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Can Homoeopathic Medicines Be An Alternative To Antibiotics?

Dr Brijesh P.Vaidya
B.H.M.S (Gold Medalist)
Assistant Professor
Department  of Physiology
C.D.Pachchigar Homoeopathic College, Surat.

Now a days antibiotics become essential part of modern medicine prescription to combat over microorganism. But since last decade it seem that effectiveness of antibiotic became questionable. It may be due to high usage without proper indication, discontinue without proper dosage, microorganism became more resistance etc. There are so many factor make questions arising to effective for antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health today. It leads to higher medical costs, prolonged hospital stays and increased mortality. Antibiotic resistance is rising to dangerously high levels in all parts of the world. Our Homoeopathic remedies have more scope during this era because we have such medicine which can substitute the antibiotics for acute as well as chronic infection. Our master  Hahnemann already told that germs is end stage of disease. If they got environments for the cultivation they can grows rapidly. Those people who have susceptibility toward infection will catch the infection. Actually they have predispotion toward that so we can treat that will cure rapidly.

                      Our system has over 200 years of experience in treating so many peoples affected by bacterial,viral or other infections, effectively and gently. Homoeopathic medicine can restore the vitality and immune boosting power which generally antibiotic doesn’t have. As we treat man as whole so we have rational healing process. In our system so many wonderful polychrest remedies which works against infection before the era of antibiotics. Successes seen in treating Cholera was one of the reasons that Homoeopathy rapidly grew in popularity and became established in Europe and India in the early 19th century. So Yes we can definitely say that we have scope to treat infective process whether it may acute or chronic. Various studies support that homoeopathic treatment is equivalent in effectiveness to antibiotics for certain human infectious diseases.

Clinical studies : [1]

 In an outcome study, 30 practitioners in four European countries enrolled 456 consecutive patients with at least one of the following three complaints — upper respiratory tract disorders, including allergies; lower respiratory tract complaints, including allergies; or, ear complaints. Of 456 patients, 281 received homeopathy and 175 conventional treatment. The primary outcome criterion was response to treatment, defined as ‘cured’ or ‘major improvement’ after 14 days of treatment. Results showed a response rate of 82.6 percent in the homeopathy group as compared to 67.3 percent in the group receiving conventional medicine. The authors concluded that homeopathy appeared to be at least as effective as conventional treatment of patients with the three conditions studied. In addition, people given a homeopathic remedy experienced more rapid relief (67.03 percent) than patients given conventional medicines (56.6 percent).

Some of the Best Homoeopathic Medicine can work as antibiotics when symptoms matches:

Anthra, Cal.Sulph, Hepar Sulph, Merc, Myris, Nitric Acid,

Pyrogen, Syphi, Tare.C

Biochemic System of medicine have also wonderful role :

1st  stage of inflammation : Ferrum.Phos

2nd stage of inflammation : Kali.Mur

3rd  stage of inflammation : Kali.Sulph likewise we can use.

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