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Skin Infections And Homoeopathy

Skin infection can occur at any age , and particularly when the skin becomes broken . The more serious skin infections are listed here , generally medical help is required if the condition is extensive and spreading , if the regional lymph glands become swollen and painful , if the person becomes toxic ( poisoned by the infection ) and feverish , or if the face or scalp is involved , simple skin infections , however respond well to homoeopathic treatment .

Cellulites is a diffuse inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue of the skin , it appears as redness swelling , pain and a raised temperature . Erysipelas is very similar , but is an inflammation caused by a bacteria called the “ streptococcus “ and spreads through the skin and “subcutaneous “ tissues .

Impetigo is an inflammatory , postular skin disease usually caused by another bacteria called the staphylococcus , honey colored crusts which form on the skin are typical .


  1. bluish –red pustular eruptions –antimonium tartaricum
  2. starts as a light-red discoloration but affected skin soon becomes livid , purple and swollen and feels bruised and sore swelling appears early in the development of the condition –apis mellifica
  3. skin appears bright red and swollen , skin is smooth and tense pain is sharp and throbbing , may also be head ache , fever and swollen glands –belladonna
  4. infection starts on nose and spreads to right cheek , large blisters form which                      when they burst discharge a stinging fluid –cantharis
  5. large yellow blisters, a high temperature pain extends from gum to ear –euphorbium
  6. for recurring and chronic cases that involve nose and face , slightest irritation to skin brings on the condition –graphities   
  7. Mainly left sided , the area becomes bright red but soon , becomes dark blue/purple , feels drowsy and weak ––lachesis  
  8. infection of the skin around the joints , useful in the early stages of cellulites

——-manganum aceticum

9.infected skin looks dark , red and swollen and itches and tingles . small skin blisters appears at the start of the infection , scalp face and genitilia are the most common areas involved –rhus tox


 Skin ulcers usually occur on the legs when the circulation is poor , often as a result of varicose veins ., any injury to skin with poor blood supply is likely to become an ulcer and is normally treated with antiseptic dressings and support bandages . Self help included raising the legs above the level of the heart when resting , taking a daily walk eating nutritious diet and avoiding standing . If you are applying your own dressings you can use “ hypericum and calendula ointment “.  A number of homoeopathic medicines can be used to aid healing , but medical advise is often needed


Burning pain that is helped by warmth and is worse between midnight and 2 am –Arsenicum album

Poor circulation and the leg is cold , area feels sore and bruised . ulcer is surrounded by a deep bluish –red area –hamamelis

Edge of the ulcer looks clean cut —-kali bichromicum

Skin around the ulcer is bluish purple , ulcer is painful when walking or being tightly wrapped —–lachesis

For when there is infection with foul smelling pus –mercurius solubilis

Ulcer bleeds easily , pain as if a splinter is there —nitric acid


Skin irritation can occur without a rash and is occasionally caused by underlying disease , so if it persists consult your doctor , it can be a problem during pregnancy , when the skin temperature is slightly raised and a cool bath or shower may give relief . In older women the skin may be itchy because it is rather dry , but using moisturizing creams and lotions can help relieve the problem .


Skin is dry , itchy and is aggravated by warmth —alumina

There is itching of the vagina and vulva —-caladium saguinum

There is itching all over the body —-itchthyolum

Itching made worse by undressing —-rumex

BUNIONS :  This condition ten times more common in women than in men , is a painful enlargement at the junction of the big toe and the foot , it is probably caused by wearing badly fitting shoes .


A tearing pain in the big toe may also suffer from gout —-benzoic acid


These rashes are known by several different names , but urticaria , nettle rash, poison ivy and hives are those most frequently used . A skin eruption , some times involving the whole body , may develop quite quickly in response to eating foods such as strawberries and shellfish , the rash that appears on the skin consists of multiple , very itchy pink weals which are smooth and slightly raised , the rash is not contagious or infectious , but if the allergy response involves some swelling around the throat or mouth , if the swelling affects the breathing or if the woman has collapsed , urgent medical attention should be sought straight away .


A typical nettle rash with intense itching , very irritable —anacardium

Rash resembles measles —-antimonium crudum

Feels as if skin is burning and becomes very restless , allergy is caused by eating shellfish —-arsenicum album

Rash accompanied by diarrhoea , occurs after excitement , rash develops over night , rash is worse after bathing —-bovista

Chronic urticaria that is worse from drinking milk , feels better in the open air –calcarea carb .

Rash is often accompanied by fever and constipation —-copaiva

Chronic allergic rashes which become worse at the start of winter –dulcamara

Urticaria after eating strawberries —fragaria

Chronic and recurring urticaria —-hepar sulphur

Nerve rash from stress and anxiety —kalibromatum

Rash becomes itchier after exertion —-natrum muriaticum

Rash is red , swollen and intensely irritable , rash is better from warmth –rhus tox

Rash after milk or milk products , rash is worse in the warmth of the bed –sepia

Rash appears after eating shellfish –terebinthina

Intense intolerable itching that is often related to temperature changes , itchy swellings of the fingers , face becomes blochy –urtica urens .

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