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Homoeopathy For Tinea Cruris: A Case Report

Dr. Sunil Thomas1 Dr. Peeyush Tiwari2, Dr. Poonam Sharma3

  1. Professor & HOD of Department of Repertory, Dr M.P.K. Homoeopathic medical college, Hospital & Research Center, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
  • PG Scholar, Department of Repertory, Dr M.P.K. Homoeopathic medical college, Hospital & Research Center, Jaipur (Rajasthan)
  • PG Scholar, Department of Homoeopathic Pharmacy, Dr M.P.K. Homoeopathic medical college, Hospital & Research Center, Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Abstract– Tinea is a common superficial infection caused by dermatophytes. The lack of delayed hypersensitivity reaction in presence of positive hypersensitive response to trichophytin antigen to chronicity of disease is pathogenicity of tinea.1 A case of 40 year male patient having itching herpetic eruption on inguinal region with lesions extremely progressive and chronic. Patient having history of previous conventional treatment and use of antifungal ointments. This case resolved completely with Sulphur within a 6 weeks.

Key word– Homoeopathy, Dermatophytes , Sulphur, Tinea cruris

Introduction- Tinea is the superficial fungal infection of skin. Its manifestations of skin, shows ring like eruption with itching and burning sensation. Dermatophytosis is defined as fungal infection of the keratinized tissue of the hair, nail and corneum of the skin.2 Tinea cruris is the fungal infection of groin region.3

The fungal infection of skin is more common in tropical countries like India due to heat and humidity. The risk factors include socio-economic conditions like overcrowding and poor personal hygiene. alternative therapies are found to be effective in controlling the fungal infections. Homoeopathy has always been an alternative therapy preferred by various dermatologists.4

Case profile- A 40 year male came in OPD with the complaints of itching herpetic eruption on inguinal region with chronic and progressive lesions since 4-5 years ago, red circular patches with intense itching. Complain aggravation at night and changing of cloths. Another complain of Heartburn after eating. Hemorrhoides since 1-2 year ago. Intense burning after defecation in rectal region. Patient have uses of conventional ointments causes loss of skin the inguinal region (shows in picture).

istory of present complaints & treatment history– Patient was apparently well for month

after use of conventional ointments. The complaints gradually increase after treatment. Sometimes complaints slight relief but no improvement of the compalints.

Physical generals– Desire for sweets. Sometimes stool hard and constipated, burning in anus afterdefecation.

Mental generals– patients desire for company.

Provisional diagnosis– Tinea cruris

Totality of case

  1. Herpetic eruption on inguinal region.
  • Itching eruption on inguinal region at night.
  • Heartburn after eating.
  • Burning in anus after defecation.
  • Desire sweets.

Repertorial totality

First prescription with justification- Sulphur 200 one dose was prescribed after repertorization onthe basis of totality of symptoms and potency prescribed according to susceptibility of patients and nature of medicine. 200CH potency was selected and single dose was given to avoid any unwanted aggravation. After that patient was given placebo for 7 days.

Case Report

Date Complaints of the patients Presrcription      
  Itching reduced. Redness is reduced. Burning Rubrum     No any
24/2/2018 in anus slight relief. Scar formation better. 30/tds for 7 relapse or
    days.     adverse event
1/3/2018 Itching better but eruption on inguinal region Rubrum        
  slight increased. 30/tds for 7    
8/3/2018 Itching  slight  increased  and  eruption  on Sulphur     No any
  inguinal  region  increased.  Burning  in  anus 200/1dose/   relapse or
  slight  increased.  New  superficial  skin  are stat     adverse event
  formed.       noted  
14/3/2018 Itching  better,  burning  in  anus  better,  no Rubrum        
  eruption 30/tds        
    For 7 days      
20/3/2018 No eruption present in inguinal region, itching Rubrum        
  better, burning better in the anus. 30/tds for 7      
Fig 1. Tinea cruris before and after treatment
Fig 2. After Treatment

Discussion & Conclusion– Homoeopathic medicine Sulphur 200CH has worked curatively for the treatment of dermatophytes infection. In this case application of antifungal tubes caused skin demarcation which was regenerated after homoeopathic treatment within 3 months.


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