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Important Rubrics From Different Repertories Related To Haemorrhoids


Dr. Gaurav Nagar, Prof. Dept. Of Materia Medica (Hom.) Dr. M.P.K. Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Center. Homoeopathy University.

Dr. Neha Mahawer, MD (Part 1) Scholar, Dept.of Materia Medica, Dr. M.P.K Homoeopathic Medical College, a constituent college of Homoeopathy University, Jaipur.

Abstract: Repertory is a tool which cut short the human labour, by using repertory one can easily get a narrow range of similar medicine and similimum can be prescribed after confirming with material medica. Also, in haemorrhoids cases, one could perfectly prescribe using repertorial approach. Various homoeopathic literature were reviewed and critically analysed including repertories like Synthesis Repertory1 Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica by J.T Kent2, Murphy Repertory3, Boger Boenninghausen’s Characteristics &Repertory4.

Rubrics Medicines Repertory
RECTUM – CONSTIPATION – accompanied by – Skin – itching of; intense      dol Synthesis
RECTUM – CONSTIPATION – cathartics; worse after stool which is induced only with      COLL.   Synthesis
RECTUM – CONSTIPATION – flatulence; with – hemorrhoids; and       bac. COLL.   Synthesis
RECTUM – CONSTIPATION – followed by – diarrhea       Trios.   Synthesis
RECTUM – CONSTIPATION – difficult stool – natural stool.     graph. PSOR. SIL Synthesis
RECTUM – CONSTIPATION – periodical – weeks; every three       Kali-bi.   Synthesis
RECTUM – HEMORRHAGE from anus – hemorrhoids, after removal        nit-ac Synthesis
RECTUM – HEMORRHOIDS – protrude – urination – after          merc.   Synthesis
RECTUM – INACTIVITY of rectum – bending backward – amel.       med.   Synthesis
RECTUM – HEMORRHOIDS – accompanied by – epistaxis      HAM. SEP Synthesis
RECTUM – HEMORRHOIDS – children, in       MUR-AC.   Synthesis
RECTUM – HEMORRHOIDS – menopause; during      LACH.   Synthesis
RECTUM – HEMORRHOIDS – sensitive     kali-c. MUR-AC.   Synthesis
RECTUM – HEMORRHOIDS – thinking of them agg.        Caust.   Synthesis
RECTUM – HEMORRHOIDS – accompanied by – Tongue – mucus on tongue; collection of         Berb.   Synthesis
RECTUM – HEMORRHOIDS – evening         coll.   Synthesis
RECTUM – HAEMORRHOIDS – alternating – with lumbago        Aloe   Kent
RECTUM-HAEMORRHOIDS – mercury,after abuse of      Hep. Sul-ac.   Kent
RECTUM – HAEMORRHOIDS – milk agg.       Sep Kent
RECTUM – INVOLUNTARY stool – night – bed,in – stool hard     ALOE, BELL.   Kent
RECTUM – HAEMORRHOIDS – bleeding. – as soon as the rheumatism is better       Abrot.   Kent
RECTUM – INVOLUNTARY stool – excitement,from .       Hyos Kent
RECTUM – HAEMORRHOIDS – flatus,protrude when passing     Bar-c. Phos.   Kent
RECTUM – HAEMORRHOIDS – riding amel.      Kali-c.   Kent
RECTUM – CONSTIPATION – stool remains long in the rectum with no urging – with awful anxiety.     TARENT Kent
Rectum – HEMORRHOIDS -bursting       ham.   Murphy
Rectum – HEMORRHOIDS – nosebleed, with        carb-v Murphy
ANUS AND RECTUM – Haemorrhoids – smarting      PULS.   BBCR.
ANUS AND RECTUM – Haemorrhoids – fissured         caust. Cham BBCR.


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