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Nosodes And Cure

Homoeopaths have had nosodes at their service since the days of Hahnemann Constantine Hering was first to urge their adoption and Hahnemann was the first to prove one psorinum has been one of the classic remedies of homoeothy ever since Hahnemann published his proving of it in the third volume of staf.s ardit , But for all that most homoeopaths have looked at nosodes askance . the late Dr. Huges never mentioned them so far as we are aware , and readers of his pharmacodynamics will search in vain for an account of psorinum in that work , it is well known that Dr.Huges kept out of his works everything that he thought was likely to be offensive to allopaths , those who have accepted his work as a complete setting forth of homeopathic doctrine and practice have consequently suffered a serious limitation in their range of practice

But in spite of the squeamish party among the homoeopaths , nosodes have held their place since Hahnemann’s , nosodes have held their place since Hahnemann,s time and the most brilliant of its practitioners have made the greatest use of them , and now that the allopaths are every day bringing forth some new serum or toxin or antitoxin   or vaccine the most punctilious of homoeopathswill be compelled to take the same notice of the nosode question

It may seem strange to non-medical readers but it is nevertheless true that the ordinary homoeopathic practitioner is never so happy as when he has allopathic sanction that aroused the anger of the late Dr. Burnett more than another.

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