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Applied Organon

Dr Vismay Prajapati

Dept. Of Pathology,
CDPCHM, Surat.

Organon has an undeniable applicability in the practice of Homeopathy. Sadly this fact remains obscure & improperly understood by many of us. The ‘doctrine of Complete symptom’ was emphasized mainly by Dr. CMV Boenninghausen & as years passed, Boenninghausen started getting forgotten by later methods & awe of mental symptoms etc.

Let’s quote Stuart Close here-

The Totality of the Symptoms means, first, the totality of each individual symptom.

 A single symptom is more than a single fact; it is a fact, with its history, its origin, its location, its progress or direction, and its conditions.

Every complete symptom has three essential elements:-Location, Sensation and Modality.

By location is meant the part, organ, tissue or function of body or mind in which the symptom appears.

By sensation is meant the impression, or consciousness of an impression upon the central system through the medium of the sensory or afferent nerves, or through one of the organs of senses; a feeling, or state of consciousness produced by an external stimulus, or by some change in the internal state of the body. A sensation may also be a purely mental or physical reaction, such as fright, fear, anger, grief or jealousy.

             By modality we refer to the circumstances and conditions that affect or modify a symptom, of which the conditions of aggravation and amelioration are the most important.’ (1)
             ‘To these three aspects which together gave a complete symptom, Boenninghausen added a fourth requirement, the concomitant, which itself is often divisible in the three divisions. He observed that nearly in every case there were to be found one or more concomitant symptoms. A concomitant symptom is one which co-exists or appears in some relation to time, with the outstanding symptoms of the complaint. Concomitants are those which seemingly have no relation to the leading symptoms from the standpoint of theoretical pathology. We might almost term them as “unreasonable attendants” of the case in hand. (2)

Lastly let’s see what the man himself has said-

             ‘For every single symptom complete in all directions may be considered as a diagnosis in itself, which presents a characteristic of a remedy, such as a hundred general symptoms, which are common to many remedies, and are detached, can never afford us.’ (3)

So, we are taught that even a single Complete symptom can lead us to the selection of medicine.

Let’s try to apply it now.

             A girl around 21 yrs of age developed a stye on upper eyelid of right eye. In which, she has burning pain now. On eliciting what happened previously, she narrated having some outside junk food (pizza, panipuri etc) a day back. Beside this, she now also has craving for ice-cream, cold drink etc. That’s all to her dis-eased state.

What do we get now-

Location (with extension)- Right upper eyelid.
Sensation (with pathology)- Stye, Burning.
Modalities (with ailments)- a/f fatty food.
Concomitants- desire- cold food/drink.

We can directly select the medicine as well. But Let us try repertory of Boenninghausen as well viz. the Therapeutic Pocket Book.


And the result we get is-

And we know Pulsatilla as a good medicine for stye, fat food agg, burning, desire & agg from icecream & cold food etc.

Rx– Puls-200 1 dose.

By mistake, she took Puls-1M instead of Puls-200, which was to be taken. So at night, she called back for severe burning in her eyes. But she felt the size of the Stye was reduced up to some extent.
So, I considered it as Homeopathic Aggravation & asked to wash eyes with cold water (which too, is an ameliorating modality of Pulsatilla) & wait & let the night pass. The very next morning she called back to inform that she was completely relieved of her complaints & no stye was visible now.

What to Learn-

-Organon is quite a practical tool, if you understand it well enough.
-Homeopathy is fast.
-Acutes become easiest if you precisely trace the characteristic(s).
-Complete symptoms are nothing short of what Boenninghausen emphasized about them.
-BTPB helps well when you have components of symptoms.
– Homeopathic aggravation is helpful, so Learn to wait.

In Short, Homeopathy is an art. Be Artistic, Flexible, Observant, Precise & Exact, Perseverant & Patient.

(1) Close Stuart, The Genius Of Homoeopathy.
(2) Desai Bhanu, How to find the Similimum with Boger- Boenninghausen’s Repertory.
(3)Boenninghausen CMV, The Lesser Writings.

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