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Trios In Homoeopathy And Drug Relationships

We are all familiar with the concept of trios of remedies given by Dr.Nash , these remedies are closely related in their sphere of action , complement each other or follow each other well , Nash’s well known trios are belladonna hyos and stram in delirium ; sulphur , calcs and lyco in chronic cases ; aconite ars.alb and rhus tox as restless remedies etc the list includes more

This grouping together of certain remedies has been verified by practitioners time and again for this clinical relationship . this concept helps a discerning homoeopath to understand drug relationships better , closely allied or so called complementary remedies can be compared and at the same time differentiated from one another . A perceptible difference in depth of certain is noticeable to a closely observing physician . this can only be done if remedies have been studied in relation to one another , what makes one remedy so mutually exclusive from the other , apparently very similar remedy , is understood only by this comparative study , here this idea of trios or groups of closely related remedies is of great help . Much text is available in our books about Nash’s trios and his books especially “leaders” has a good description of these .new trio remedies having a decided affinity for skin and specially on the process of skin and specially on the process of inflammation . It is mentioned in our text but I have taken up the comparative study and found the usefulness of this group over the years

The trio of   1] heparsulphur  2] myristica  3] silicea

All the 3 remedies have a decided action on the inflammatory conditions of skin , though the sphere of action are so clear cut that one can not be surrogated for the other , as the stage of inflammatory process changes , so does the remedy , inflammation as we know is defined as the reaction of living tissues to all forms of injury , it involves vascular , neurologic , humoral and cellular responses at the site of injury , it may be classified as


Hepar sulphur;   burns , cellulitis , pyogenic abscess , erysipelas , carbuncle , acute lymphadenitis , styes

2] SUB ACUTE ;  myristica ; suppuration of joints , osteitis , panariturm , whitlow ulceration , elephentasis , fistula

3] silicea ; chronic tendency to furunculosis , abscess , keloids , carbuncles , psoras , abscess etc ,

taking up each remedy individually

hepar sulph  the one feature which characterizes hepar sulphur cases is oversensitiveness , it runs through the remedy , any skin condition with great sensitiveness to the slightest touch , even of clothes , hard to heal soreness of skin , sensitiveness excessive –to draught of air , aggravation even of clothes , hard to heal accidentally gets outside the bed clothes , sensitive noise , sensitive to odour , sensitive to pain – the slightest pain causes fainting . the mind is no less “ touchy” than the body dissatisfaction with oneself and others , atrabilious mood , a sort of ferocious spleen as though one could murder a man in cold blood –taste the slightest cause irritates him .

1] a characteristic sensation is of a splinter or a fish bone in parts

2] sweats day and night without relief

3] discharges smell like old cheese – very characteristic

ulceration of skin is peculiar , ulcers with bloody pus , sour smelling , stinking pus , putrid ulcers with redness and little pimples around

constitution suited to psoric , scrofulous diathesis , debilitated subjects , great tendency to suppuration , strumous , outrageously , cross children , torpid , lymphatic , constitutions slow to react

modalities —better from wrapping up the head warmpth in general , by eating worse dry cold wind cold air from mercury , touch lying on painful side

relations —antidotes the sensitiveness of merc.v.


A remedy of great antiseptic power . Inflammation of skin ; celllar tissue and periosteum ,, traumatic infections parotitis , fistulas carbuncles , specific action in panaritium , pain in finger nails with swelling of phalanges , but the sensitivity of hepar and its chilliness are lacking .

More useful for sub acute type of inflammation hastens suppuration and shortens its duration , acts more powerfully than hepar , useful for phlegmonous inflammations , fistula in ano , has evidently great power over the suppurative process as effct joints mentally ; indifferent and careless , can not concentrate his thoughts


Silicle acid is a constituent of the cells of the connective tissue of of epidermis , hair and nails , if a suppurative center is formed , silicea may be used , after the functional ability of the cells of the connective tissue which had been impaired by the pressure of the pus has been restored to its integrity through silicea , these cells are able to throw off inimical substances – pus /foreign body , silicea is a great evacuant .

Silicea is for the recuperative process after inflammation ( acute or chronic ) , it causes healing by first intention , serial use of these remedies of this trio-causes by second intention to be prevented silicea both matures abscesses and reduces excessive suppuration

It also resolves indurations left after suppuration . the skin is unhealthy and every little injury suppurates , useful for recurrent keloids .

Constitution ;; silica supplies the “grits” of the earth’s crust of plant and animal life , want of grit , moral or physical is a leading indication for silicea , want of self confidence , fixity of ideas ; sensitive weeping mood , yielding , faint hearted people , children become obstinate , head strong cry when kindly spoken to

Modalities —-worse new moon , uncovering , damp , cold , better warmth , wrapping up head in summer in wet , humid weather , silicea is chronic of pulsatilla Aconite—aconitum napellus , which is said to be the most poisonous plant in Britain is also known as monk’s blood or walf’s bane , when you buy the homoeopathic medicine derived from it you may find that it is simply known as aconite

Aconitum often suits women who are robust and lively when healthy but who are robust and lively , when healthy but are but who are unusually sensitive to pain women who develop a peculiar fear of death during pregnancy can also be helped by aconitum


Most prominent reactions to any illness are acute anxiety and a mental and physical restlessness that make it impossible to keep still .. there is a partial restlessness that make it impossible to keep still . there is a particular fear of death and may be also a certainly of knowing exactly when you will die , aconitum has a place in every homoeopathic first aid box , as a medicine for both the victim and the onlooker to ease anxiety after a shock and to calm panic attacks .


The conditions that occur suddenly are often intense and start , after shock or exposure to cold or win

Physical symptoms –sensitive to pain , likely to cry out when in pain

Conjunctivitis —eyes and lids are red and feel hot , there are profuse tears and great intolerance of light

Facial neuralgia;; usually left sided , often with tooth ache and a hot , flushed face that becomes pale on sitting up


You feel worse after exposure to wind , especially a cold , dry wind , in the evening you feel better , for fresh air and resting , in the company of the people

Food  —you have a great thirst especially for cold drinks

Fear —-uyou dislike being hemmed in, especially in a crowd


Commonly known as white arsenic , arsenic trioxide is the source of this medicine , other arsenic salts are used in homoeopathy but this is the most important and may simply be called “arsenicum”


As a constitutional medicine but particularly for problems affecting the digestive system and the skin


Arsenicum album best suits anxious , restless women with a great desire for older , they are extremely tidy and clean , conservative in their out-look , plan all enterprises carefully and are careful about money , even to the point of stinginess , they are prone to to fears , particularly about their health and need , much support from family and friends . any pain is usually described as burning but can be helped by warmth .


Being ill can be a source of anxiety in itself and any tendency to be anxious is more difficult to control than usual , may believe that the illness is serious , even though the doctor is reassuring and may even despair of recovery . these worries sometimes extend to family and friends and there is a tendency to fear for their safety and well being , these symptoms are more severe for arsenicum types


Discharges ( from ears , eyes , nose , vagina , anus ) occur that have a burning feeling on the skin

1] conjunctivitis :  inflamed eyes , sensitive to light and swollen lids , that can become red and scaly

2] dandruff and scalp irritation severe irritation with hair loss in circular patches

3] sore throat –burning pain , some times relieved by warm drinks a feeling of constriction making swallowing difficult sometimes burning painfull ulcers


In cold weather , between midnight and 2 AM , for being alone

You feel better :: for being warm ( but like head in fresh air ) for moving about

Food —-A thirst for frequent small drinks , fat sour food and alcohol is desired . An aversion to grains , peas and beans

Fears —–of death , of cancer


Commonly known as poison ivy . this plant is native to North America and can cause a skin rash in sensitive people unwise enogh to walk near it . when prepared homoeopathically it can cure rashes that look similar to those it cause


For rheumatic conditions , but it also has some constitutional features


Those most likely to benefit from rhus when it is used constitutionally are lively and cheerful when well , but when ill tend to become restless , agitated , depressed and some times superstitious . the tip of the tongue may be very red . however rhus tox is most frequently used to relieve rheumatic conditions in a wide variety of people , when there is progressive stiffness and pain that is made worse by damp , cold weather , before storms on first moving in the morning and after over exertion . typically the symptoms are better in warm , dry weather , after a warm bath and when moving about


Inflenza —when the pain forces movement to a more comfortable position , but still do not feel comfortable for long and have to move again , fever may come on rapidly around 10 PM


Caused or made worse by an injury or over use improved by stretching the neck and moving the head about and from warmth especially a hot shower


You feel worse –in cold , damp , cloudy or foggy weather , in the autumn in the evening especially after having done too much

You feel better —for moving about , may find it impossible to keep still , after a warm bath

Food—A craving for cold milk

Fear —-when thinking of sad things


The word sulphur is latin for burning stone which was corrupted into the English , ‘brim stone’ sulphur has been used for religious and purification purposes , since prehistoric times . the homoeopathic medicine is prepared from flowers of sulphur .


Sulphur is said to be needed by men more frequently than by women , but there are many women who have benefited from this medicine , on the whole , people who need sulphur have intellectual gifts which they exercise either as detached thinkers or as practical and component doers , most of them are self confident but they tend to be self absorbed and quick to find fault . they can not stand for long , as this can cause symptoms , for example pain or diarrhoea and are typically very hungry at 11 AM . physically , they may be thin with round shoulders or can tend to be obesity


May experience anxiety about health and have fears on behalf of the family , A bad smell may cause feelings of disgust , as can certain objects or people


Arthritis –often affects left shoulder and is relieved by the application cold compressors


Eyes are red in the day and itch at night , eyes may feel as if they are burning and difficult to open in the morning

Diarrhoes or soft sttol first thing in the morning and may be worse after alcohol


As a constitutional medicine , it is particularly useful for skin problems and disorders of the digestive tract .


You feel worse –if too warm , eapecially in bed , in winter and when the weather is cloudy , for bathing

You feel better –when lying down

Food —A craving for sweets , ice cream , fatty food , spices alcohol and ice cold drinks , an aversion to eggs , may have chocolate and sweet things before periods

Fear —-of high places of disease of failure

Sleep—-prefer to lie on left side , may get night mares , if lie on back


This medicine was first prepared by Hahnemann himself using the middle layer od an oyster shell . the same source of calcium carbonate is used today


Typical calcarea carbonica women are very hard working , responsible and conscientious but they are apt to take on too much and become over whelmed

A lack of stamina means they are more likely to be methodical plodders rather than brilliant achievers , and their timidity usually means they dislike being in the lime light . they need to be obstinate , rather pessimistic and confused , nightmares or night terrors can be a problem , calcarea carb types are often fair skinned , blue eyed and tend towards obesity even on a low calorie diet , however , many other people benefit from this medicines


Mental and physical exhaustion often cause health to breakdown leading to loss of interest in every thing and become depressed and even despair of recovery also likely to be troubled by the loss of secure . that can come with illness and also dislike hearing bad news


Colds— frequent may have ongoing catarrah and nasal obstruction and recurring enlarged neck glands

Cough –tickly , worse exertion during the menstrual period . they may be accompanied by nausea and an intolerance to light

Main uses —-as a constitutional medicine —-personal characteristics

You feel worse —in cold weather , for over exertion , especially walking uphill or climbing stairs , from getting wet

You feel better —in a dry climate when constipated

Food —you have a craving for eggs , sweets ; salt and indigestible items such as chalk and dirt , an aversion to fat , meat and coffee.

Fears –of high places (even for some one else ) of mice and rats , of going mad , of poverty of serious illness of storms


Cold , damp hands and feet , feet become hot and sweaty in bed socks , also a perspiring head especially at night


Lycopodium clavatum——– is a mass like plant . before Hahnemann potentised its spores it was thought to be with out medicinal action , and was used by pharmacists to prevent pills sticking to each other , common names for the plant include wolf’s claws , club moss , lamb’s tail or fox tail .


Lycopodium is used for many illnesses , bith acute and chronic and can help many different people , however it is particularly useful for shy , intellectual types . who are not physically strong , they often lack self confidence and dread appearing before an audience , but when they do , they perform well , they do not want company but like to know there is someone nearby . they some times find difficulty in making a long term commitment such as marriage , physically they tend to look anxious with a frown above the nose and the skin may be a sallow color , old looking with a frown above the nose with prematurely grey hair .


Tendency to be anxious about things, particularly about the outcome of  illness , possibly forgetful , sometimes sentimental and may weep on being thanked


Head ache —usually right sided , may be neuralgic worst between 4 and 8 PM , aggravated by heat in bed and if not eating regularly , joints and muscles , burning pain between shoulder blades .


As a constitutional medicine for digestive disorders


You feel worse –in late afternoon between 4 and 8 PM , on working in the morning . if you miss a meal , if you get chilled , if clothes are tight

You feel better —-in the open air even if not very warm , for moving about after warm meals

Food —-A craving for sweets , indigestion from starchy food , cabbage and beans . An aversion to cold drinks , may feel full after only a few mouthfuls despite being very hungry before eating

Fears —-of being alone , especially at night of ghosts of serious illness of public speaking

Sleep—-is often un refreshing , have to sleep on the right side and may wake with hunger .

“These remedies are trio remedies “

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