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Guiding Symptoms Of Lime Of Carbonate

Dr. Mohammad Salahuddin(1) Dr. Shivangi jain(2) Dr. Sandhya Rathour(2) Dr. Manju Bijarnia(2), Dr. Bhupendra Arya(3)
1. HOD, Department of Anatomy, Homoeopathy University, Jaipur (Raj.)
2. PG scholar Department of Paediatrics, Dr. M.P.K. Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur (Raj.)
3. PG scholar Department of Practice of medicine, Dr. M.P.K. Homoeopathic Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur (Raj.)

Abstract: For the welfare of our society we all know to make health of the people & it’s necessary to keep healthy from its childhood age because mental behaviors depends upon the physical activity and physical health. Calcerea child is very intelligent and hardworking but timid and weak in nature.

Key words: Calcarea, Baby, Stubborn , Insecurity.

Constitution: Large head that is disproportionate to the rest of the body, with general obesity. It is suited to fair, fatty, flabby patient who is easily fatigue and tired on walking with much sweating, cold extremities. There is tendency to obesity children who grow fat, chalky look with red face, large belly like inverted saucer with large head, open fontanelles and sutures, flabby muscles pale skin, soft bone, who sweat easily, specially on back side of the head and neck and swollen glands.
Thermal: Chilly patient disposed to catch cold very easily. These people gain weight easily and have difficulty losing it even when consuming very few calories. This is characteristic of calcarea child.

Leucophlegmatic temperament.

Mind: The main feeling of calcarea is the need for stability and security. Calcarea baby need protection. They find this security in the form of very close connection with their home, their family friends. Calcarea baby like to be dependent on all these persons, because it is only these persons because it is only here that they feel protected calc. child do not have much stamina so they generally avoid physical activity. By nature they are rather reserved, withdrawn and self reliant. They would rather sit and watch than, actively join the game of other children they are intelligent, but their comprehension may be a bit slow, slow at school, slow at games clumsy in action.
Precocious, intelligent and hardworking children. It takes them a bit longer to understand the material being presented and for this reason the often feel hurried in their work. They are capable of hard work however and they may spend hours completing their home work.
The another important hint towards calc. is phenomenon these patient often describe without cause they often feel they are being watched by other people. Calc tends to fear of challenges that would result from being successful especially academically. There are many fears afraid of insects, mice, rats, or dogs, they have fear of heights, afraid of dark, fear of illness, and there is strong fear to go to dentist or pediatrician and of being examined or vaccination. Children, who cannot tolerate any sorts of violence, will frequently hide if the other children are quarrelling, will avoid playing rough games. Extremely opposed to watching horror or war movies. On watching the scenes of fighting or horror on TV calc. child either leave the room or close the eyes. There is intense fear of pain and suffering.
Calc child can be very obstinate and can be even get aggressive but this behavior is confide only to within their home and is directed especially to their parents. Outside they are quite, timid and fearful and well behaved sensitive to rudeness and admonition. He is intensely concerned about god and existential question and very serious about religion. Calc. child is happy when constipated. Infants has a habit of constantly putting his fingers in his mouth, younger children’s love to play with fingers.

• Coldness of various parts of body eg. Abdomen, feet, head, legs
• Soft bone enlarged epiphysis open fontanels with tendency to develop rickets.
• Child refuse walk always love to be carried by the parents or other family members, to the extent of throwing tantrums if refuse to carry him.
• Milk is refused by the newborn. The child cries much due to hunger but will not suck breast.
• Difficult or delayed dentition.
• Triad of constitution in infancy is red face, flabby muscles and easily sweating.
• Triad of constitution in childhood is easily sweating, tendency to catch cold, chilly.
• Profuse perspiration.
• Desire for eggs, ice cream, sweets, chocolate, meat, indigestible things like sand ,slate, pencil
• Aggravation: Ascending (breathlessness, weakness), pressure of clothes, exertion of any kind, dryness and chapped skin in winter, especially of feet.

Discussion: In Calcarea baby, obesity or fear is marked present. They have fear of security, or stability by others for their survival. Calc. baby has week immune system they commonly have problem of delayed development of bones. By study of calc child we can easily improve the immunity of development of child because in starting of age max child behave like calcarea.

Some rubrics:
-Anticipation, dentist, physician, before going to.
– Anxiety, cruelties, after hearing.
– Delusion, confusion, others will observe her.
– Delusion, murdered, sees someone
– Delusion, smaller, of being.
– Fear, dogs, of.
– Fear, ghosts, of.
– Horrible things, sad stories affect her profoundly
– Magnetized, desire to be.
– Obstinate children, inclined to grow fat.
– Talks, murder, fire, rats, of nothing but.

– Vertigo when ascending an eminence.
– Vertigo from high places.
– Face: greasy.
– Hair, growth of, child’s face.
– Desires eggs. – Metrorrhagia from fright.
– Skin: cracks in winter.

– Ascending aggravates.
– Clothes, pressure of, aggravate.
– Mammae before menses.
– Religious ideas, in children
– Squatting aggravates.

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