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A Few Calcarea Flourica Cases

The importance of Calcarea fluorica has long been recognized by the homoeopathic medicine . Afew cases to illustrate its action in disease may be of interest at this time because the effects of the fluorides on the various tissues of the body , when present in excessive amounts in the food or drinking water , have traced much attention during the past few years . government investigations carried out in north dacota and other western states have traced the condition of the teeth , known as mottled enamel , to the presence of fluorides in the drinking water . in the course of some experiments in stock feeding at the university of Wisconsin , it was found that the presence of fluoride in the foods being tested resulted in serious bone defects in the herds

The changes in the mental attitude of the patients in the following cases is of interest . the mental symptoms were not outstanding and were given no particular consideration in making the prescriptions . the adult patients later volunteered the information that they were happier felt less fear concerning the future and worried less about money matters

Case1] woman aged 55 large and fleshy ; married , five children

Varicose veins of both legs and vulva , very painful , veins on lower legs stood out like ropes . cries easily and with out cause . oppression of breathing in damp , chilly weather , haemorrhoids for years . depressed .

Calc.fl.30 was given with immediate relief , after several other remedies had been tried .,after several remedies had been tried with out effect , calc. fl. Was repeated in various veins have not troubled her since , but she notices oppression of breathing , if the weather is very damp . After being under treatment for a few months , this patient remarked that she felt better “in her mind” that she knew that her financial troubles would straighten out some how

Case-2] woman aged 42 ; thin and weak ; unmarried , office work

Lump in left breast , size of a large egg , very hard , rectal fistula operated in 1995 and again in 2000 . now it is discharging again painful . sinuses on both sides painful . sinuses on both sides painful . sinuses on both sides painful and aggravated by least cold . very nervous and feels unequal to her work , dizzy , B.P.130/80 anaemic calcareafl.30-3-4 hours and sac lac

Importance was noticed first in the sinuses and in breast , she has had cal.flour at intervals in gradually ascending potencies . the rectal fistula has been the last to go . she is now in the menopause and feels better than ever in life , she has gained to normal weight and says that she is optimistic in spite of things that would formerly have worried her . case-3] A boy , age 11years right submaxillary gland enlarged to the size of a small egg , very hard and painful . developed gradually , other wise in good health except that he seems nervous ,cal,flor30

Lump gradually disappeared , mother mentioned that he slept better and was less irritable

Case-4] A baby boy age 11months

Mother wrote that baby had a sore on left cheek where he had fallen and injured it two weeks previously . it was swollen both inside and outside and had like a marble with redness around it . the doctor to whom she had taken the baby said that it would need to be lanced soon , calc. fl.30 1 and sac lac

There was a steady improvement . After the swelling was almost gone a hard , white , lime like substance discharged into the mouth .

Case-5 ] A woman , age 45 ; widow , no children ,

Severe menstrual pain ; faints with the pain . pain constant low in back , menstral period at three weeks intervals and very profuse , nervous ; finds it difficult to concentrate on her work , she is attending business college , and feels she must push ,herself and earn as soon as possible .

Her dentist tells her that her teeth lack lime . uterus about the size of a small grape fruit and very hard all through B.P.100/70 anaemic calc.fl. 30 -6-4 hours and sac lac

Calcarea flor has been repeated in the 30th , 200th and 1000th when indicated , with steady improvement . the uterus is much smaller , the menstrual periods come at 28 days interval and are becoming scanty . she has given up the idea of finishing business college ; she says that she has enough to live on and is going to enjoy herself


HEMIOPIA _B.M.H ., aged about 35 years , a book keeper , had used his eyes excessively , day and evening , with insufficient light . his sight had been failing of more than a year . when I saw him , September 29, he had lost the use of his left eye . vision with the right eye was incomplete ; he could see only the left half of an object , until he looked a second time and more intently . for example looking at a sign on which was the name “turner” , he saw only “tur” and had to rest his eyes and look again before he saw the second syllable . A similar perversion had preceded the loss of vision in the left eye . he applied to me to be recommended to an oculist . I advised him to try lithium carb , and gave twelve poweders to be taken dry , one every fourth night .

July 13 Mr, H . reported that he had resumed work in November , and had his vision was complete and perfect in both eyes . he had taken the lithium carb , and gave twelve powders to be taken dry , one every fourth night .

July 13; Mr .H. reported that he had he had resumed that work in November and hat his vision was complete and perfect in both eyes . he had taken the lithium carb , and gave twelve powders to be tken dry , one every fourth night .

July 13; Mr. reported that he had resumed work in November , in November , and hat his vision was complete and perfect in both eyes . he had taken the lithium as directed , and had done or taken nothing else .

This case confirms symptoms 33, “ an un certainity of vision and an entire invisibility of the right half of whatever she looked upon ; if two short wards occurred in succession , the one towards the right hand was invisible , etc.,

OTORRHEA_E ., aged 9 years , had scarlitana in infancy , and ever since otorrhea . he came to me in December ; I found him quite deaf , with a purulent ,offensive discharge from the ears ; also bleeding from the ear , very profuse , provoked by the slightest touch of the meatus ext . by the finger . phosph did no good , lachesis seemed to help him for a time

Feb.2 ; he received telerium to dissolve a powder in water and take a teaspoonful three times a day .

Feb. 17 ; reported improvement ; discharge less offensive and hearing improved . continue tellurium

April 10; he had been much better ; had been much better ; had hardly any bleeding , but with in a few weeks the external ear had become greatly swollen . it was bluish red , shining and studded with vescicles , it exudes a thin , watery fluid ; the whole ear looked as if water –soaked as if water –soaked , sac ,lactis

April 17; . the swelling had abated , and the eruption is drying up sac. Lactis

Aug -30 ; no more bleeding nor discharge . hearing much improved

This case confirms symptoms 54 and 54 , and furnishes a symptom ex use in morbis haemorrhage from the ear

Mrs, B. 37 years old , was taken on the first of august with full, congested feeling in the lungs ; tight , tearing cough ; prostration ; alternation of chilliness and fever flashes ; general malaise ; nausea , loss of appetite . aconite with out relief . on the second same symptoms continued with severe vomiting ; great restlessness ; violent pain right side of the head and temple , a splitting , bursting pain , occasionally extending down the jaw ; aggravated by moving the head or body ; disposition to keep eyes closed . belladonna , a dessert spoonful every two hours . no relief .

Morning of the 3rd , pains all increased ; nausea ;great despondency , with bitter crying spells

This diversion was very ill-timed and unfortunate for the unhappy doctor , for it un deniably put his majesty in a dreadful temper .

Very shortly after this the unhappy doctor , for it undeniably put his majesty in a dread full temper

Very shortly after this the deputy examiner appeared with the newly arrived aspirant for infernal honors in his charge , and presented an inventory of the results of his examination of the doctor’s character .

Hum, hum, much the same as the last muttered stan as he cast his eye over the list ; muttered satan as he cast his eye over the list ; it reads as follows , open to bonafide of homoeopathic colleges who are regular subscribers to honoeopathic prestige .

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