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Efficacy Of Homeopathic Medicines In Alcohol Abuse And Dependence


The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is a United Nations International Day against drug abuse and the illegal drug trade. It is observed annually on 26 June, since 1989.


●Ranunculus Bulbosus: Menial attacks of drunkards.

●Coffea: Headache due to alcoholism. As if nails were driven into head. Worse in open air. Sleeplessness, convulsions and liveliness.

●Antim Crud: Nausea continues for long time after drinks.

●Capsicum: Morning vomiting, sickness of stomach, frightful vision and delirium.

●Zincum: Headache caused by a small quantity of liquor.

●Cantharis: The patient attempts to bite with urinary complaints and sexual excitement.

●Asarum Europeum: A great longing for alcohol.

●Avena Sativa: Nervousness and sleeplessness. Takes away the longing for alcohol.

●Cimcifuga: Sleeplessness with mental depression and mild delirium.

●Nux Vomica: Nervousness due to drinking wine or liquor. Is frightened by little noise and springs up at night with dreadful visions. It antidotes bad effects of liquor, such as gastric troubles, giddiness, restlessness, etc. Tendency to jealousy and envy ; to suicide by shooting or stabbing.

●Apocynum Can: For acute alcoholism.

●Hyoscyamus: Constant delirium with loquacity and insomnia. Outburst of laughter alternating with weeping.

●Cannabis Ind: Violence and talkativeness due to alcoholism. Delusions and hallucinations relating to exaggerated subjects, time, space, etc. Face flushed, pupils dilated, perspires easily.

●Opium: In old sinners who have had delirium tremors over and over again. Expression of fight or terror on the face. Breathing strenuous, visions of animals and ghosts with uneasy sleep. Face dark red. For brandy drinkers. For those who get drunk even after taking mild wines.

●Sulphuric Acid: Head remedy for chronic alcoholism. Cannot tolerate even the slightest amount of food. cannot drink water unless mixed with whisky. Craving for brandy. Patient is pale, shrivelled and cold.

●Stramonium: Suitable for habitual drunkards. Has vision of animals coming at him from every corner and he tries to escape. Face bright red. Hallucination and illusion are fright and terror producing.

●Conium: Intoxication after taking the smallest quantity of liquor or even wine in water.

●Coca: Longing for alcoholic liquors.

●Syphillinum: Craving for alcohol in any form. Hereditary tendency to alcoholism.

●Alumina: Easily made drunk by even the weakest spirituous drink.

●Lachesis: Ill-natured people, inclined to violent crimes, vindictive, jealous, envious, induced to kill others and not himself. Talkativeness before and during drunkenness.

●Petroleum: Drunkards without energy, without strength of will, unable to refuse a glass of wine. Vomiting after the least excess in drinks. Talking much when drunk.

●Ars Alb: Thirst for drinking alcohol. Is also a head remedy and should be tried first. Inclined to vomiting and still more to diarrhea. Trembling of limbs in drunkards.

●China Off: To remove the craving for alcohol in drunkards who wish to reform. Give ten to thirty drops a dose twice daily.

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