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Reactive Remedies For Organic Nervous Complaints

For the sequence of paralysis, apoplexy, exhaustion, all cerebrospinal affections, depressions, asthmatics there are three remedies we have to think of above all; zincum, conium, helliborus .

Zincum metallicum: one word sums it up; exhausted (over worked, broken down). As the English put it “fag”, this patient has no more vitality; he is completely prostrated, can’t go on, he is exhausted; he has capitulated!

As soon as he becomes ill he is immediately depressed, immediately thinks of the worst. zincum straight away thinks of every thing in the blackest terms ! Spinal affections, there is an etiological symptom that you must know because it always succeeds very well and is very precious for us homoeopaths who usually have to treat the leftovers of allopathy . We nearly always see cases which have been treated , manhandled , spoiled , complicated …we cure them , we are told that this imagination when you have an eruption which has been suppressed a discharge  , which has been stopped by nitrate of silver or by ointment etc.,

Zincum is the king of all such situations, in those cases we see the discharge reappearing, the eruption flowering anew and the patient feeling better, in a case of measles, scarlet fever , any eruptive illness which does not end properly , give a dose of zincum and immediately you see the eruption coming back .

Remember that zincum ameliorates every discharge where ever it is; excretions, urine, diarrhoea , suppurations , menses etc., Every patient with trembling , tics , myoclonus and spasms , syndrome of legs that can not stop fidgeting agitation when seated ; pupils who constantly move their legs during class !

Hypersensitive to noise and above all the sound of voices, which put him beyond himself! The child repeats questions that are put to him and every thing one says to him, like sulphur he has a sudden ravenous hunger at 11am in the morning, if he goes home at about 11 am he immediately looks for something to eat because he can’t wait for lunch.

Zincum can not stand wine, cephalgia from alcohol. The pulse is rapid, especially in the evening and it is intermittent. This is an objective symptom, which can be useful in defective illnesses. Very good action on pterygia; itching of the internal canthus ,which is often irritated ; rolls his eyes looks cross-eyed , pale complexion , angular cheilitis at the corners of the mouth . Tendency to hawk.

Children who constantly move their legs for fear of urinating, who lose their urine while walking or coughing or sneezing, the loss of pubic hair in both sexes, pains of the left ovary ; sensitive breasts especially during menses ; menses more abundant at night complaints that are noticeable ameliorated during the menses . For those whose legs fidget during sleep itching of the thighs and especially of the popliteal spaces . It is a great remedy for varicose veins of the lower extremities, which are aggravated during pregnancy , chilblains of the extremities , somnambulism , all the results of eruptions having been suppressed by ointment , lotions , radiations and all other external means .

CONIUM MACULATUM: this an old remedy which has become a classic, thanks to Plato, because it was used to put Socrates to death .

It is the remedy of bachelors and of old maid servants, the type that likes to be done and hates visitors, he hates people he does not know because he is shy . Hypochondriac indifferent, not interested in anything; adverse to all intellectual work and also  to all physical effort, weakness, decline, laziness. It is very difficult for him to come to the point of starting to do anything. He cannot walk quickly; he cannot hurry; and if you want to go with him, you will have to proceed at his pace, which is always slowly.

He always feels better when he can let his arms or his legs hang! Here we have another one of those things that may seem useless and unimportant and yet for an informed homeopath it will allow him to select the right remedy!

Heavy, stiff legs, difficult walking: Neoplastic and arteriosclerotic diatheses.

The head spins, often with headache and always aggravated from lying down. A great characteristic of the dizziness of conium is the amelioration from closing the eyes.

Pronounced photophobia to all light, but without inflammation of the conjunctiva. Aversion to light without any affection of the eyes.

The cough is aggravated on lying down; and when he starts to cough at night in the larynx. Aggravated lying down; must sit up. The pulse of conium is accelerated after stool; it can also be small, intermittent and irregular.

Interrupted urination, the urinary stream stops and then starts again!

Palpitation after every defecation. The results of sexual repression in both sexes, sexual desire without erection. Swelling of breasts with bruising pains from touch , especially in front, but also during menses.

Perspiration as soon as he falls asleep and even as soon as he closes his eyes, excess of wax in the ears. These patients always feel better with the arms and the legs hanging.

HELLEBORUS NIGER: this drug brings about sensorial depression with a bitter or insipid taste. Fetor oris. Movements of chewing: food always tastes insipid or else bitter in all illnesses, absence of thirst, encephalic cry especially at night while sleeping.

Convulsions of nursing infants, melancholic subjects who are always slow to answer when spoken to, in voluntary sighing, dull, apathetic, indifferent, loss of hair and always rubbing his nose.

These patients always have diminishes vitality and they have two things that you will notice:anasarca and dropsy. Like Belladonna and Tubeculium, Helleborus always bores the head in to the pillow, and he rolls his head on the pillow day and night. The eyeballs always gaze upwards- Hemeralopia

Carphological movements during pain.

A very good remedy for patients who get gooseflesh. Frequent and ineffective urging to urinate. The pulse is generally rapid, faint and trembling, but it cal also sometimes be slow.

GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS: You know that in English you can sum up this remedy with three ‘D’s: DIZZY, DROWSY, DULL.

When you see somebody, especially after flu, who is dizzy and always drowsy, no thirst, apathetic and dull, think of this remedy . Gelsemium has always light colored urine , never dark , even when there is fever and if you prescribe gelsemium for a patient who has dark urine that will prove that you are extremely defective and have a great need to take a refresher course !

Frequent urination , abundant urination which relieves head ache .

A great remedy for tremblimg , but I draw your attention to this . External trembling , , one can say that many gelsemium patients , especially feverish patients complain that every thing is trembling . The pulse is abnormal , slow but full , intermittent , irregular , it can also be rapid and tachycardiac , feeble soft almost imperceptible , aggravated by movement , it is these apparent contradictions that make the charm and the value of our materiamedica. you know that this is the remedy for bad news and you remember the story of the patient , I spoke about before who was over taken with a dreadful buzzing of the ears when he received bad news ; the sudden death of one of his friends , whom he had recently seen and he was brilliantly cured with this remedy , while our allopathic colleagues had energetically treated him with out the slightest little result …quite the contrary !every time a patient tells you that he has had a sudden sorrow , ask him how it started , often it came from the shock of some bad news . In such cases always prescribe a high potency , gelcemium XM if on the other hand this is a case of real sorrow , rather give ignatia  and speaking of that , I have had cases which came back and reproached me afterwards “ doctor , it is quite dreadful ,you gave me a homoeopathic remedy , so that I would be sustained under the emotion of a great bereavement ; I went to the funeral and although I am so sensitive , I could not even cry ! aggravated by all emotions , a great fearful remedy , always a terrible fear before examinations , this remedy is very successful when it is prescribed as specific for fear of the examination , I give a dose of the 200th the morning of the examination is very pronounced , a dose even the day before in the evening , more often than not that is admirably successful , I don’t even have to repeat if afterwards , what an advantage and what a blessing , especially in pipe organ examinations , when ones foot trembles on the great bass pedals … to make even the examiner tremble and as for singing ..when you can’t get a sound out , gelsemium maintains the voice of a nightingale ! so gelsemium  is very apprehensive , very frightened , especially frightened of death , remarkable after fear and emotions . wants to be left in peace . Agoraphobia , fear of walking across large open spaces , fear of going in mountain cableways and elevators , even going down ! terrified of every thing unexpected , fear of falling , fear of losing his self control and his calmness ; fear of lightening what a dreadful coward !a real living barometer , gelsemium very quickly feels all the fluctuations of the weather , especially when the barometer falls . constantly aggravated by thinking of his troubles . But be care full , he unfortunately always feels better when he has had alcohol to drink ! , I had a patient once who had this unfortunate peculiarity with , in addition all the other symptoms of gelsemium , she used to say to me ;” doctor you would not believe it , a friend of mine told me about this ; I take the tiniest possible glass of kirsch every morning , and after wards it is absolutely marvelous , I feel that I have wings all day long to do the house work “that is really dangerous .She started with a tiny little glass , and a year later it was a liter of kirsch that she drank every morning , her liver , especially suffered from this , as you can well imagine , she developed dropsy with a whole lot of complications and she died of anasarca in the greatest moral and material misery! The consistent repetition of her voice immediately anti doted , the action of gelsemium  ! fear of death , feeble slow pulse even imperceptible .

INDICATIONS : nervous and muscular disorders –locamotor ataxia , ptosis ,bell’s palsy , convulsions-febrile , fevers , anxiety neurosis , sexual disorders

Key features :

  1. mentally dullness ,drowsiness
  2. abnormal fear and anxiety
  3. trembling , tremor of almost all the body parts .
  4. lack of muscular co-ordination
  5. head ache > profuse urination
  6. thirst lessness .

heat , mental emotion or excitement , bad news when thinking of his ailments , profuse urination , sweating .

CAPSICUM ANNUUM : this drug is not chilly , as you will see it stated in many materia medica , but on the other hand is aggravated by the cold and the slightest draft , which is aggravated by the cold and the slightest draft , which is an important nuance you have to remember . capsicum patients are flabby , obese , lazy they want to be “ left in peace “ , these patients are apathetic and are always down , I promise you that you will never find them breaking speed limits , lack of reaction in obese patients . These people love routine and they hate anything . If you tell them that you will take them on a drive tomorrow , they won’t like that at all . you will have to tell them long in advance . Great difficulty getting going to go out or to go on a drive or a walk , they hate all exercise and all effort . and yet , amelioration once they start to walk capsicum  is an over worked intellectual who does not eat enough and is always in need of stimulants and tonics , dyspepsia of elderly people , it is funny thing that this patient is always thirsty after stool and his scrotum is cold in the morning on waking up ! like ammonium carbonicum this remedy is not very fond of cleanliness : you will see that their clothes are dirty , their ties have spots on them , and they are always improperly washed or shaven !constantly dissatisfied and complaining . this drug is indicated for a special illness , for which allopathy is absolutely useless unless you go through 2 years of psycho analysis ….it is homesickness . This drug is especially recommended for young maidservants who have bright red cheeks and who suddenly tell you after 2 weeks of their new job that they can not stay and want to go home ….a little dose of capsicum XM on the tongue of the young girl will bring back a smile and the pleasure of serving you , since it works I am very happy to use this remedy when it is indicated in this way and I would very much like to know what an orthodox physician would do in such a case ? you can’t get anywhere and the young maid servant goes home . every thing is overthrown for her and for every body else ! so this is a great remedy in cases of homesickness .

Explosive cough , as if every thing were going to explode : head , ears , bladder , chest . Sciatica aggravated from coughing , hoarse voice of public speakers , ministers and singers .

There is a localization for which this remedy is very successful : the mastoid , one or two doses of the 200th potency and the threatening mastoiditis disappears rapidly . this remedy acts very quickly and very well . smokers and drinkers who suffer from

Sore throat and pains that go to the ears , with fetid breath.

VALERIANA OFFICINALIS ; when it is dynamized , this plant has an affinity with subjects who have an extremely variable temperament . The height of instability . I don’t mean alternating moods ; I mean variable and irritable moods .impressionable , hypersensitive , very nervous , asthenic , hysterical complaints , pulse generally accelerated . Nervous system always rather exited . This remedy has the sensation as if there were a thread hanging in the throat ! excellent drug for babies who vomit great pieces of curdled milk after feeding .

CALCAREA OSTREARUM : we must not use calcarea carbonica , which is indicated in all the books and is a chemical carbonate of lime , but if we are serious homoeopaths , the living calcium , which is called calcarea ostrearum , and is made by the oyster in the middle layer of his shell , if we want to go one step further in subtlety , we always use only those remedies which have been prepared from sources which were used for the provings .calcarea ostrerum is the great homoeopsoric of Hahnemann , it covers all 3 miasms , and calcarea is a remedy which we can not do without , it is a part of the cycle sulphur-calcarea-lycopodium  and there fore should never be be given after lycopodium nor before sulphur  . that would mix up the case to such a degree that it would be very difficult later on to clear it up , Kent said that there were certain patients who could never be restored to health because this rule had not been observed in their case . in the same way one should never go directly from sulphur to lycopodium : one must find an intermediary drug to give between the two , these little points of advice of old , seasoned homoeopaths must really be respected !

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