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Role Of Homoeopathy In The War Of COVID-19

Dr. Navita Sharma*1, Dr. Priya Bhardwaj*1, Dr. Pravishtha Awasthi2 , Dr. Bhupendra Arya2

(*1. MD part 1, Batch 2018, Department of Repertory, M.P.K.H.C.&R.C. a constituent college of HOMOEOPATHY UNIVERSITY, JAIPUR.

2. MD part 1, Batch 2018, Department of Practice of Medicine, M.P.K.H.C.&R.C. a constituent college of HOMOEOPATHY UNIVERSITY, JAIPUR.)

Abstract: In the crises of this pandemic SARS COVID-19, where each school of medicine busy in searching the treatment of the disease all over the world Homoeopathy stands ahead in the row with the evidence of its scientific art of cure. The positive results from the prophylactic homoeopathic medicine during epidemic outbreaks of various diseases during recent past, the Scientific Advisory Board of our Council in meeting held on 28 January 2020 discussed to find out possible Genus Epidemicus for recent outbreak of corona virus in China. The Health advisory given by Ministry of AYUSH against corona virus infection included Homoeopathic medicine Arsenicum album – 30 as a possible preventive for flu like illness such as coronavirus infection.

Keywords: Homoeopathy, COVID-19, Genus Epidemicus, Quarantine, Arsenicum album– 30

Introduction: Corona is a family of many viruses. COVID-19 also belongs to this family of corona viruses. In the 1960s, scientists discovered the human corona virus for the first time, then in 2002, it was known as SARS, then after ten years in 2012 with the name MERS and in 2019 with the name of COVID-19. It is a single-stranded RNA virus with a protein coat known as a capsid. Scientists assume that Corona virus first developed in Bats, then spread to humans through a carrier means SARS- it spread from Bat to civet to human; MERS-Bat to Camel then to humans and COVID-19-Bat to pangolin then to human.

 The transmission of the infection is through droplets that come out while sneezing, coughing or spitting. The host may get infected, if they reach their respiratory tract by any means. It can also be transmitted via faecal-oral route as well. That is why WHO gave guidelines for social distancing, wearing masks, sanitization, quarantine, etc.

Major symptoms:

1. Fever

2. Cough 

3. Shortness of breath.

And now WHO includes: loss of smell and taste as common symptoms of COVID-19  and  sometimes without symptoms.

Other symptoms may include fatigue, muscle pain, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, sputum production and abdominal pain.

HOMOEOPATHIC APPROACH: These types of pandemic can be prevented and treated by homoeopathy in a scientific manner. According to aphorism 73 of Organon of Medicine, Dr. Hahnemann says, that the causative factor of these sporadic or pandemic disease is telluric and meteoric change and noxious or injurious agents. Our master Dr. S. Hahnemann gives direction for epidemic disease and for the treatment of epidemic disease Hahnemann gives a homoeopathic specific remedy that is known as GENUS EPIDEMICUS.

GENUS EPIDEMICUS (APHORISM 102): The specific medicine for epidemic disease can be selected in following ways:

  1. After writing down the symptoms of several cases of an epidemic disease, more significant (more characteristic) and more of the particularities of the collective disease is obtained. Thus, the sketch of the disease become more and more complete.
  2. On the one hand, the general symptoms(i.e., loss of appetite, sleeplessness etc) become precisely defined as to their peculiarities and on the other hand , the most marked and special symptoms which are peculiar to few diseases and of rarer occurrence, at least in the same combination become prominent and constitute the characteristic of this malady.
  3. All the patient who are suffering from an epidemic disease at a given time have certainly contracted it from one and the same source and hence suffering from the same disease.
  4. The whole extent of such an epidemic disease and the totality of its symptoms (which is essential for selecting the most suitable homoeopathic remedy) cannot be learned from a single patient, but is only to be perfectly ascertained from the sufferings of several patients to different constitutions
  5. The physician after proceeding in the above manner can select the most suitable homoeopathic remedy for the array of symptoms by complete survey of the morbid picture.
  6. The physician who has already in the case, been able to choose a remedy approximately to the homoeopathic specific, will, from the subsequent case, be enabled either to verify the suitableness of the medicine chosen or to discover the most appropriate homoeopathic remedy.

Repertorial analysis of common symptoms of COVID 19:


 Ars Alb.: Do not want to quarantine, with a slight fever (prodromal)
China: Prodromal symptom with anxiety but ready for quarantine
Cal carb: Do not go out from home and busy in prayer or remain in touch with the doctor
Carc: Obey the rules given by the WHO or government ‘s and try to disinfect everything                  either by washing or by sanitizing
Merc sol: Do opposite activity then advisory provided by the health organization
Lach: Suspicious. Thinks or talks that this is a chemical war, and being purposefully spread by
China Sulph: Create strange ideas for prevention like make underwear mask, tissue paper, cloth mask
Arg nit: Restless and anxiety about future; thinks what will happen if he is admitted in the hospital; hospital phobia Bell Aversion to visit, sleeplessness and restlessness
Lyco: Avoid meeting friends or new persons, want to stay at home with family but sit alone in the room
Nat mur: Do preventive activities like sharing, distributing masks, sanitizer, preventive things and food to others, but gives no attention to the family
Bryonia: Likes to be at home but does not sacrifice income for it, so he goes to his workplace and makes money even in the crisis
Apis: Doing hard work as like doctors and medical or para medical staff
Nux vomica: These persons use alcohol, ayurvedic Kadas, multivitamins and other things to save themselves from the corona
Puls: Depressive due to the prohibition of hugging or kissing due to maintaining social distance
Ignatia: They are panic or brood on the situation of the world and gets too emotional for others while watching TV
Kali carb: He thinks he has no immunity, his body is hollow, so he may get infected, and this medicine is also useful after infection
Phos: Read the medical or treatment-related books to know about the disease because they are the most affected individual. They want therapy due to anxiety, specially naturo – therapy or yoga 19 Scope of homoeopathy in treating positive cases or suspected

A survey by Dr. Rajan Sankaran Shows the result of the Homoeopathic prophylaxis:

After the success of Homoeopathy as Prophylaxis many clinical trials were conducted on COVID-19 patients now a days by different colleges in India, which advocates the use of potency and repetition of remedy as follows:

  • POTENCY SELECTION: Emotions, Local symptoms: 200
  • General Symptoms, Dreams, Mind state: 1M
  • Intense symptoms, Sensation: 10M


  • Two or Three times a day
  • In more acute situations: 3 hours
  • Stop when symptoms abate.

Discussion and Conclusion: The preventive aspect of Homoeopathy is well known, and historically, Homoeopathy has reportedly been used for prevention during the epidemics of Cholera, Spanish Influenza, Yellow fever, Scarlet fever, Diphtheria, Typhoid etc. Keeping in view the clinical success in above mentioned severe viral diseases, Homoeopathy as an adjuvant to the usual care tried in COVID-19 patients and the results are in favour. Patients treated with Homoeopathic medicines with conventional treatment are improving faster as compare to conventional mode of treatment alone. Beside this Homoeopathic remedy acts tremendously on COVID_19 patients while giving alone. Now we can say this is the era of rise of our Homoeopathy with evidences. 


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