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Emergency Cases And Homoeopathic Treatment

1] One head ache which began right and went to the left .since then feels nauseated in the morning . is very sensitive to a warm room . feels as if her head would burst

A change from good to bad feelings , or vice versa , comes suddenly

2 ] one case of headache lasted three days , but not so hard as usual . pain in the dark room . menses just over . had abdominal pain before and during period  sepia 1M

3 ] no headache this week ,for three days head was heavy on the right side with soreness behind the ears . some nausea after breakfast . these discomforts disappeared little later

4 ] A patient reported one headache which started , but was relieved in two hours by a dose sepia 1M followed by two weeks of comfort and increasing strength  then a bad headache followed some overexertion and did not to sepia 1M,but was temporarily relieved by the 45M. The same potency failed to help latter and given CM , was given for a headache and relieved it in an hour. The general condition was not so good , however , the patient did not feel strong . there was a slight headache , most of the time and the brain felt loose . for any jar natrum mur 1M

This was followed by a marked improvement , and six days later the patient reported feeling well and strong .

She has gone abroad for the summer and one can only hope that she will keep well

I think I made a mistake in not giving natrum mur 1 M , at first instead of the 200th

Sepia , in spite of its resemblance to the case was certainly not the similimum

Another case:

Mrs.W.B, age 45 years . two daughters 19 and 13 , twelve years ago had a fall , fracturing the skull on the right side of the coronal suture and severing the left auditory nerve

She now has headaches lasting several days . they usually begin in the night or early morning and she wakens with the pain which is expansive and very severe , stooping , headaches come of the menstrual period , every other time . for the last two years menstruation has been very painful , every other time , with the direction from front to back . back very painful . upper arms pain. before menses has a strong craving for sweets . menses first at 11 years , painful at first with hard cramps , since child birth better lately

In the last year and a half has had very great nervous strain owing to several cases of illness and one death in the family

General physical condition good . blood pressure 120/70

Taking into consideration especially the injury from the fall I gave hypericum 1M which was followed by some relief

Two weeks later . I was called to see the patient who was menstruating and suffering much pain in abdomen and back , firm pressure . there was also hard headache extending down the neck ,pressure . for this I prescribed natrun mur 1M with some confidence but the next morning back to arms . The streaming pain made me think of hypericum again which I gave 45 m , but in vain . finally I prescribed nux vomica 1M which relieved two weeks later there was another headache which began on on waking , was worse in the occiput , and extended to neck and back . there was the sensation of a tight band around the head , the eyes pulled back and there was an from stooping . seia 1M , improved condition promptly this remedy has proved cotinuuosly helpful , in spite of an attack of grippe that demanded other medicines for a week or more . A beginning headache has been stopped by a dose of sepia and the menstrual condition has been much relieved the menopause is evidently approaching and that with the nervous tension under which the patient lives makes the case far from simple . however Mrs, B.is much better off than she was . she told me that it was almost three months since she had had a real headache .

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