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Clinical Experience In Stye: Comparison Between Staphysagria And Pulsatilla

Staphysagria , affects both lids , but particularly the upper

Angry , ill humor , chagrin , mortification , great anxiety about future , loss of memory from sexual excesses debility from loss of vital fluids . nervous prostration . I had several times partially releved her with rhus tox chamomillaand other remedies which I do not now remberbut the paraxysms to which she had been subject to for years it called to my mind that I had read in a society discussion some where that lippe said lycopodium affected the ends of the bone , and might it not be that there was an inflammation in the head of the femur .Acting on this as a sort of guiding symptom , I found on again reviewing the case in its past historythat she had at times suffered from rheumaticsoreness in her ankles so that she could walk she was and had been troubledwith a great deal of flatulence and constipation , so that . I was enabled to see quita number of lycopodium symptoms in my cse , under this remedy in this very high potency , she made a rapid and full recovery and yas no return of the trouble


Mrs. G. Young married lady , seven months pregnant with first child , slender built , blue eyes dark brown hair . this was a case that I had prescribed for several times . The trouble was upon the right side . The pain ran from from the hip down the out side of the thigh or at times she said it was more towards the back side of the thigh . finally the symptom came out that she was sore when straightening out the limb , especially in standing , but could stand at work with comparative comfort if she stood with the foot of the affected side upon a chair . Herrings condensed material medica has pain in hip and thigh would break ; ischias . valeriana 12 cured promptly and permanently


3] Eyelids ulcerated and covered with styes and nodosites til they looked like a mass of corruption , many sore places and ulcerated spots on face . cured staphysagria 200 4] pruritis vulvae during pregnancy , eruption vascular  ithing intolerable at night in warm bed ; cold water applications alone enabled her to sleep merc. Sol 6 relieved temporary 6 m cured 5] chronic painful urination . most pain at close and after urination ; parts so sore that she could hardly walk sarasapilla 200 cured

6[ anticrudum is indicated in remittent fever by the following symptom , child delirious , drowsy with nausea , hot and red face , tongue very white great thirst especially at night aversion to be bathed or touched or looked at fretfull , pain in stomach with nausea after overloading stomach and rheumatism in fear when soles are so sensitive that he can hardly step on them 7] antium tart cured a very severe chole morbus , charecterised by omitiof food with great effort , followed by debility , chilliness and sleepiness also intermittent , with sort chill and long heat , with great somnelency and pale face 6] indications for silic in infantile diarrhea are ; child takes food well , but it passes undigested and child gets emaciated , this may alternate with loss of appetite and vomiting of every thing taken , head sweats , some times cold , head often cold relieved by wraping up ; often cold sweat on feat and leg stools required , slmy frothy or mucous generally feted

7] mr, x has been ill for years great distress from one to three hours after eating much much acidity , constipated stool small and unsatisfactory much palpitation after meals ; says he knows he has heart disease and has loss weight , looks pale and is very much discouraged lycopodium 200 to 6m much relieved him . then he had great swelling pain , soreness

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