and also I got a few from Dr. Grimmer in Chicago . I think I worried him in my student days getting remedies from him , but father said to me “that potency of belladonna is a jewel “ I never give any other belladonna because it always works .

DR.T.K.MOORE (Sharon,oiho” ‘ how old is the potency of belladonna that you have? .Do you have the same , the original?

DR.MACLAREN’it is the Terrell remedy .i don’t know whether he madeit himself .he gave grafts or it to my father gave grafts to me , and when Terrell died , I went to buy his remedies and mrs.Terrel said she would not sell me the remedies , but the desk with the remedies , but the desk with the remedies in it , so I was a little boy . I went to buy his remedies ,  but the desk with the remedies in it , so I was delighted to buy his remedies and mrs . terrel said she would not sell me the remedies , but the desk with the remedies in it

DR.SOMMER; I would  recommend you try tuberculinum . you are still  sticking to the inorganic group , but since it is not adequate to cover the organ , I recommend you try tuberculinum in the 30th and if that further prostrate the patient , try syphylinum and then go back to the indicated inorganics .

DR. MCLAREN ; thank you very much . I wanted help that is why I put in .


DRGRIMMER; and another thought , in cases that do not react because of lach of vital energy , op[um with the paralytic.

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