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High On Sugar And Homeopathy

Play safe on herbal
Clinical trials herb based contraceptive cream developed by the central research institute (CDRI) , Lucknow have been submitted and the results have been submitted to the drug controller general of India for approval . Fruits of sapindus mulorossi (soap nut) are rich in sapinons which have been shown to have spermicidal activity . This cream has also some antibacterial properties and can protect women from common diseases
Predicting cancer
A simple blood test might be used successfully to predict the chances of a person contracting lung cancer . researchers at Columbia University , New York , USA , used blood samples that had been collected 13 years ago and found that people whose white blood cells were damaged were at a higher risk of getting cancer . According to the group of researchers , this damage is mainly due to exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons(PAH) which binds to the genetic material aromatic hydro carbons (PAH) which binds to the genetic material . The group measured this
Were you born intelligent?
Recent research claims that the intellectual ability is influenced greatly by environment and may not be hereditary . psychologist Dennisd Garlick of the university of Sydney in Australia , suggests that intelligence is created when neural connections in the brain a are changed in response to environment cues.
According to Garlick ,recent advances in neuroscience and cognitive science have suggested that different neural connections in the brain . Thus ,environmental conditions that allow favorable connections to be developed lead to a better intellect ,About 12,1 percent of adults over the age suffers from the disease . in addition to these , 14 percent people are suffering from impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) , where by , blood sugar levels are higher than normal . The survey indicates that every fourth person in urban India can end up suffering from diabetes
The survey was carried out in six cities –Bangalore-New Delhi, Kolkata , Chennai and Hyderabad . The survey highlighted the difference between the prevalanceof the disease in different parts of the country . The sample size and the type of people who were considered in the study were established statistically . Guidelines set down by the world health organization for epi-demiological studies in diabetes were followed . The door to door survey carried out between January and august 2000, included a total of 11,216 people above the age of 20 years . These people belonged to different socioeconomics groups
Blood sugar levels were measured after people were made to fast overnight and two hours after giving a specific amount of glucose . The results show that were no major differences in the prevalence of the diseases amongst men and women . the prevalence increased with increasing the age and was
City storage
Hyderabad has the highest
Percent of diabeties
City prevalence (percentagt)
City diabetes igt
Chennai 13.5 16.8
Hyderabad 16.6-29.8
Higher in unemployed and retired people . An important observation was the fact that IGT was high in people below 40 . The survey showed that more and more people are becoming prone to IGT . This might indicate that the urban environment triggers the conversion of IGT into full blown cases of diabetes is alarming ‘ says Anil kapur who was part of the team that carried out the survey “ We have higher incidence of the type11 of diabetes which is directly linked to the life style and can there fore be prevented or delayed “ he adds . it is also important that both the doctors and the patients are aware about the disease , he feels “ The disease burden due to diabetes is further Worsened because of the related problems such as heart problems , blindness and kidney failure “ says S.K.Wangoo , diabetologist at indraprastha Apollo Hospitals , New Delhi
Researchers might have to rethink their strategy for developing an effective vaccine against Human immuno-defeciency (virus) reveals a study published in nature . Researrcher Dan Barouch of Harvard medicl school in Boston and his team have shown that HIV can mutate and evade the protection provided by vaccines .
The researchers were using a vaccine that affected the host’s immune system directly to develop an arsenal , which would attack the virus –infectedinfected cells . unfortunately , the present report shows that even an arsenal , which would attack the virus –infected cells . unfortunately , the present report shows that this strategy has loop holes . Earlier , the group had proved the effectiveness of their vaccine on eight Rhesus monkeys . seven out of these remained stable for more than two years . the vaccine failed to bring out desired results in one monkey because of a single point mutation that had occurred in the virus . this initiated cascade of events resulting the monkey.s death .
The results question a vaccination strategy based solely on the control of viral replication says JDLifson , aids vaccine program , national cancer institute Mary Land ,USA,”the findings should be taken as realty check at this time “ says Barouch
Pollution causes birth defects
Air pollution can impair the development of the heart in children , reveals a study carried out by researchers university of California and the California Air Resources Board .
Women residing in polluted areas are three times more likely to have children with birth defects than those in living in less polluted areas . This effect of pollution was found more pronounced when the mother was exposed to the polluted air during the second month of pregnancy . carbon monoxide and ozone are the main culprits responsible for these defects
The researchers evaluated 9,000 babies having birth defects using data from the California birth defects , monitoring program . The defects pertained to different parts of the heart of the heart such as valves , septum and arteries . The defects pertained to different parts of the heart such as valves , septum and arteries . The control group group consisted of children of children who were not diagnosed, with any birth defects in the first year of life . the team calculated the average monthly exposure to pollutants , such as carbon monoxide, ozone , nitrogen dioxide , and particular matter , “ the fact that certain heart defects are turning up in the second month of pregnancy , when the heart is being formed suggests some thing serious may be happening “ says Gary Shaw of the California birth defects monitoring program and a coauthor of the study . During the second month of the child’s development , the neural crest cells differentiate to form the heart . These cells differentiate to form the heart . These cells are easily affected by exposure , because they lack of anti-oxide stress proteins and are therefore more sensitive to oxidation by the pollutants . unlike other health factors like diet or life style , a pregnant woman has almost no control over the quality of air she breaths , he adds

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