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Silica And Silicea

Silica is a mineral derived from flint , it is one of the 12 tissue salts and its presence in the body aids .  The elimination of toxins , it can be used acutely in septic (infected) conditions to strengthen the body’s resistance to continual infection and help to expel foreign bodies such as splinters , silicea can also help to bring lingering abscesses or boils to a head or help the body to reabsorb pus harmlessly if appropriate . This medicine some times known as silicea is prepared from silicon dioxide which occurs naturally in flint , quartz , sand stone and other minerals

Key notes : suitable for symptoms that are slow to heal , or for people who feel the cold or who lack stamina or vitality . small scale infections that seem to be turning septic or putrid rather than healing .

Constitutional and Physical Features : People needing silica are often refined delicate and sensitive , especially to noise , but they lack “grit” emotionally , this leads to a poorly developed sense of self-esteem physically they not only lack stamina but are prone to infections of the respiratory system ,the skin mouth and the rectum . The bones nails or teeth can be weak and defective .

Emotional Symptoms : May feel unable to cope with what needs to be done and because of doubts about own ability , there may also be a tendency to compensate by concentrating on details , not only does this annoy other people , but leads to great anxiety about getting things right and may find making decisions very difficult .

Main Uses : conditions in which stamina is low

Headache : which often begin at the back of head and extend to fore head or right side of the head , they can be made worse from cold thinking during a period of after uncovering head . These head aches can be relieved by closing eyes lying down in the dark or from warmth especially from wrapping head .

Abscesses : wherever they occur in the body dental breast vulval (bartholin’s cyst) rectal .

Personal Characteristics :

You feel worse – in cold weather or in cold draughts when uncovered may want a hat even in warm weather

You feel beter :  in warm damp weather . 

Food : A desire for ice cream , sweets and eggs . An aversion to fat meat cooked or warm food .

Fears : stage  fright – of pointed objects such as pins .

Silicea : The polluted air contains rich amount of silica dust . This allergen attacks our body from birth through out our life in many forms e.g. talcum powder containing ‘talc’ is being sprinkled over the body of infant causing allergic disorders containing high proportions of silica the chocolates , chewngums are packed in foils after being covered by a layer of talc .

The most common and immediate affect of this airborne allergy is in the form of various upper and lower respiratory tract disorders ranging from common allergic rhinitis to severe bronchial asthma .

Silica on these disorders caused by various allergies among which the dust allergy is the commonest one  Ch. Rhino-Sinusitis, chronic bronchitis , chronic rhino-sinusitis with ch. adenoids and chronic tonsillitis ,pul.tuberculosis and nature of the disorders and found that these are caused by allergic phenomenas namely dust allergies pollen allergy etc. silicea is the main ingredient of any dust found in the atmosphere . “Patients commonly prescribed in these clinical groups “ recurrent allergic rhinitis caused by filterable rhinoviruses , chronic tonsilities and adenoids hypertrophy , cervical adenitis . Post nasal discharge due to adenoids acute and chronic nasal obstruction due to chr-obstruction , chronic allergic states nasal polypi  irritants dust , fumes emotional acute or chronic sinusitis


Sneezing , running coryza itching in eyes and nose , irritation in throat involvement of one or both tonsils fever cough dysphagia nasal congestion etc. (may have pus spot on tonsil or peritonsilar abscess) . Enlarged , palpable or visible cervical lymph glands nasal obstruction , anterior or post nasal , discharge stuffiness in head . acute heavy cold pressure or pain in face for head , frontal pain – in the mid of day and subsides by evening , swelling over the sinuses and the upper eye lid .

Chronic – associated with DNS or polypy nasal – catarrh and head ache  nasal obstruction with thick purulent discharge , post nasal discharge , general health affected , O/E – polypi or DNS – streak of purulent secretions in nose – post nasal discharge , head ache or feeling of fullness in head , pain deep behind the eyes or in the occipital region . cough unproductive hard dry or productive suggesting ch. Bronchitis un explained cough in children ch,laryngitis or pharngitis , recurrent pyrexia SP in children , allergic asthma chronic ear discharge  ch.rhino sinusitis atopic rhinitis

1.sneezing itching rhinorhoea and nasal obstruction with symptoms free intervals .

2.less sneezing profuse mucoid discharge much itching with persistence .

Non- topic Allergic rhinitis : variable nasal obstruction , affecting one side or the other often of the dependent nostril when lying down , often perennial variation shown .

Chronic Bronchitis : General weakness . emaciation winter productive purulent cough with breathlessness in middle aged . In general these patients were found , tired anxious fearful complaining of mental and physical weakness in various presentations eg, in decisiveness difficulty in taking up new tasks lack of concentration impotence frigidity mental irritability generalized sensitivity to cold , males may be exposed more to smoking air conditioning dust pollution etc.

The Silicea

According to the theory of the formation of the earth put forward by Rey (1952) oxygen actively combined with silica . aluminium , magnesium iron calcium and potassium atoms(themselves forged by thermo nuclear processes )with in the nebulous gas to from complex silicates and with hydrogen to form water , hydrogen combined with nitrogen and carbon to form fundamental units of organic structures Silica being so plentiful a substance in nature it became a constituent of the earliest life that appeared on the planet in the pre-cambraian period in the form of sea weeds , algae rich in silica spicules of many sponges that appears very early in evolution are made up of silica .

To these earliest form of life and to the subsequent plants that grew on land derived their silica of firmness as with out it the plants droop , same is with the animal life started living on plants or another animals initially imbibed silica , it gave to animals needed firmness and provided mental and physical grit to man too . In man silicic and is found in cartilages , skin and its appendages nails and hair . the use of silica by early man was in the form of sticking flint stones to produce fire  “we give silica to put a little warmth into these chilly patients “ . Dust in daily process means tiny particles which have settled on a surface can be readily distributed and visible in a shaft of sunlight . It is more properly defined as consisting of solid particles dispersed in air due to mechanical disintegration of rocks and minerals and other materials like cotton fibers , pollen and fungal spores . such particles once air borne may reach the upper and lower air ways of the lungs in inspired air , their ability to do this depends on their physical properties . The more a material (such as rock ) is broken down , finally divided and dispersed the more likely are its particles to be air borne and there fore capable of inhalation (still more fine division make silica or silicea –the theory of potentisation ) .

Clearance of silica (dust) particles from the lungs

Cytotoxic dusts for example silica dusts have lethal effect upon macrophages most of them penetrates into the intersititium , whence some are removed by the regional lymphatic system to the regional lymph nodes , they are eliminated in a free (extra cellular ) or with in the macrophages via the mucocillary escalaters and are expectorated in sputum .

Pathogenesis of inhaled silica (dust) particle

Many theory have been postulated , but these two are of much concern.

 Silicea Effect in Total Symptoms Free

  1. sneezing stopped
  2. Nasal obstruction removed
  3. Congestion in head relieved
  4. post nasal dropping stopped
  5. recurrence of tonsillitis stopped (still in follow up)
  6. palpable neck glands regressed
  7. unexplained cough in children stopped
  8. ear discharge stopped
  9. Asthmatic attacks regressed (in acute condition)

Symptomatic remedy / measures adopted (still in follow up) remarkable improvement in general well being . Feeling of sickness totally removed in turn reducing morbidity , In children appetite , improved they have started in gain weight .

As silica dioxide is ubquitious in nature it is evident that it will always be available as a potential risk . Respiratory allergies are on constant increase now a days , it would appear from this study that silicea though not a specific has definite beneficial effect much more than what could be achieved by the conventional therapies so far .

Majority of the cases treated had significantly earlier removal of symptoms viz, sneezing general febrile conditions nasal congestion sore throat head ache malaise and others systemic symptoms , the medicine continued from three weeks to three months according to the need of the patients are still under observation , so far “no deterrious “side effects are noted in any of these cases with this drug and in this regard it could be considered to be safe drug .

Case –1       Silicea : Mr.. M..Machinist , age 60 years developed an abscess in the palm of the left hand , he was turned over , by his company to their surgeon who it appears was a free , incisionist , in the case of an abscess at least . he made a deep incision clear across the palm of the hand serving all the ligaments , he later found himself unable to heal the wound . All the contractor muscles had suppurated out , leaving the hand perfectly useless . The hand was later condemned to amputation , it was at this stage that the patient was turned over to me . A pair of extremely offensive feet led to the study of “silicea” . It fitted his constitution exactly under silicea . The wound healed promptly , but no remedy could restore the last ligaments . This case needed no operation in the first place , in the next places it was a bungling piece of surgery and as fine a piece of malpractice as one could wish to see.

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