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Case Treated By Flower Remedies

He was a tall hand some , fair , healthy youth of 24 years he was a very neat and clean but had very low morals . He had morbid jealousy was very selfish , devoid of all love .He was discontented , revengeful frustrated and suspicious .All these are first grade symptoms of holly . He was my neighbour’s son known them

He had two tuberculous glands of arecanut size on the right side of his neck .They were hard and painless , but became painful on exposure to damp and cold .He had great disgust for this unsightly blemish .He had great disgust and fear and considered them something unclean and very injurious

All the treatment had failed and he was advised operation

I filled on OZ bottles with globules no 30 and saturated them with holly and crab apple and instructed them him take four doses of two globules daily for a month . His glands were shrinking , so he was given the same medicine for another month

He came to me one day in great fear showing that both the glands had ruptured and were bleeding

I distressed the wound with calendula lotion and continued the same medicine for another two months .Both the glabds were perfectly cured . His morals were also improved

CASE NO. 2;;She was a girl of 23 years , due to breach of three matri monial alliances , her heart was broken , she was listless , apathetic and indifferent .Her heart was full of grief , she was extremely jealous unhappy and frustrated . She had become very sensitive and trifles injured and hurt her

She was very nervous and had terrible dread of snakes

She was full of self disgust .Idea of cleanliness always haunted her mind , she feared infection very much

Her disease for which I was consulted was pterygium , she had a morbid growth in the inner canthus of her right eye .A thin fleshy sheet was extending toward pupil .She was very anxious for this blemish all the treatment had failed , she was advised operation which she did not like , she had great fear

One oz bottle was filled with globules no.30 and was saturated with crab apple .She was instructed to take 2 pills four times a day

One oz bottle was also filled with rectified spirit and ten drops each of crab apple . She was ordered to dissolve ten drops of this liquid to half a glass or warm water and wash the eye with it only once in bed time

After one month the growth started shrinking . The same treatment was continued for six months . She was 90% cured . She was married and went away . My treatment was there fore discontinued . After two years I have heard that she was perfectly cured .The lack of snakes still persists , though it is less . She is not so nervous as before .

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