Cholera Infantum Definition, Symptoms, Cause, Treatment in Homeopathy

Cholera Infantum: Veratrum

Baby.l aged 9 months . I was called to see this case on Saturday morning august 10 th . it had been seen out half an hour before by a leading allopathic physician, who told the parents he had done all that possible could be done for the child , and that there is no use calling a consultation as any other doctor would say I have would done allthere is to do . they decided to try homeopathy

I found that child lying in its others laps , as near the picture of a corpse as one could imagine . on questioning the mother I knew the child had been ill for a week . that previous to the present attack , it had had a similar one a fortnight before (though not as severe)from which it had made only a partial recovery . it was then at caconna . on the Tuesday before I saw it , they had brought it come to be treated by their family physician . He had been in attendance since Tuesday and had exhausted the usual chalk mixture , opiates and medicinal foods with out any benefits

The condition was the following;

Face ashy pale of a waxy hue ; cold; eyes sunken , with dark rings dound them ; nose pinched , lips and nose blue

Extremeties cold ice

Pulse imperceptible

Temperature in axill104.22f

Abdomen warm, soft , though distended

Eyes, wild look , rolls them up , showing only the scloretic , head rolling from side to side and constant moaning – meaning full irritation

Tongue coated at base , clean tips dry

Mouth and lips parched , thirst constant

Very restless >by being carried

Vomiting and retching ; it had not kept any thing in its stomach for three days

Diarrhea; from 12to 15 stools in 24 hours ; stools green, watery , gushing , changing to a blue color on standing –phospain in abdomen before stools , which appeared to be of a gripping nature> after passing stools . there was much weakness and exhaustion after a motion , the child lying perfectly limp

Skin dry ; emaciation , especially marked about the face and neck . sleeplessness `. the child lying perfectly limp emaciation , especially marked about the face and neck , sleeplessness . the child had not slept for 3 days and nights , not whit standing that the night before I saw it , it had had 3 doses of a sleeping draught , presumably , bromide

Its condition was >at night >towards morning

I prescribed veratrum album

Having nothing higher than the tincture and seeing the case was urgent , I put two drops in a tumbler of water and gave a teaspoonful every half hour until 3 doses were taken when I discontinued it and gave s.l

Diet; cow’s milk diluted three parts of water to one milk . two spoonfuls every 20 minutes

I saw the child again in the after noon , when I found a change for the better . there had been no vomiting since the first dose of medicine and only 4 stools . the last two being much less green in color

Face much less waxy and white though still cold

Lips red , head warm

Mouth less parched

Tongue less dry

Wonder of Homeopathy!

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