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RadarOpus Webinar On “All About Table Of Contents Of RadarOpus”

Webinar #9: On All About Table of Contents of RadarOpus!

Free Live Webinar on RadarOpusOn 4th July’ 2020 (Saturday) from 12pm to 1pmSpeaker: Dr. Rajesh KumarTopic: On All about Table of Contents of RadarOpus!
This session Includes:-       

– Introduction to Table of Contents of RadarOpus!     

– Repertory Section- Classification, Concepts and Families of Remedies, Picking of Rubrics and doing Analysis,etc.

 – Reference Section- Classification, how to open & search a Reference! 

 – Patient Management Section- patient window info, how to note patient info and save the case.

– Remedies Section- Remedies Info., How to open, search, reach upon a Remedy – Read Remedy Keynotes, Relations,etc.

– Families Section- Families Info- Classification & Use in Analysis!

– Question and Answers Session

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