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Women’s Health Problems And Homoeopathic Treatment

A women’s weakest area often seems to be connected with her reproductive system and it’s associated hormones , the system is a delicate and intricate as a watch movement , but unfortunately it is often treated rather heavy handedly by modern medicine , many problems can be resolved by constitutional homoeopathic treatment , as well as by dietary adjustment , for non persistent conditions , homoeopathic self help will ease much distress .

Anaemia : anaemia is usually caused by an iron deficiency and manifests itself through weakness , pallor and lack of stamina . The most vulnerable times are during pregnancy or after excessive blood loss due to heavy periods , iron pills supplied by your doctor often severly upset the bowels , so gentler methods are preferable , eat foods rich in iron and try organic iron preparations which can be obtained from health food  shops , ferrum phos should also be used daily .

Cystitis : Many women are familiar with the burning agony of urinating when they have a bladder infections ,cranberry juice or sodium bicarbonate can often help , two of the most useful remedies are cantharis and apis , use cantharis as a general remedy , apis can be helpful .

Masitis : Mastitis means inflammation of the breast and occurs commonly during breast feeding , it can be painful but is not normally serious , breast feeding does not have to stop because of it . homoeopathy is usually very successful in curing the inflammation . A woman’s hormonal balance is very finely turned and is easily upset.

Pytolacca “has a special affinity with the breast area and is the most important remedy for the condition . The breast may feel lumpy as well as being swollen . the nipple may cracked and particularly sensitive , if the breast looks very red and throbs painfully ,”bellodonna “should be considered . “pulsatilla “ is also a remedy to think of when emotional issue are uppermost – especially when you feel unsupported and weepy . one of the best alround remedies for mastitis is “ pytolacca”

Pre-Menstrual Tension: 

Most are familiar with the mood changes that arise just before an on coming period , but for an unfortunate few more extreme symptoms of depression , anger and weepiness can appear , some times as much as a week or more before the flow begins . A visit to a professional homoeopath can often be of great benefit , but there are some remedies that you might try your self at home to alleviate some of those very distressing symptoms

Pulsatilla is an excellent remedy ,if weeping and the feeling of neediness is prominent .Sepia should be used where there is anger and exhaustion and even indifference towards your family , lachesis is helpful for the more extreme symptoms of violent anger , jealousy and suspicion , PMT mood swings are not uncommon , check your symptoms to find a remedy that might help .

Pre menstrual Syndrome ( PMS ) :

This condition , also known as premenstrual tension , can manifest itself in various ways , for several days before a period starts many women find that they suffer from emotional upsets , such as depression , irritability , loss of libido , extreme anxiety , uncontrollable crying and loss of affection for their family , one or more of these symptoms may be accompanied by weight gain , sore and swollen breasts , swollen ankles and hands and head ache additionally there may be some pelvic discomfort and low back pain . as some of these symptoms are related to salt and water retention by the body at this time , simply cutting down ( but not cutting out ) salt intake will often help .

Pain full Periods (Dysmenorrhoea ) : 

The pain is largely felt in the back and lower abdomen , and can often be made worse by mental anxiety . Usually coming on a year or two after the start of puberty , there is no known cause , although it is thought that it may be due to a tight cervix (neck of the womb ) , the pain usually starts just before , or at the start of the period and last for about 8-10 hours before it starts to diminish , if the pain is severe and / or recurrent , see your doctor .

 Period Pains :

If your period pains are consistently bad , you will need to consult a homoeopath , for occasional pains . There are a number of self help remedies from which you can choose ., the three PMT remedies  mentioned above , pulsatilla ,sepia and lachesis should be considered if the emotional symptoms described fit and seen over – riding 

For pains that respond to warmth and make you want to curl up , mag phos should be helpful , for very severe pains , with bad cramping , vibirnum opulus can be a great pain killer .

Irregular Periods :

The periods are often irregular at the start of puberty , when approaching the menopause and after lactation , this is not abnormal ; it is merely an indication of the hormonal changes associated with the particular time of life or condition , in some women however the periods never become totally regular .

Delayed or Absent Periods :

There may be several causes of these conditions , primary amenorrhoea (the non-appearance of the period at puberty ) is usually due to a hormone or endocrine chemical imbalance or to being under weight , secondary amenorrhoea ( the disappearance of period ) is commonly due to pregnancy , anorexia , stress , anaemia ,endometriosis poly cystic ovaries , starting oral contraception or thyroid hormone deficiency , if you are a very fit athlete , your periods may not start , or they may cease , either way you should ensure that your diet is adequate and that you are getting enough calcium , there are other less common causes of delayed periods so if in doubt about what is the cause , seek your doctor’s advice .

Heavy periods ( menorrhagia) :

The average blood loss in a period is 30 ml , and it is not considered a medical problem until it reaches 80 ml , so the best definition of a heavy period is when it interferes with daily life .

Breast Lumps and Mastitis :

A tender lumpiness may arise in one or both breasts during early pregnancy or occasionally at the time of a period . This is normally hormone induced and is not serious . If the breast becomes tender and redness develops over the painful area , either a breast abscess is about to form or if you are lactaring , acute mastitis is present , simple , non-malignant lumps do frequently develop in the breast , as do simple cysts but medical diagnosis is essential when any lump or cyst is discovered in the breast .

Symptoms ;Mastitis occurs after a chill , red streaks radiate from a central point in the breast .Pulsating pain with hardness of the breast , a sudden headache often accompanies the mastitis , pain occurs because of bruising —-belleis perennis

The breast is hard to the touch , heavy and painful , mastitis occurs after a chill , stitching pains and tense , swelling are experienced —-bryonia alba

Painful cracked nipples ——-graphities

Chronic mastitis ——-silicea

Genital Herpes :

Genital herpes is caused by a virus , women find that bathing the lesions with a hypericum and calendula solution (five drops of mother tincture in about 200 ml , ½ pint of boiled and cooled water ) provides some relief from the symptoms , constitutional treatment may also be some help in preventing recurrences of the virus .

Scanty Periods : The most common cause of this relatively unimportant condition is the contraceptive pill , however it can also occur at one of the three female milestones be an indication of other illness . Irregular periods , an acrid watery vaginal discharge is experienced , a severe head ache develops after the period has finished , feelings of nervousness and tension —-Natrum muriaticum

Moody and changeable , cries a lot and also much improved out of doors –pulsatilla

A sensation as if the contents of the pelvis are about to drop out , may feel cold , totally weary and tired , dislike their family , be irritable and feel very sad but will liven up with exercise and movement –sepia

Vaginal Discharge : Many women have a clear , non-irritating vaginal discharge , which is quite normal , however if the discharge becomes heavy or blood stained or if it causes burning or irritation , or doctor should always be consulted to determine the cause , as most irritating discharges are sexually transmitted , both you and your partner must be treated , conventional treatment , such antibiotics and antifungals is often necessary to rid the body of the causative organism .

Apart from those produced by bacterial infections , the most common vaginal discharges are  1. Thrush : which is caused by a yeast organism called , candida albicans , the symptoms are vaginal irritation , redness and swelling of the vulva and vagina a cottage cheese-like discharge and often a burning sensation when passing urine . 2, Trichomonal infection (or infection )produces a frothy , smelly discharge with pain , irritation and soreness in the genital area and around the top of the thighs , intercourse becomes pain full and a burning sensation occurs when passing urine . acrid burning , greenish-yellow discharge that causes smarting , burning and swelling of the vulva symptoms are worse at night —Merc sol.

Acrid burning , creamy discharge accompanied by back pain –Pulsatilla

Yellow green offensive discharge which is worse before a period and is a bearing-down sensation in the pelvis —–Sepia

Profuse , watery , acrid , irritating , and burning discharge , which causes soreness , smarting and itching of the vulva , discharge is worse before a period –Kreosotum

Menopause and Hot Flushes : Unfortunately , there is now a great tendency for doctors to treat the menopause as a disease , when it simply marks the end of a woman’s child bearing years , because of this there has been a great rush into hormone replacement therapy (HRT) . In fact the symptoms of an out of balance menopause can usually be treated very successfully in a more natural way , through nutrition and homoeopathy . the remedies most often used are again –Pulsatilla ,sepia and lachesis , they can often be prescribed according to the personality and state of mind of the woman as described previously for PMT . The menopause  is not an illness and does not have to be an ordeal . Pulsatilla is often used by homoeopaths , with very good results . Flushes and sweats are possibly the most distressing features of menopause , hot flushes are frequent and can precede a head ache in which the top of the head feels hot while the feet feel cold —Lachesis

Prolapse : When an organ or part of an organ or tissue drops down from its normal position , the condition is called a prolapse , woman most commonly suffer a prolapse of the uterus (womb) which frequently results from straining and stretching the pelvic tissues during child birth , prolapse occurs with a severe bearing-down sensation sensation —–Sepia , Agaricus muscarius , prolapse pain in the left ovary and back , heavy periods —Argentum metalicum .

Vaginal Dryness : Dryness of the vagina is a frequent , unpleasant and some times distressing condition that often starts during the menopause , it is due to the natural ageing process in the body , which leads to thinning and drying of the vaginal lining , however , it is likely that these symptoms are also related to the hormonal changes of the menopause . It results in painful intercourse , which may place a strain on a woman’s relation ship with her partner , and an increased susceptibility to vaginal infections , various lubricating creams such as KY jelly , are available from most pharmacies and may help to improve the condition in some cases . Dryness of vagina leads to improve the condition in some cases , dryness of vagina leads to soreness during and after intercourse , an acrid discharge that burns vagina —-Lycopodium

A dry vagina with an acrid , watery discharge , pain after urination and involuntary loss on coughing and walking ——Natrum muriaticum

Fibroids : Fibroids are non-cancerous rumors lying either in the walls of the uterus or on its surface , they are very common after the age of 35 , but often disappear naturally after about 45 , if your fibroids are small , you may not experience any symptoms but they are a cause of heavy , some times painful , periods , occasionally they grow large enough to interfere with the normal activities of the bladder and bowel , they may be the reason for failure to conceive or recurrent miscarriages , conventional treatment is surgical . Homoeopathic treatment is usually constitutional , but you may find the following medicines helpful .

Uterus is enlarged and may be painful , vaginal spasms and a constant vaginal discharge ——Aurum muriaticum

There are small fibroids with a yellow vaginal discharge ,may experience period pains before the period starts —calcarea iodatum

Short painful periods and an intolerance of clothing or covers symptoms are relieved as the period starts a remedy that is particularly useful at the menopause ———-Lachesis

Acne rosacea : Acne rosacea is a skin complaint that appears on the flush areas on the cheeks . It develops particularly in women at the menopause . The small blood vessels near the skin surface dilate and the sebaceous follicles increase in size .

Rosacea is often complicated by an acne –type eruptions . Excessive tea –drinking is often associated with this complaint , as are orange juice and chocolate . small red pimples on the face —-psorinum

Rosacea with violent pimples on the nose worse in the spring –Arsenicum bromatum

A rash on the tip of the nose as well as the cheeks —-Causticum

A yellow brownish rash involving the cheeks and nose in a saddle like distribution is apparent ——–Sepia

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