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Beauty Care Through Homoeopathy

Beauty is a God given gift which heightens ones joy and heals ones ones sorrows . we results thus found concluded that the beauty  or fair complexion which is deranged due to certain internal and external factors can be restored to original with the administration of homoeopathic medicines depending up on the type of ailments its causation and the constitution of body .

Pimples , acne warts , moles oily greasy skin , rough , wrinkled skin pale (click to check out facelift procedures) , unhealthy look dark rings , round the eyes falling of hairs unwanted facial hairs premature grey hairs nerves look sunken eyes discoloration of skin obesity and lean emaciated  figure etc. are cured   with the cured with the homeopathic medicines .which are safe and free from side effects and help to bring healthier and natural facial look.

Acne pimples which specially occur in young age  or cured with medicines kalib brom, as terias rub –calc phos and –berberis acquafolium depending upon the symptom of an individual –GRAPHITES.

Greasy oily skin is normalised with-MRC SOL

  • Natrum mur and plumbum , psorinum  and sulphur help to smoothen the dry –rough skin
  • Medicines like thuja  causticum ,nit acid and dulcamara warts very favourably in removing warts and moles.

Large number of ladies  suffer from dark rings round the eyes , which is an unhealthy sign , they are restored to normal with china , staphisagria , phosphorous and Natrum    mur depending upon the cause of ailments

Dark –long bright hairs are considered part beauty , which adds luster to ones  face  phosphorus, borax, weisbanden  and sepia prevent the falling of hairs and also help in their new growth ,thyrodinum , acid phos , lycopodium and  natrum mur have a special affinity to cure and bring back to normal the premature grey hairs  for removing unwanted facial hairs , thuja and oleum jec, have shown marvelous results

Discoloration of skin , causes great resentment amongst the growing young people and the homeopathic medicines have shown their superiority bringing back the skin to its normal luster , medicines found effective according to the signs and symptoms are as under

Pale face with sunken eyes –china

Yellow face with yellow /brown spots on the chest and face –sepia

Blakish or bluish spots –ars alb

Red streaks or lines –hypericum

Deathlyface face with blue rinks round the eye –bismuth ,extreme paleness due anaemia –ferrum met

Leucoderma –white discoloration of skin has responded positively to ars sulph –hydrocotile and natrum mur

Obesity or accumulation of uneven fat in the body is reduced considerably with the use of calc carb , graphites , pytolacca and focusvesyculis

Lean and emaciated persons are found to gain weight with the medicines

Like Tuberculinum , ntrum mur , iodium and hydrastis

Disfigurement of face due to small pox is cured with variolinum and sarraccina-paccina –p , where as the disfigurement due to acne or scars ,left by ulcers /boils  respond well to silicea and calc flour

It is found that odium is an remedy remedy for changing complexion to fair color and sarsaparilla for clearing the complexion

In homeopathy the use of external applications  like creams, ointments ,and lotions are not advised, as they cause suppression of ailments , instead of caring the use of milk fruits and green vegetables are highly recommended

Homeopathic medicines should not be taken with out consulting the homoeopathic phycician as the selection of medicine is based on the totality of symptoms which only a qualified and competent doctor can take for immediate and permanent cure potency of medicines is very important which varies from patient to patients and disease to disease ..

Case -1 –A girl of 20 years came to my clinic on 20-6-1999 , she has highly worried about her oily skin for which she had to wash her face frequently to remove the greasiness , other symptoms were loss appetite , short memory , mild constipation deathly pale face with sunken eyes , nervous and irritable nature menses very painful but regular haemoglobin -7-2 gms ,she was given plumbum 30 and ferrum pos 30x  QID alternately plumbum 30 and ferrum phos 30xfor 15 days  when she came after 2 weeks of treatment she was looking cheerful and healthy

Her oily greasy skin was 50% normal hb raised to 9gms appetatite improved then plumbum 200 0n every 4th day and ferrum phos 30xtds was prescribed . after 6 weeks treatment her skin was abeolutely normal palenass gone  hb was 11.5 gms appetite very good appearance very healthy on. On 8 10 -1999 she came to me for another ailments and again thanked me about her previous recovery absolutely normal , paleness acne hb was 11/5 gms ,appetite very good appearance very healthy on 8-10-19999 she came to me for another ailment and again thanked me about her previous recovery

Case-2 A young lady college lecturer , aged 52 years  came to  me and told that she had takenall sorts of allopathic and ayurvedic treatment but her problem of hair falling in bunches and dandruff had not been cured , she was having very fair complexion but the eyes were surrounded by dark rings  thirst stool constipated , desire for cold drinks , sensitive nature , so the medicine phosphorous 200 as constitutional medicine was selected and its 2 drops were given directly over her tongue and S>L given for 1 week on her 2 visit , I was astonished to note that here was falling of hair since  the first day and the problem of dandruff was considerably improved , so phoshporos200 at one week interval was given for six weeks and both her ailments were completely cured which never reoccurred again .

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