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Learn More About Albinism

Albinism is inborn error of genetic mutation ,in which genes from both parents are misprinted and traveled to new born .

Melanin production is reduced or lacking due to Insufficient tyrosinase enzyme or mutation of protein tyrosine. Low melanin level results in milky white skin ,white hair and light blue or pink iris . This disease is not contagious. There is no specific Treatment available, but in Homoeopathy there is hope and it can cure case of albinism by giving well indicated remedy by taking proper case ,asking mother ( mother of pt .) pregnancy history including all mental symptoms ( fears ,delusions , anger etc) because Albinism is inborn error and that’s y mother mental symptoms are necessary to find out the true constitutional remedy of Albino.

Today on day of Albinism awareness day, take a Pledge to treat albinos with love and kindness because hatred and avoidance causes mental trauma and depression among Albinos.

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