Psoriasis Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment in homeopathy


Name: xyz
Age: 65 yrs
Sex: Female

Date: 25/10/2019

Chief complaint:
Skin: Red and white patches all over the foot, palm and fingers
White flakes, bleeding and cuts after itching the skin.
Profuse itching
Bleeding after scratching
Dry skin

Personal history
Thirst: increased
Appetite: normal
Stool : normal
Urine: normal
Desire: like cold food, ice cream
Aversion: nothing as such
Disagrees: nothing
Thermality: Hot pt. Cannot bear heat.

Physical examination:
skin: vitiligo, red moles on body
Eye: normal
Tongue: normal
Bp: normal
Pulse: normal

No past history

Mental history:
Very affectionate person. Very talkative. Talks positive about others and also which pleases others. Takes initiative with everyone and talks. Mixes easily with others. I like company of my friends.
I am very religious as well as spiritual. I attend many satsangs with my friends but if they don’t go I also don’t go. Because I like their company more.
I easily trust everyone. If someone will say about themselves than I ll instantly trust like why someone will lie. Everyone call me ‘bholi’
Since childhood I am very pampered. But it was not case in my in laws house but I was okay with it.
I am very ‘bindas’ type. I don’t keep anything to me. I ll tell everyone everything. I am like a open book.
I cannot take decision on my own. First my husband use to take every decision for me and now my children. I like to be happy with my own self and In my own life. I don’t mess around with anyone. My friend circle is very big and everyday I call each one and talk for hours with them so I don’t feel lonely. I am like a child. I easily absorb things from the surrounding and effects me. I trust you doctor so I came with you. I know only you can treat me.
I always say yes at my mom’s side, whatever they ask for. I don’t want to disappoint them.
I like helping people.

Fear : thundering, traffic, water
Hobbies: I like to talk with my friends and laugh. Like to talk positive things I am not cleanliness freak. I like to cook and also like to call people to eat at my place and feed them. I feel happy. I love children. I always need company.

Observation: laughing and smiling everytime she speaks.
Playing with doctor’s child. Very talkative
Very expressive
Pleasing habbit.

Conclusion: these case lead me towards three remedy 1) Pulsatilla 2) phosphorous 3) lachesis

I gave phosphorus as a constitutional medicine and excluded pulsatilla and lachesis
As per my experience,
I took these points into consideration and excluded other medicines
Other points which took me to phosphorus was overtalkative, child like personality, pampered childhood, Naive.

25/10/2019: phosphorous 200/4 doses
Sl 30 tds for 2 months

16/1/2020: much better
No redness, decreased cuts, no flakes. Itching decreased.
Again I gave phosphorus 200/4 doses and sl for 1 month
20/3/2020: better
Repeated same medicine
Follow up was taken every month with much better result and same remedy given.
Last follow up on 15 July: itching morning evening. No cuts, no flakes, smooth skin
Repeated same medicine.

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