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New Invention For Pandemic (PPE For General Public, An Alternative To Social Distancing And Lockdown)

ProMio is a protective encapsulation designed to safeguard humans from the potential threat posed by highly contagious biological agents by isolating humans. It also includes an automated mechanism to easily don and doff the said protective encapsulation, for minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

Epidemics, pandemics, bio-war, bio-terrorism, or the use of bio-weapons in the future can’t be denied. With every new outbreak the humanity will face an unknown, mysterious enemy, in the fight towards such invisible enemies, we rely on developing a vaccine or drug which takes time and resources, by such time we lose several precious lives. Other methods like social distancing and lockdowns take a toll on the economy and invite poverty. Newer biological agents (specially bacterium, virus, or fungus) will keep emerging as threats we cannot every time afford to fight with them using lockdown.

Humans are social animals. Social distancing is like a punishment to them. Enforcing social distancing is difficult through a lockdown and it takes a toll on mental health the people too. People defy social distancing as they want freedom and they want an end to uncertainty. (Americans/Israelis took to the streets in several states to protest the coronavirus “lockdowns”, or stay-at-home rules.)

Immunity is dynamic it can be strong one day and frail the other day, it cannot be built overnight. Likewise, diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, heart disease, COPD, etc cannot be undone at the arrival of a pandemic.    

Comparison of presently available PPE & ProMio:

PPE has several components2, wearing and removing in a particular sequence is a cumbersome and time-consuming procedure.*Single piece, no sequential wearing, very easy to wear, can be worn in no time.
Special training is needed to don and doff PPE.No training required.
Use and throw make it expensive and leaves behind a high carbon footprint.Re-usable, environment friendly.
Most of the infection to healthcare workers are found to be due to deviation in the doffing procedure, which needs extreme care and adherence to protocol.Automated donning & doffing, therefore, no deviation.
PPE is too very uncomfortable, causes rashes and skin irritation to many.Comparatively comfortable.
The person in PPE cannot eat, drink, or use the toilet.Can eat, drink, or use the toilet.

*CDC Demonstration of Doffing (Taking Off) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

What is a definitive solution to this challenge?

The only lasting and effective solution to this challenge is encapsulating/shielding humans from these biological agents. If the biological agent doesn’t reach humans, it cannot infect them and it is no more transmissible. Therefore, encapsulating humans will stop transmission.

For encapsulating humans, ProMio has been specially designed PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), keeping in mind the challenges associated with presently available PPE. ProMio is a single piece of encapsulation with an automated donning and doffing system to minimize the risk of cross-contamination associated with the presently available PPE.

Therefore, during an epidemic general population can wear ProMio so that people can carry out their day to day indoor/outdoor essential activities like offices, maintenance, services, businesses, food, agricultural services, etc.

Humans wearing ProMio (shield) are in a safety zone and thus the infection can’t reach them. On the other hand, infected people wearing ProMio are in a mobile quarantine zone and can’t infect other people. With ProMio people can move around freely and do their day to day business. When the virus doesn’t find and humans (covered by ProMio) to replicate, it will no longer multiply and can’t spread any further. It will thus break the chain and bring an END to PANDEMIC/EPIDEMIC.

It will prove to be more effective than social distancing which needs strict measures by enforcing agency, public support & public education.

Thus, an effective alternative to social distancing. The cost of ProMio is meager when compared to not using it.

It may definitely not be very comfortable to wear and carry on tasks, but, it surely will help and ensure sustainability & continuation of essential socio-economic activities. As safety cannot be compromised, fashion and comfort take a back seat, at least till such time when the threat of spread of infection is over.
Doctor couple Dr.Nisanth Nambison and Dr.Smita Nambison has developed single piece suit personal protective equipment (PPE) suit for protection from a micro-organism with automated donning and doffing system.
“PPE is not recommended to be worn by the general public. This PPE suit is for policemen, emergency workers, and even people in an office space,” said Government Homeo Medical College & Hospital, Bhopal associate professor, Dr Nisanth Nambison.
The main feature of the suit is an apparatus to wear and remove the PPE without actually directly touching the exterior of the PPE and reduce the risk of infection. Several doctors and other medical staff in spite of wearing PPE contracted the infections due to error in the removal
of the PPE. The new design assists in the safe removal of PPE, he added. The person stands under a rectangular 4-sided piped structure and strings. When the bottom of the cassock with rings is hooked with the string, the rotation of pulley (manual or motorized) will pull the
cassock on all four corners and lift it vertically hooks on the end via a pulley, he explained.
It is a single piece PPE with no sequential wearing, very easy to wear, can be worn in no time. A patent from the office of the controller general of patents, designs, and trademarks (CGPDTM) has been filed for.
“While removing a PPE suit risk of infection spread is highest. This suit minimizes the risk of cross-contamination,” said Dr Nambison. He estimates the entire setup along with a PPE suit would cost less than the consequence of not wearing it. The apparatus for donning on and doffing off can be used by multiple people. The PPE is also reusable.
The suit is ideal for people with low or no risk and as extra care for hospital settings. With COVID-19 here to stay the new reality and use of suit can be for travel, for going to the workplace, for going into public places, hospital visits (as an attendant), explained Dr Smita
Nambison. The suit meets ISO 16603 class 3 exposure pressure, or equivalent standards.
Cassock: is a 360-degree cover of the torso, arm, forearm, thigh, and leg. The cassock is designed to protect the body of humans from a biological agent in the environment. It is open at the bottom with provision to fasten with buttons/Velcro.
Gloves: Rubber coated extension of cassock sleeves, starting at the level of the wrist with elastic band in the sleeve.
Donner and doffer: is a 4 piped structure with a rectangular 4-sided piped structure connecting them at the top. The 4 piped structure holds strings with hooks on the end via a pulley. When the bottom of the cassock with rings is hooked with the string, the rotation of
pulley (manual or motorized) will pull the cassock on all four corners and lift it vertically.

Sprinklers at the 4 piped structure can sprinkle disinfectant PPE and alternatively, it can be washed or disinfected with the help of appropriate wavelength of UV light or fumigation.
Inflating ProMio from the bottom will reveal if there is a puncture in the PPE. Punctured PPE not safe for use.So there are two types of PPE gown types, the other is the coverall type ProMio design is a modified gown type.

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