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Varicose Veins And Homoeopathic Treatment

These are deformities or varicosities of the veins of the lower limbs resulting in distended and tortuous enlargements of the veins under the surface of the skin .they can occur on one leg only , but usually affect both , they are more common in women , especially over the age of 50 .  similar varicosities occurs on other parts of the body (i.e., the anus where they are called haemorrhoids )


This is usually due to a chronic obstruction of venous blood flow as a result of pressure , which can be caused by pregnancy or chronic constipation , it is thought that chronic straining on defecation raises the pressure in the abdomen and restricts the flow of blood , especially in people who are obese or who take insufficient exercise . a low fiber diet will reduce the bulk in the faeces and this may lead to constipation . The increased pressure eventually deforms or ruptures small valves in the veins that are present to prevent pooling of blood in the legs because of the pull of gravity during the course of it being pumped back to the heart . If blood does pool in the veins of the legs ,varicosities appear .

Varicose Veins SYMPTOMS ;

1.unsightly swellings along the course of the veins together with discoloration .

2.aching and swollen ankles .

3.fatigue when walking .

4.ulcers may appear around the ankles if the skin becomes very thin or injured .


1.avoid constipation and eat a high fiber diet .

2.avoid standing still for long periods of time .

3.if your job entails standing keep compressing your calf muscles ( i.e., by moving your feet up and down for 5 minutes every hour ) .

4.lie down with your ankles raised above chest level for at least half-an-hour to aid circulation .

5.take plenty of exercise and avoid being overweight , avoid tight undergarments or garters . constipation and straining to defecate are bad for the blood flow in your legs , switch to a high fiber diet and try to avoid being overweight . Varicose veins patients suffers from varicose veins which show up as knots of color in the legs .A good whole food diet , plenty of exercise and hot and cold baths to aid blood circulation will be suggested , some extra vitamin-E and vitamin-C may be recommended .


Homoeopathic remedies are aimed at improving circulation once the veins are distended , it is unlikely that any medicines can help .

Pulsatilla : If veins appear during pregnancy .

Carbovegetabilis : For general improvement of circulation , repeat for 3 months .

The most helpful advise will be the provision of support stockings which help prevent the veins from distending and blood from pooling , blood then circulates in other veins , which however unfortunately may then become distended themselves in years to come .


Veins that become tortuous and distended are said to be varicose ( the word itself means swollen and knotted ) . Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of varicose veins , but they may also be caused by constipation , prolonged standing and excess weight , varicose veins may become painful and the skin can show discoloration ,especially around the lower part of the leg . swelling of the ankles is another feature and this is frequently the result of prolonged standing , once a vein becomes varicose , it may get worse and can never become a normal vein again as the elasticity of the vein wall has been destroyed .

A common complication of varicose veins is phlebitis-inflammation of the vein . the area affected is red hot and painful . this usually takes place in a vein on the surface of the vein , the area affected is red , hot and painful .This usually takes place in a vein on the surface of the leg and is reasonably easy to treat with local dressings and the appropriate homoeopathic medicine , if however one of the deeper leg veins is inflamed and thrombosed (known as deep vein thrombosis or DVT ), it become swollen and very painful , deep vein thrombosis is a serious condition which needs urgent medical help to treat it .


Varicose veins that are bruised and sore , walking is difficult –Bellis perennis 

Specially for varicose veins and enlarged , prominent veins that are worse during rest but better for warm applications –Calcarea flourica

Veins are distended and itch especially in the evening and in bed –carbovegetabilis

Varicose veins , often with small areas of “spider veins “—flouric acid

Affected area feels bruised and sore , inflammation of the veins (phlebitis )—hamamelis 200

Painful varicose veins occurring in pregnancy .—mellifolium

Varicose veins with acute phlebitis —vipera

Veins are swollen , sensitive and feel as if they will burst unless the leg is elevated –vipera

Large veins with sweaty and restless feet –zincum metallicum

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