Homeopathic Repertory on Appendicitis Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Repertory On Appendicitis

ILEO-caecal, cutting ,gripping pains in Rhamnus –cath,

Cutting ,tensive pains ,is worse from deep inspiration –thuja –deep ,circumscribed swelling in –hepar –feeling of hardness over caecum, with severe pain –crotal hor –gurgling ,rumbling in ,apis ,carb-sulph, ginsing ,natrum sulph , rhamnus cath.—indurated ,apis ,magn phos ,merc, rhus tox ,plb,

Pain in reaching to groin and scrotum on same side –ars .—painful ,hard, hot ,red swelling in –merc—sensation of fluid ,present on pressure –apis –sensitive to pressure (tenderness) arn, bapt, cocc, colch ,crotal hor, ginseng , lach, merc-c, nat-ac, –sensitive to touch (painful), apis ,arn, bel, bry,card mar ,colch, crotal hor , merc, merc. Cor, nit acid, —-sharp severe pains, –bell, ginsing, hura, mag phos .

Steady, unremitting , pain in, cocc,— sudden pain arising in a small area in, suddenly ceasing in vomiting , or  ,head ache , diosc. —swelling like a tumour in hard , worse least motion touch, sneezing , coughing , plb.

Tenderness on pressure at a small spot the size of an orange ,great some feeling of hardness –crotal hor.

Twitching , cramping pains in which spread over the whole right side of abdomen and and ilco-caecal region,,Inspiration ,see breathing. Intermitent pains –bapt coro clad. Crotal hor . diosc, inula ,nat sulf. Intestines in creased peristaltic action of ,wit rumbling in caecum— carb-sulf,

Paralysis of phos ,Jar, least ,aggr, acon, arn, bell, bry , hepar knees drawn up ,must have the crotal-hor , Hepar, lach, merc, op, rhus tox,  Lancinating pains  see-cuting pains legs, aching of the plb.— cold ,clammy sweat on plb .—draw up the ,must ,abdomen hard and tympanitic –op.—extending or moving right , aggr,  Rhus tox .

Extending the right ,gretly aggravates the pain .must lie with it drawn up and propped with a pillow .crotal- hor.—lame feeling in the plb. —— lancinating pains radiating down the right,with numbness in it –plat ——pains from rotating the right –lach.lie on back .see position and back  loin ,pain in right ,with tense feeling , nat-sulph.—-tense feeling ,painful stiffness, from right into sacrum, groin and anterior part of thigh –lach.,mercury ,ill effects apis from hepar .mescenteric tuberculous deposits ,hepar, motion ,aggr, from am, bell ,bry, camph, cocc, colch, hepar, merc, nat-sulf , nux-vom ,phos, plb, pyrogen ,sil,

During sharp stitches in ileo—caecel region —painful feeling .—-tense feeling ,painful stiffness from right into sacrum ,groin, and anterior part of thigh .-lach mercury ,ill effects from ,hepar mesenteric tuberculous deposits .Hepar motion ,aggr, from apis, arn, bell, bry, camph, cocc, colch, hepar, merc, nat-sulf, nux-vom, phos, plb, pyrogen, sil, —during sharp stitches in ileo-caecal region ,hura!!

Painful feeling of in right hypocondrium as from some thing alive .Inula . nausea, with ars, bapt bell bry, carbsulph, card mur , cocc, colch, diosc, hepar, hura, merc, nat-sulf nux-vom, phos, nuxvom, phos, plat, plb, rhus tox, sil, —-from sight or smell of food , ars, colch, —from stooping ,carb-sulph. Nose ,worse blowing the-arn. Pains come and go rapidly , bell, mag-phos, —–crescendo and diminuendo in character ,bell—-crescendo and diminuendo in character diosc —-doubling up and extorts cries ,causes , coloc, —extending downward toward rectum, doryphora

Pains extending and following downward- direction of rectum muscle .comoclad —internal , more , camph——itching character of an –carb sulph.—–of inflammation, nat-sulph —-pressive ,about quadratus lumbar muscle ,worse when rising from the lying posture –rhus tox —-rotating right leg ,when lach paroxysmal pain, see intermittent pain peritonitis, phos perityphitis see typhlitis perspiration see sweat pinching pains , cocc,  phos ,position impossible to lie on left side ,rhus-tox –lies on back with the right knee flexed ,hepar , lach, merc, rhus tox ,—lies motionless on back ,must bell pressing aggravates or causes pains to rectum ,carb-sulph.—pains ,apis ,arni, ars, bell, camph, card-mar, cocc colch ,merc, nux-vom ,phos, pyrogen ,rhus tox

Swelling from below upward ,amel, the pain ,rhus tox. Pressure causes ,rumbling in right side of abdomen, disoc

Outward at inguinal region, bell, cocc, nat-sulph .

Sensitive to apis, arn, bapt, bell, bry, camp, carb-sulph, cocc, colch, crotal-hor, diosc ,doryphora, ginsing ,lach, merc, merc-c, natr-sulf, nit-ac, plb, —–sensitive to , see also abdomen and Ileo—caecal ,region, prostration , with , great, camph, crotal-hor ,diosc ,nit-ac, pulse, hard and tense , op —–rapid ,camph, crotal-hor , rhus-tox —-consult general repertory . quiet , better from ,see motion ,worse from ,——pains coming when, and when moving , nat-sulph. Rectum, pressure on the op, remits,when the pain remits it returns intensified , cocc, restlessness with               acon,ars, bell, cocc, coloc, nat-sulf, pyrogen.—-consult general repertory , retching , with, ars, bapt, hepar, plb, —Rheumatic subjects in ,bry, rumbling ,see under abdomen ,septic states in crotal-hor, pyrogen, rhustox, sharp pains ,arn, bell,coloc, ginseng, inula, mag-phos ,medor, phos, –shooting pains,phos (consult sharp pains), side lying on aggr, –arum-mac, —–numerous stitches in right ,worse ,while lying on painful side ,-thuj,—–pressing pain on right , between false ribs and hips worse when stretching out body in the morning , with colicky pains ,card-mar .sight see eyes , sitting worse when phos ,rhus tox , skin hot and dry , crotal-hor ,—-pal cold , and clammy , diosc ,—perspiring while it burns to the touch , bell, op, sleep, restless, inula , ——starting and crying out during inula , sleeplessness –bell, sneezing ,aggr, from apis plb spasmodic pains , cocc. Sqeezing pains, nat-sulph , op  —–pains as if some thing were forced through a narrow space op stages of the disease , first ,acon, bell ,merc, —–suppurative-hepar, merc —–suppurative see absess —-typhoid , apis, bapt, bell, hepar, , lachesis, merc-c, plb, pyrogen, verat,  standing worse , arum-mac , bry phos, stepping worse fromsee walking. Stercoraceous vomiting ,see vomiting , stinging pains –apis, bry, camp, ginseng.

Stitching pains , ars, bapt, bry, colch, hura, inula,  merc, thuja ——pressive ,cutting from right to left worse walking ,merc stomach, coldness of cocc —-painful distention of phos stool , almost incessant desire for merc-c –—constipation ,or slimmy ,difficult .merc —-copious ,gushing ,phos——curdy masses or pus. Lach.——-fetid , crotal-hor, op ——frequent calls to , arn, hepar, nux-vom, —–ineffectual desire for ,inula nux-vom, thuj, ——involuntary-op.—-painful urging to lach.—–retention of or involuntary , offensive thin diarrhoea-op——scanty of blood .sweat , cold . ars, hura, plb.

Cold on face ,ars,——cold on forehead , plb, verat.——-copious upon genitals, of a honey –like odor, thuj, —–on uncovered , while covered parts are hot . thuja —-profuse at night , rhus tox ——white camph, op, plb——-with the pains , merc, tearing pains .ars.calendula.colch. temperature , sub normal, crotal-hor ,heloderma, tenderness, see under abdomen and ileo-caecal region. Tensive pains, see drawing pains .Testicle, tenderness of the right , medor, .Thirst with great , ars, bell, bry, cocc, crotal –hor ,merc, nux-vom, op, plb.—–great for large quantities , bry.——great for small quantities, ars. Thirstlessness ,apis ,.throbbing ,bry .tongue, brown streak in centre .apis plb, —-blak, phos.—-crcked and glossy, phos.—-dry. Apis, ginsing, merc, phos, plb, rhus tox —–foul , crotal-hor —–large ,shining, papillae, with, ginsing.—-red, merc, phos, rhus-tox, ——red edges ,plb, pyrogen,——sides moist, apis  , Tossing about ,agonizing, coloc Touch, see pressure Traumatism, from apis, arn, bry,Twitching, pains. Carb-sulph Tympanitis with , apis, arn, ars, diosc , po, phos, rhamnus-catch——-Also consult general repertory .Typhilitis (especially ), acon,bell, bry, card-mar, colch, crotal-hor, pib, rhamnus frang, rhus tox , thuj, umbilicus, drawn in ,plb.-

Retracted with hiccough, op——-see under abdomen ,unremitting , steady pains , cocc. Urine, dark, apis, lach ——secretion diminished .apis ——urging to ,too frequent , hepar.—–with red sediment , lach. Vision..see eyes vomiting , with acon ,apis , ars, bapt, bry, carb, -sulph colch, coloc ,diosc, hepar, natsulf, op, phos, plb plat ,sil,—–after eating or drinking , ars.—–as soon as water becomes warm in the stomach, phos.—–bilious ,bitter, apis, ars, bry, carb-sulf, coloc, crotal-hor, hepar, merc, phos, plb

Disposed to , when sitting up colch, —-fatty , thuj—–offensive, ars, cocc, nux-v, phos.——sensation as if vomiting would do good , bapt, nux-vom.——-sensation as if he would vomit , with out nausea, bapt.—-stercoraceous, acon, ars, bell, bry, lyc, merc, nux-vom, op,plb.——yellow green mucus –phos. Walking. Worse from ,arn, hura, inula, merc,.rhus tox.

Weakness, with see prostration . zymotc states ,in. crotal-hor,. Pyrogen.

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