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Dr James Tyler Kent Biography

Dr James Tyler Kent [ 31-318 to 6-6-1916] had primary schooling in the Franklin school , Prattsburg and secondary education in the Wood hull Academy at his birth place . He obtained his degree of bachelor of philosophy ( B.Ph ) from thr Madison University in Hamilton New york state and then Obtained A.M degree and medical diploma in 1870 for practice as physician from the Bellevue medical college . He then went on to study two courses in electric medicine at cininnati and obtained licence in 1874

Dr James Tyler Kent first wife Ellen L died on October 22-1872 and was buried at family grave in Wood hull , Kent left his home town after this . He was at 28 years age , anatomy professor in the American college St.Louis then occurred the event of his second wife falling ill and after all others had given up , she was cured by homoeopathy in the hands of Dr. Phelan , In 1881 he became professor of surgery in the Missouri Homoeopathic college St. Louis

During his period in the post graduate school of homoeopathics Philadelphia besides teaching material medica and and philosophy he attended the poly clinic

An idea abut his activity may be had from the fact that during 1896-97 for example he and his pupils , handled 34,800 patients in the poly clinic and house visits ; this was besides his intensive private practice

After death of his second wife , Kent studied Immanuel Swedenborg’s philosophy deeply Kent then married Claralouise to by a homoeopathic physician who was also a Swedenborgian.It is believed that kent studied Swedenborg through the English translations of Sweden by John James Wilkinson [1812-1899] Garth Wilkinson discovered the homoeopathic medicines like Hecla and Hippozaenium . He was Swedenborgian and was a prolific correspondent , writer , translator and homoeopath It will be interesting to know that Constantine Hering and Hans Burch Gram who first brought homoeopathy to America in 1825 were also Swedenborgians

We do not know yet whether Hahnemann was influenced by Swedenborg philosophy . Perhaps when the complete Hahnemann treasure ( his letters and letters to him )in the Robert Bosch library is scanned we may see some light .

Kent used to attend medical congresses , who had scant knowledge of the fundamental principles of homoeopathy . In one such congress a physician with white beard along with some others approached Kent and asked : what indeed are your medicines for syphilis and for sciatica and what do you give for rheumatism ? Kent was shocked by such total ignorance of the fundamental rules of homoeopathy , and answered “ no I really don’t know “ The other said “ I gave bryonia , if there is aggravation from motion and rhus tox if motion relieves if motion relieves , with an inncent look Kent said : Oh thank you very much . the group then went away and overheard to say : He must be the celebrity about whom so much is spoken of . He does not really enlighten !

It is comical that even a century after this there are homoeopathic experiments on rhus tox 6X in rheumatism . But then these are scientific (!)and has nothing to do with Hahnemann and Kent .

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