Haemorrhoids Symptoms, causes, Treatment in Homeopathy

Haemorrhoids And Homoeopathy

Over 50 % of adults will develop these small varicose swellings in and around the anus . They feel like lumps which will bleed or itch . There is no connection between varicose veins and haemorrhoids or piles , although both appear to be common in humans (who walk on two legs ) as opposed to animals (four legs ) . There are three degrees of piles . First degree piles bleed but do not prolapse ,or come down outside the anus . second degree piles prolapse on defecation but can return inside the anus Third degree piles remain external to the anus . one other form of piles which can be extremely painful is an external pile , which develops rapidly after straining and is felt like a painful lump- a small blood clot .

Causes :

The most likely explanation for haemorrhoids is the low fibre diet all too common in western cultures and the subsequent constipation that ensues . The increased straining required to defecate is felt to increase pressure on the veins in the anal canal , which can destroy their valves . Pregnancy is another common cause partly because of the increased pressure and straining during labor , but also because pregnancy hormones allow the walls of the anal veins to relax .

Symptoms :

  • Bleeding usually at the beginning or end of defecation
  • Itchy anus with discharge
  • A little blood on toilet paper
  • Lump around the anus , with or without pain
  • Feeling of fullness and some thing come down from the anus
  • Grape-like swelling through the anus

Prevention and Self Help :

It is important to have a proper medical diagnosis before embarking on your own treatment . A doctor will perform a rectal examination , as well as examine the inner lining of the anus . once other conditions have been excluded , then it will be useful to pursue the following measures .

  • If in great pain , hot baths and hot compresses pressed on the anus will provide relief .
  • Avoid constipation and develop a whole food diet and regular toilet habits .
  • Regular exercise will help to prevent constipation .
  • Local anaesthetic creams and suppositories are available from chemists

Take care with your personal hygiene , make sure you keep the anal area clean by washing with warm water after defecation .

Regular exercise helps prevent constipation , which in turn prevents the formation of haemorrhoids . A healthy life style pays dividends “!!!

“Large amount of fiber content food items will encourage easy bowel motions.”

Piles ( haemorroids )  :;Piles can occur at any age , but they are a frequent complication of pregnancy . Internal piles are varicose veins occurring in the anal canal often , however piles become external and although these are painless , they may develop a clot within themselves which may be very painful . An early symptom of piles is anal irritation . there may be a feeling of “some thing coming down “, particularly after defecation and in about half of the cases there is anal bleeding . Although haemorroids are not a serious medical problem , any unexplained rectal or anal pain or bleeding , requires early medical diagnosis

Symptoms /Medicines :

A sensation of splinters in the rectum , aching in the lower part of the back , purple piles . Burning itching dryness of the anus , anal pain for hours after stools are passed .

Severe lower back ache —- Aesculus hippocastanum

Piles protrude like a bunch of grapes and bleed easily , cold water applications provide relief , marked burning in the anus , tendency to diarrhoea –Aloe socortina

Bluish colored piles , a stretching pain when stools are passed , which is worse for heat ——arsenicum album

Bleeding piles , anal burning , itching smarting and stinging occurs when passing stools ——- Capsicum

Pain full bleeding piles , constipation with no urge to defecate itching around the anus —-collinsonia

Piles protrude , burn and sting , piles are worse when sitting –Graphites

Piles bleed profusely , burning soreness and a sensation of fullness anus feels raw , back ache and an urging to pass stools —-Hamamelis

A sharp stitching pain shoots up the rectum , piles protrude when stools are passed and need pushing back —–Igntia

Pain full piles —–Mellifolium

Bluish , hot , painful piles ——Muriatic acid

Piles and anal prolapse —-podophyllum

Anal oozing of soft faeces ,itching and burning with redness around the anus , early morning diarrhoea on waking —Sulphur


**** please do consult the homoeopathic doctor , before taking these medicines

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