Psoriasis: Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, triggers, Treatment in homeopathy

Psoriasis Cured By Homoeopathy

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition affecting one person in 50 . it causes raised red scaly patches which affects both sides of the body . Lesions are common on the elbows and knees but can occur on all parts of the body including the scalp .sometimes the lesions are small and circular . others will join up together to form flaques the nails of the hand feet are also affected leading to pitting and thickening . one in 20 sufferers will develop arthritis , Psoriasis develops in fair skinned people and is usually linked to young adults , but children can also develop psoriasis following a sore throat . when examined under a microscope , the lesions appear to affect the small blood vessels , firstly the small blood vessels , firstly as swelling and then as rapidly growing skin cells .

CAUSES: No cause has been identified but the following factors are felt to be important , * Heridity—it does occur in families. *stress is considered to be an important factor in causing relapses . *certain infections and drugs have been known to precipitate an attack .*diet is not thought to be a major factor , although alcohol does affect the condition

SYMPTOMS: Apart from the unsightliness which may be very distressful , there are few other symptoms .  *itchiness is not uncommon in 20% of sufferers *scaliness of the scalp can give rise to troublesome “dandruff”*pitting nails do not hurt , but it can lead to permanent damage  *Arthritis can be very painful and disabling , involving all joints of the body .

PREVENTION: Once the condition has been diagnosed , those factors known to exacerbate it need to be managed and controlled .

HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT: Homoeopathic remedies are worth trying . *psorinum, *graphites*sulphur *petroleum are all prescribed depending on symptom pattern , distribution of lesions and past history of relapses . consult the homoeopathic doctor for dosage and period. Homoeopaths will often want you to stop any *hydrocortisone ointments that have been prescribed by a doctor , which may actually make the lesions  worse . this worsening may also be an indication of ‘aggravation”,a common response in several alternative therapies (the condition gets worse for a while before it gets better ) this pattern of response is fairly common in homoeopathy and it is important to consult an expert homoeopathic practitioner and follow his or her advise.

  • There is dry ,scaly eruptions . Especially around eyes and ears –“Chrysarobinum”.
  • Rough thickened skin which may crack. finger nails and toe nails are also affected ,much worse in winter –“Petroleum”.
  • Yellowish brown spots appear on the skin .itching and rawness—‘Sepia”.
  • Often helpful for longstanding psoriasis of over weight, skin is dry and the hands and feet are cold –‘Thyroidinum “
  • Red spots after abuse of mercury –“sarasaparilla’.
  • Patches numerous ,with itching patches scale off and are replaced by smaller, leave beneath them a red skin –“Kali ars”.
  • Head eruption ,psoriasis , head covered with inflammatory scaly eruption (child )—“Ars.Iod”.
  • Eye supraorbital eruption psoriasis in eye brows –“phosphorus”
  • Patches irregular with shining scales edges slightly raised –“Iris. Vercicular” .
  • Scales shining white adhesive , looking like stearine –“Sepia
  • Respiration :Asthma alternates with psoriasis –“Sulphur
  • Eruptions black patches ,size of a crown ,and indolent –“Kali. Ars”.
  • Chronic psoriasis especially on dorsal –‘Rhus tox
  • Eruptions ,rash irritating from contact with coarse shirt ,patches like linen in some parts in others a linear appearance .—“Sulphur
  • Eruptions covering a surface about 2 inches long and one inch wide ,hard hypertrophied and covered with thick whitish scales –“Merc.v.”
  • Foot and soles ,knee ,leg,–“Phosphorus
  • Psoriasis palmaris affecting whole palm, itching making it impossible to do work –“Petroleum
  • Face eruption ,herpes, rough ,partly reddish partly whitish lettery spots on left check bone psoriasis –‘Mercurius
  • Eruption on chin circular spots –“Sepia”.

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