Emotional Remedies, Natural Remedies for Emotional Health

Emotional Remedies

1.IGNATIA AMARA;-St.Ignatias-Lloganiaceae-trituration of the seeds

Key note;- pining- home sickness, grief ,avoids controversy retires into shall to nurse grievances. It is said on the continent where pairs of oxen still work in the fields that if one dies the other will after pine and die after a weeks too there is little doubt that animals who have lived together for some time will pine and show grief if they are parted .I prescribed Ignatia in these circumstances to be taken several times daily for as long as necessary ,and if I am persuade the owner to take some too so much the better .Ignatia certainly can ease the grief that follows the loss of a much loved pet.

2.NUX VOMICA;- poison nut –loganiaceae-the buddila family trituration of seeds .

Key note;- Irritability –on his marks; tense ,over anxious ,irritated by touch ,feels better after a good “blow up”and resents consolation. We can all think of people who behave like this .another indication that this remedy may be called for is that the subject feels the cold actually “HUGS THE FIRE “again many cats come into this category.

3.LYCOPODIUM;-club moss- lycopodiacaea- prepared from the spores or the whole plant .

Keynote Anxiety;-extremely active and must be kept occupied ,an inert and innocuous little plant –like the plant –extreme difference –does not know whether to be a fern or a moss outwardly fairly mild and apparently even tempered but “blows up”under provocation.This is a widely used constitutional remedy for many different types of people –the over worked executives comes tomind .many German shephered dogs fit into this remedy picture.

4.GELSEMIUM;-yellow jasmine- loganiaceae-prepared from the bark of the root .action centred on the nervous system

Key note;-fear –nervous ,anticipation of events ,stage fright ,likes to be left alone,emotional excitement when at a show.

5.ARGENTUM NITRICUM;- silver nitrate –prepared from trituration.

Key note;- agitation –a state of perpetual agitation –apprehension of what may happen,fear and nervousness especially towards other animals .probably the most useful remedy to give before shows and for people before such traumatic events as taking the driving test or going to the dentist.

6.LACHESIS;-Bush master snake venom –mother tincture prepared by dilution in alcohol

Key note jealously;-Envious ,suspicious ,of incensed at rivalry.restless and uneasy ,emotional instability ,over sensitive .jealousy is a very common symptom in animals also in children and I have to say many adults too this is a valuable remedy for sorting out the petty jealousies that often occur in multi pet house holds .

7.STAPHYSAGRIA;-stave sacre –ranunculaceae –prepared from the seeds

Key note;-resentment –to accept badly ,to be easily affronted ,another remedy acting on the nervous system sexual over excitement ,loner –marked irritability  (the human suffers in silence –wounded pride)introduction of a new pet .this remedy worked wonderfully well in our home when we introduced a two year old Abyssinian female cat from the cats protection league to our Balinese kitten .she hated him and bullied him and knocked him over whenever she could get near him .after a couple of weeks of near despair ,I used this remedy with great success with in a few hours of the first dose we came back to find the two cats asleep on the same chair .it was like a miracle. Over the next two to three weeks .i had to repeat the treatment a couple of times and since then they have been the greatest of friend.

8.BELLODONNA;-deadly night shade –N.O .solanaceae –mother tincture prepared from the whole plant .a quick acting remedy

Key note;-aggression, ebullient at boiling point or over ,highly strong ,in a state of excitement and can easily become over excited ,sudden violent reaction to the slightest noise ,touch, jar or jolt ,a tendency to bite and scratch (in humans) sensitive with quick reactions .this can be useful if there is an aggressive ,bad tempered difficult cat in the house hold ,who tries to dominate the other cats or the owners !try two or three doses over a couple of days and repeat as necessary over thw next few weeks .

9.CHAMOMILA;-wild chamomile-compositae- the daisy family prepared from the whole plant .

Key note;-the young animal-extreme irritability and bad temper in the sucking animal .The peevish child going through the ‘tantrum’stage and possibly having bouts of tooth ache or ear ache will usually benefit from chamomilla.The willful ,obstinate difficult to train puppy may well be the animal equivalent ,much thirst for cold water is a useful guiding symptom for “chamomilla” .sensitivity to sudden noises and barking apprehensively at strangers are also very apparent .

10.SCUTELLERIA;-skul cap or mad dog –labiatae the mint family

Key note;-delinquency (definition ;lacking in moral and social sense ,without showing impairment of intellect ) nervous conditions of all sorts ,apprehension strange behaviour patterns ,chorea ,fits (epilepsy).A number of remedies have strong emotional learning’s in their make up .such remedies are recognized for their usefulness in human homoeopathy but perhaps less well known in connection with animals .

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