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Life Style Affecting Your Health Helpful Tips For Healthy Eating


1.enjoy a variety of healthy foods every day

2eat more fruit and vegetables (at least 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables every day , add fruit and / or vegetables to each meal and snack

3 keep a record of your daily food intake for a week or so to see if youe eating habits have changed

4 eat regular meals – and don,t forget breakfasts , if you skip meals , you are hungry , planning meals ahead can help

5 eat more fibre by including high fibre foods such as oats , bran , legumes , vegetables and fruit in your meal and snacks

6 drink plenty of water

Things to linit ;

1 consider your portion sizes

2 eat less processed intake if you choose to drink alchohol is energy dense and can contribute to weifht gain

4 eat only moderate amounts of sugars and foods containing , added sugars

5 choose foods low in salt

6 limit your intake of “sometimes foods such as unhealthy snacks and take –way foods


1 fruit and / or yoghurt blended together wit reduced fat milk to make a delicious smoothie

2fresh fruit and vegetables , dried fruits or an occational handful of unsalted nuts

3 fruit bread and whole grain bread or toast with healthy spreads like avocado or low fat cream

Cheese makes a filling healthy snack

4 low fat natural yoghurt wit fresh fruit to taste

5 whole grain breakfast cereal with fruit and reduced fat milk

6 fruits like oranges and grapes make delicious frozen snacks

Cooking at home

When cooking meals at home use health cooking methods , such as grilling stirfrying , like microaowaving or steming , those arebetter options than deep frying or prolonged boiling

Tips for grocery shopping

1 prepare a shoping list and stick to it avoid doing grocery shopping when your are hungry

2 choose meats ( eg saugage or

3 try to limit foods than a contain a lot of energy , such as cakes , biscuits

4 buy low fat and unsweetened foods

5 read the nutrition information panel on food

6 buy poly unsaturated or monosaturated oils like sunflower oil and olive oil for cooking rather than saturated fats like butter or ghee

7 leave juice and sweetened drinks , like cordial or soft drinks off your shopping list and drink water instead soft drinks off your shopping list

8 buy lime juice or herbs and spices for your vegetables and salads sauces are also usually high in fat and salt

What should I be eating ?

As well as being physically active healthy eating is recommended to help reduce your risk of chronic disease enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods including

1, plenty of vegetables , legumes and fruits

2 plenty of cereals including breads , rice , pasta and noodles

3 lean meat , fish , poultry and / or alternatives such as eggs , liver and kidney , legumes and nuts

4 milk , yoghurt , cheese and or/ dairy alternatives such as fortified soy milk and soy based products , reduced fat varieties should be choosen where possible

Daily recommendations

1, one serve equals fruits , medium rice apple medium potato , 1 cup salad vegetables

2 do 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity on most days of the week

3 drink plenty of water , water is the best and cheapest

4 limit your intake of drinks with added kilojoules / energy or caffine such as soft drinks

5 limit your intake of ‘ sometimes’ food , are not essential to provide the nutrients , the body needs and some essential to provide the nutrients the body needs

Foods diary / activity

Are you eating to plan ?

Planning your meals makes it easier

What you actually eat to keep tabs on how you are going

Keep a tally of your daily movement using the activity planner , aim for atleast 30 minute of moderate activity each day , remember that you can accumulate your 30 minutes

Help full tips for physical activity

Every one loads busy lives , now a days and it can seem hard to find time for physical activity into every day activities as you can

Getting started

  1. Set a date for when will start write the date down and stick to it
  2. Choose activities that are right for you and make sure it is something you enjoy
  3. Make an activity planner so you can put the times and you will do each activity
  4. 4 planning to do physical activity with others may help you to stick to your plan and achieve your goals
  5. Getting physically active

buy your self a pedometer – a gadget which whe wirn on your hip counts how many steps you take

catch up with friends b walking together rather than meeting for coffee or a meal . try a new sport / activity or go back to one yoy have tried before , visit your local library and check for local community activities sucs as walking groups in your area walk

walk or cycle instead of using the car for short trips

getting active with your family

play activily with your children – kick a ball , around , skip jump on the trnpoline or go for a bush walk , go on the trampoline or go for a bush walk , go on a family bike ride or take your dog or the neighbours,s dog for a walk

getting active at work

keep a pair of walking or running shoes in the car at work and you will always be ready foe a walk go for a short walk during your lunch break

start a walking group with work colleagues / friends and stick to a routine of certain days or times to go out together walk to long way to the photocopier and printer or fax machine or even to the bath room and kitchen park the car further away from work or get on and off the bus/train at a stop that is further away

keeping active ;- do not give up –you have not blown it be positive and keep going

let your friends and family know you are making healthy life style changes that are important to you and ask them for their support to help you make those changes set a goal and work towards it – make it a realistic short term goal and work towards it – make it a realistic short term goal and reward your self when you get there

physical activity for weight loss there are no magical solutions to losing weight , it takes time to put on weight and it takes time to lose it , you are most likely to have long term success if you lose weight , slowly and make changes to your life style that you can stick with for a life

at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity each day is recommended to maintain good health , if you are looking to sustain weight loss you should do at least 60-90 minutes of daily moderate intensity physical activity and not exceed your kilojoule requirements


A long with healthy eating , regular physical activity helps you maintain good health reduces you risk of chronic diseases such as some cancers , heart disease and type2 diabetes and can prevent obesity , you don’t have todo


You can accumulate your 30 minutes or more of moderate – intensity by combing a few shorte sessions of about 10-15 minutes each through the day

Moderate – intensity physical activity will cause a slight , noticeable increase in your breathing and heart rate and should be carried , out for at least 10 minutes , example incude brisk walking bike riding or kicking a ball with your kids , vigourous activity is where you huff and puff where talking in full sentences between breaths is difficult , vigorous activity can come from sports such as foot ball , squash , netball , basket ball and activity such as speed walking , jogging and fast cycling , aerobics


Is your life styles can have a major on our health and well being , unhealthy eating and enough physical activity can lead to an increased risk of chronic disease such as cancers , heart disease and type 2 diseases

A quick way to check your risk is to measure your waist

A waist line of greater than 94 cm for most men or 80cm for most women is an indicator of internal fat deposits which can surround the heart , kidneys , liver and pancreas and increase the risk factors for chronic disease

The good news is that the majority of chronic diseases are preventable for most people through healthy life dtyle choices , evidence shows that healthy eating and regular physical activity can oprevent or delay the onset of such chronic diseases this will provide you with some simple steps you can take to reduce your risk of chronic disease and help you to lead a healthy life

For men

Increased risk 94cm

Are at you risk

Measuring your waist line is a simple check to find out your line is a simple check

1measure directly against your skin

2 breathe out normally

3 make sure the tape is snug , with out compressing the skin

4 the correct place to measure your waist is horizontally half way , this is roughly in line with your button

What about the BMI?body mass index (BMI) is a way of of telling if some one is over weight

bMI= weight /height

For example a woman 1.67 m in height and weighing 65 kgs

Wlould have a BMI of 23.3 , over 25 means you are over weight , over 30 means you are obese . however BMi does have some limitations , for example BMi does not necessarily , reflect body fat distribution or describe the same degree of fatnee in different population groups , increasingly expertise , that the type of fat and where it is on your body more important tan BMI and that your waist circumference is really the figure that you should pay a attention to even if your BMI is normal , if you have a waste measurement above 94 cm for

Women 80 cm you may be at risk of serious chronic disease

Men and 80 cm for women you may at risk of serious chronic diseases the waist measurement suggest that you have an increased risk of developing a chronic disease increased risk men more than 94 cm women more than 80 cm greatly increased risk men more than 102 cm . women ;- more than 88 cm the waist measurement above are recommended for men and women

In today’s life style you are exposed to pollutants toxins and unending stress from demanding jobs and relationships and the modern medicines system is worsening same by suppressing your ailments and having its side effects . lifestyle diseases are different from other diseases because they are potentially preventable. And can be lowered with changes in diet life style and homoeopathy lead a healthier life style its never too late to start a fresh and in inculcate good habits now and you will reap the benefits for your entire life we have made an attempt to present common life style ailments and our response to fight them naturally and totally with out side effects homoeopathic medicines owe there high level of efficacy and quality to years of research and straight manufacturing procedures

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