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Homoeotherapeutics In Traumatic Conditions

Traumatic conditions in daily practice are very amenable to the homoeopathic remedy . All physicians are frequently called upon to treat types of injuries . The homoeopath has the unique advantage of having an armamentarium of remedies which are unusual usefulness in relieving the pain and suffering and bring quick relief to the satisfaction of all concerned .

FRACTURE IN GENERAL : “Arnica “is the first remedy to think of at least the first day or two . It takes care of the shock and the extravasation of the blood .” Ledum “follows well after arnica  . It completes the work of arnica . After about a week or there about “ symphytum “ is indicated as this remedy . Above all others , is so well known for its ability to promote the union of broken bones . It begins its action when the healing reaches the beginning of calus formation . Grimmer, speaks very highly of symphytum and Clarke , says that it can be considered the orthopedic specific of the herb remedies . If , in spite of symphytum , union is delayed , consider calcarea phosphoricum . in compound fractures with injury to nerve tissue Hypericum  is first indicated and later followed by ledum and symphytum .

IN MUSCLE INJURY : Rhus tox is the most frequently indicated in injuries to muscles such over straining , excessive exercise , lifting or working in water . Arnica , cimicifuga may also be indicated . ruta for general lameness , especially of wrists and ankles after strains with an associated synovities .

IN NERVE INJURY : Hypericum heads the list for injuries to parts of the body rich in nerves such as finger tips , as when the finger trip has been traumatized by electric fan , hammer or car door . The pains are burning , tearing or stinging and very severe . Not only for recent injuries but also for those of long standing . For spinal injuries , especially for injury to the coccyx . Here in nerve trauma it takes precedence over arnica . Externally ledum may be used in dilution for cleansing boils and carbuncles . Headache and meningeal  irritation following injury call for hypericum  for the agonizing pains of amputated stumps . In coxalgia , many cases will respond to hypericum  with no history of injury , or the patient may forget that he had been injured . this remedy is cold and damp and many latent rheumatic conditions may settle in injured parts .


Here Ruta is the most likely remedy , where it becomes invaluable in dislocations , sprains , Ruta has particular affinity for the periosteum and other bony structures whose parts have only a meager covering of soft tissues . The bone pains are very severe and excruciating , worse from rest and from wet weather . there is great  restlessness , it resembles Ruta toxicondendron in many respects to which it is complimentary . Ruta is also a very effective remedy in cases or overuse of the eyes from doing fine work over long periods , such as fine needle work or long lessons of reading . Ruta often follows arnica in the primary stage of the injury .

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