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Kali Bichromicum From Kali Group


Kali’s are difficult to spot , although they present a plethora of symptoms (overt response ,mg on the other hand display a covert response )it is heterogeneous and hence it is difficult to build up a portrait out of raw material . A portrait is one that understands the nature and the value of data , it is chronologically and logically evolved data over a period of time where integration is the inter-twining thread . this thread is not strong and thick enough to sustain the varying forms of expressions that kali group projects .

Honsty coupled with pragmatism makes kali a reliable person “ a friend in need is a friend indeed “ applies to kali’s well (except kali-iod ) but the state of anxiety and weakness of will preclude taking active and risky roles , kali’s will help others within their resources , not endangering their security , one is hence not sure when kali will offer its help ,though help will be certain . “Causticum” is the only kali , however that will go out of the way . It will  not only talk , but will actually help out of sympathy and over compassionate nature . The vibrating nature arouses the innermost feeling of empathy is an added strength .

In our experience child hood of kali has a tab-fold aspect , one of pampering and the other of moral ethical disciplining , the former keeps the child dependent coupled with weak will it develops in a child a high a high sense of duty and responsibility , this blend makes kali closed and reserved , conscientious and reliable , timid and self centered .

Kali has a plethora , then why is it used so little ? due to poor understanding .

Kali says it is a difficult remedy to study . complex and confusing ,so to understand kali and use it successfully , we will need many keys .So far we know it is a poly crest with a far reach .

Various Ways to Pick up Traits :     

  1. Position in cell
  2. Basic constituent affects
  3. Deficiency and excess / poisoning effects
  4. Common usage
  5. Kali location- through the basic traits
  6. Inflammatory response
  7. Miasm
  8. Evolution –discussed separately
  9. Demonstration of final understanding through cases .

                          Kali Bichromicum     

The English name for the chemical used as the source of this medicine is Potassium Bichromate , is a chemical compound involved in many industrial processes , such as dying , printing and photography , it especially affects the mucous membranes of the air passages and is an important sinusitis remedy .

Key Notes : 

1.Thick , strong lumpy green discharges from the nasal passages or mouth

2.Head aches in small spots as a result of catarrh

3.Dry cough with sticky , yellow green mucus .

Constitutional and physical features     

Although the kali bichromicum type is over weight a conformist and prefers to keep a rigid routine almost any one who suffers from a thick gluey discharge from the nose , throat , or vagina will be helped by this medicine , characteristically those who respond best to kali bich feel generally week and weary

Ailments You Can Treat Yoourself         

Arthritis:  That tends to wander from walking the joint , joint pains come and go very suddenly .

Eye Infections :  A sticky yellow discharge that occurs with excessive tears .

Indigestion :  Symptoms come on soon after eating come on soon after eating with heaviness in the stomach  distension with belching , aversion to water and intolerance of meat .

Sinusitis : With thick , stringy yellow discharge from the nose and / or throat the pain is felt in a small area about the size of a tip . Pain in the coccyx (tail bone) ; aggravated by sitting , walking or touching it , it is relieved by urination or by sexual intercourse .

Main Uses :  Thick gluey discharges , especially from the nose , arthritis .

Personal characterstics :  You feel worse ;-in the cold and damp –around 9am – from drinking beer , you feel better – for moving about .

Food—potatoes and other starchy foods may be poorly digested –a carving for sweets

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