Stomach Ulcer: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis and Treatment in homeopathy

Stomach Ulcers And Homoeopathy

Peptic ulcers are one of the conditions in a spectrum of problems affecting the lining of the stomach .The term peptic comes from the name of the cells lining the stomach which secrete the enzyme pepsin .Associated problems include gastric irritation (from aspirin),gastritis (indigestion)and duedonal ulcers .All involve ulceration of the lining of the first part of the digestive tract.The lining or the mucosal layer contains cells that secrete both hydrochloric acid and enzymes that digest the food .Normally a protective mucus prevent the acid and pepsin eating away at the stomach wall ,but if the mucus lining is inadequate ,an ulcer may develop .It was a rare condition before the 1900’s,but is now becoming more frequent and women ,who hither to rarely developed ulcers ,are now prone to them .They do occur in children but are rare in the elderly .symptoms that develop after the age of 50 or 60 should be properly investigated to exlude stomach cancer .Thare is an element of genetic predisposition , and people with blood group D seem to be more liable to ulcers .Although it is commonly believed that diet plays a large part in the causation , and acute ulcers do occur .After eating hot spicy foods , the significance of diet is still not altogether certain .many minor ulcers may occur with out causing any symptoms: it is the persistence of symptoms that suggest the presence of a deep ulcer that will not heal.


GASTRITIS: is a mild every day variety of “indigestion “that can occur partly as a result of overeating or eating foods that harm the lining of the stomach.

GASTRIC ULCERS: occur more commonly in men in the middle age range and are signalled by acute pain in the upper part of the abdomen , relatively soon (0—30 minutes) after eating a meal .the pain can be associated with vomiting and nausea and more seriously will cause some bleeding ,which will either vomited or passed in the faeces which will appear black and tarry.Acute ulcers can occur from severe alcohol intoxication or the use of some drugs  (aspirin, anti inflammatory drugs and steroids )

DUODENAL ULCERS: are most common in young adults in the 20—40 age groups, and affect both men and women .The pain is felt a little after eating a meal and is usually lower down the abdomen on the left side .It is less acute than gastric ulcer pain .

CAUSES: certain foods are known to cause ulcers , including coffee tea, and other gastric irritants such as alcohol —smoking increases your chances of developing an ulcer –over work , anxiety , stress, and tension

 PREVENTION AND SELF HELP : keep a careful diry , noting symptoms against diet content –cut out alcohol , tobacco, coffee and reduce tea to two cups a day –review your life style regarding tension , stress and anxiety levels –if you are a “worrier” learn some relaxation exercises –take up yoga and meditation –eat regularly and slowly —avoid hurried snacks —avoid hot spicy food –do not leave your stomach empty for long hours and if you have to drink alcohol , make sure it is not on an empty stomach—avoid aspirin and aspirin containing analgesics —your diet should include plenty of fruit juices and raw vegetables .


Homoeopathy will be helpful with symptoms but an accurate constitutional diagnosis needs to be made if the ulcer is to heal properly . significant relief can be obtained from :

Argentum nitricum 200:–flatulence and pain

Arsenicum album 200–   anxiety and persistent pain

Nux vomica 200:–for nausea and pain , especially in the early morning

Due to acidity the mucus membrane of stomach is often ulcerated . There is pain and burning , the pain is often relieved by taking some food but after some time it recurs .

Hydrastis : The head remedy , the medicines suggested under acidity, should be tried , Natrum phos , Sulphuric acid , Anacardium , Kali bich. Are also indicated

Loss of appetite and solid food is vomited , constant dull pain , aversion to bread and vegetables .

Kali bichromicum : pain in the small area over the stomach , vomiting of yellow fluid , heavy feeling is felt after eating .

Psorinum ; Great hunger , but with out any increase in weight , need to get up at night to eat , regurgitation of sour liquid which may have a smell of bad eggs .

Peptic ulcers are raw areas that have been ended by gastric acid and can occur in the stomach or the deuodenum . Typically an ulcer causes gnawing upper abdominal pain when the stomach is empty . The pain is normally relieved by eating , drinking or taking an antacid preparation , but occasionally gastric ulcers become more pain full after eating , other symptoms are belching , indigestion or nausea and vomiting . If you suspect an ulcer , you should consult your doctor for medical advice and investigation –urgently if the pain becomes severe , your stools are black or if you are loosing weight .

The qualified and experienced homoeopathic doctor should be consulted for some more symptomatic medicines and potency to completely get cured.

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