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Working Life And Homoeopathic Treatment

The adolescent’s choice of work will decide his or her future position in society . With competition for jobs and acceptance into colleges becoming more and more fierce , the young person needs  to wake up and really go for it . This is possible if he feels that he’s following his own truth .

Anacardium –is unable to choose a career and finds it very difficult to commit himself to a single path .

Baryta carbonica —is stuck in a state of embarrassed timidity that prevents him from taking any action what so ever and slows down his mental faculties he is especially poor at mathematics with marks , well below the pass rate . as we have already seen , the difficult part for “ taraxacum “is getting going . he would be happy to spend all day playing called which his friends in the local bar .

Sulphur : can’t see the point of making an effort , since he feels he knows every thing already . He can be spotted from his sloppy , unwashed , and un shaven look and by his great philosophical speeches that are completely lacking in substance .

Aethusa cynapium : almost immediately feels “stuffed “ with knowledge and can’t absorb any thing else .

Kali phosphoricum :  wants to work alone , with out any help and becomes mentally exhausted .

Gelsemium : can’t stand examinations , which send him into a complete state of panic , he is spent the whole year studying but now can’t remember a thing and becomes paralyzed with fear of making a mistake .

Ignatia :  spends too much time thinking about his emotional problems and lost loves to really commit himself to his studies , the day of the examination finds him in a state of panic , with lots of weeping and the sensation of a ball in the throat .

Silica :  is terrified at the thought of the oral exam . which means having to perform in front of others , and yet once he starts , he does brilliantly , he sweats profusely from the hands and especially from the feet , making him an unpopular room mate , he also suffers from acne and unhealthy skin , with a tendency to suppuration .

Kali Bromatum ; also suffers from acne , he does not want to study and prefers to earn money by stealing and cheating . His speech is faltering and he may even stammer , while his nights are disturbed by night mares .

Carbo vegetabilis :  can’t make the grade , extremely nervous in public , he comforts himself by smoking cigarettes that help to calm him down . His back is often covered in acne .

Leaving The Family : Eventually , each of us has to leave our family and move to another place – some times very far away .

Pulsatilla : will do any thing to avoid moving away from his mother . Bryonia’s roots are too strong for him to envision living any where except the place he was born .

Capsicum : is haunted by nostalgia for the lost paradise of his family home . he seeks comfort in overeating , which rapidly leads to obesity . He has a ruddy face and often drinks huge quantities of beer .

Phosphoric acidum : starts to waste away after a move , he loses weight , feels drained of energy and his hair ( which is very greasy ) starts to fall out , the drink coca-cola contains a lot of phosphoric acid , which helps to explain its popularity .

Pleasure and suffering :

Teenagers find true pleasure in any act that enables them to find them selves a little , whether it be through love making , a creative pursuit sport or some personal achievement , they want to push them selves to the limit but first need to firmly establish their personality –their “I”.. What the young person must understand is that that in life , we have two choices – either to have suffering first and pleasure after or else pleasure first and suffering after , drug addicts for instance choose the latter .

Kali nitricum –commonly known as salt peter is a highly explosive substance , it is the remedy for teenagers who wants to break out and have a good time , but whose ego is still too weak and fragile . a character symptom of this remedy is eczema around the novel showing an inability to come to terms with the cutting of the umbilical cord and separation from the mother , another explosive substance , nitroglycerine .

Glonine ; is also a useful remedy for people who want to “ break out “ and who have the physical sensations of bursting and expanding . their extreme intolerance of the sun is symbolic of their persistent intolerance of the father as a rival . people needing this remedy often suffer from explosive headaches .

Baptisia – is a remedy for painless sore throats , it is good for young people who are attempting to assemble the scattered pieces of their own personality , like the pieces of a puzzle . it is often needed by children whose families have been blown apart by for instance an acrimonious divorce .

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